I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 27

A month had passed since Fii had become an apprentice.

And today was a Friday.
It was on Fridays that an apprentice would report to their attached divisions to receive guidance, and to participate in actual missions.

“Good morning~”

“Ah, hi Heath-chan. I’ve got tea~”

When she entered the meeting place for the 18th Division, the plain-faced young man, Conrad, had some tea as always.
Today’s was cinnamon tea.
She was happy that he always welcomed her like this, but she was wondering if it was okay that he wasn’t training or working like everybody else.
Fii had the feeling that she saw him every time she came here.

“It’s the authentic stuff from the Kingdom of Fenam. How is it? Good?”

“Yes, it’s great.”

The sweet scent of the cinnamon smelt fantastic.
And although she didn’t know what was so fun about it, Conrad would sit on the other end of the table and smile happily as he watched her drink.

(I really don’t get this person…)

Perhaps she should say that she didn’t have a good grasp on him.
He seemed similar to her gentle-mannered friend, Remié, but then something was different.
Or rather, they were completely different.
After all, Remié would make such unfathomable smiles.

(Speaking of which, he’s the only one whose specialty I don’t know.)

When everybody introduced themselves and mentioned their fields of specialty――Crow had spoken for the mute Orbull――this person was the only one who mentioned only his name.

“Conrad-san, what’s your specialty?”


She asked him directly, but all she got in return was his finger on his lips, and a playful wink.

(This person is…)

Fii decided to give up on asking him.

Around the time that she finished her tea, Captain York and Crow came through the entrance.

“Good morning, Captain! Crow-san!”

Fii left her chair and greeted them with a bow that was no longer new to her.

“It is good to see you lively, Heath.”


“Hey, am I an extra or something?”

“Because I see you quite often, Crow-san.”

“So mercenary, oi. I did actually volunteer to be the one to look after you, yanno.”

“Is that so!? Thank you very much!”

“Not really sure how to act if you thank me honestly like that…”

Apparently Captain York was busy, so you wouldn’t see him that often, even in the 18th.
He probably had lots of work in both the light and the shadows, Fii arbitrarily concluded.

“Let us keep the chatter to a minimum for now. Orbull is waiting.”

Now that he mentioned it, she realised again that Orbull wasn’t here.
But well, that was hardly uncommon. The members of the 18th were often missing from here due to missions and the like.

(But waiting for us, is it? I wonder what for…) Fii wondered, but since he told them not to chat, she didn’t speak up.

York was standing in front of her with arms crossed.
Fii tilted her head in wonder.

“Heath. Today I will have you participating in a mission as well.”

“A mission…!?”

Since entering this place a month ago, not once had she joined on a mission.
Or rather, she had no recollection of actually doing anything on Fridays and Saturdays.
She went through her training menu, but after that she would have tea with Conrad-san, or hear stories from Crow-san about how he picked up this or that girl, sometimes she would help with Orbull-san’s potted plants, and sometimes she would watch Palwick-san and his archery practice, or Galluzzi while he made something or other.
On days that the Captain came, she would give a report on what she was doing each day, and then she would enjoy his words for her.

The apprentices in the other divisions would do things like taking guard roles in town, or patrolling there; simple missions like that. Fii had always found it a little envious.

But today, she would finally be able to join a mission as well.

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