I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 19

It had been a week since she had become an apprentice.
During that week, Fii’s life had been completely fulfilling. She had grown closer to the apprentice trio, and they had even gone shopping in town together.
She bought clothes (albeit male ones) for herself, as well as things for everyday life, for example. Because her room was small, she also bought small decorations that she liked despite their size. Either way, she had fun.
The money she had received was from Crow. When he overheard that she was going shopping, he had given it to her as ‘an advance payment’.

Speaking of which, apparently Remie was into plush dolls.
He was embarrassed because he didn’t think it was suitable for a boy, and a knight apprentice no less, but Fii thought it was completely fine.
Remie had continued glancing towards the shop window, but he had been too embarrassed to enter. So instead, Fii powered right into there, and bought the one he seemed to want.
Apparently that had been very manly of her.

The trio were perhaps the first normal friends she had made in her entire life, so spending time with them had been fun. Not only that, although they had curfews, to be able to walk about freely outside was amazing.

Fii was living her second life to its fullest.

While she spent her week like that, all members of the Northern Dorm had finished moving.
And amongst the apprentices living there, had been Gorms with whom she had tangled with.

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