I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 30

fter hiding the unconscious guards, Crow waited for Heath as he watched the surroundings.
While he did, a shrill, -piiiiiiiiiiii- reached his ears.

(It’s the flute I gave Heath!)

He immediately searched for the position of its origin.
And then realised that it was on the second floor.

(That idiot…! Why up there…!)

Roy and Orbull flew out from the forest.
Roy wasted no time in asking Crow,

“Where’s Heath?”

“Probably up there!”

Crow pointed to a room on the second floor.

“The second floor…”

Roy’s face twisted into a frown.
They could even hear the guards from outside, rushing into the manor. At this rate, Heath was in danger.
Roy immediately made his decision.

“Orbull. Please become my spring, and throw me up.”

Orbull immediately nodded in consent.
After Orbull stood near the room that Heath seemed to be in, Roy sprinted towards Orbull. And then he jumped.
Landing on Orbull’s thick arms, he jumped again with all his might, and his body was sent soaring into the air.

Fii had continued to desperately hold back the barricade.
But she was out of time…
The force from the other side was too much now. After so many hammer-like blows, both the door and the shelf were in tatters.

(Then I’ll force my way out!)

With a bang, the door finally gave way.
Although Fii was flung back, she rolled and recovered, immediately standing up. First, she analysed her surroundings. Five men were by the door.
The odds were almost impossible.

(But there’s no choice but to do it…!)

Of the people here, only Fii was capable of fighting.
Gathering her determination, just as Fii set up her sword guard…
The sound of a window breaking came from behind.

A man had flown into the room.
It only took a glance for her to realise who it was.


“Heath. Fall back.”

After giving a command, York lowered his body, and then sprung into action like a panther. It only took one stroke to sink the five dumbfounded men.
With one eye-catching strike, he turned around the situation.

A few seconds later, Crow leapt into the same room.

“Whoawhoaa. That was fucking dangerous! York! How is it? Can we escape?”

“No. Heath aside, the women and children won’t be able to. We’ll wait for them here.”

“Yeah, thought so!”

“Let’s go.”

Crow had stumbled a little when he landed, but once he drew his sword, his expression showed no less intensity than York’s.
The duo stood a little diagonally to the broken door, and immediately cut down the enemies once they passed through.
Their sword skills made them seem like gods of war.

(Amazing… I have to help too…) thought Fii.

But just as she was about to move,

“”Heath! You sit still!””

Despite them facing the other way, for some reason the two called out to her.
Fii decided to untie the rest of the captives.

The hired goons tried to defeat the two knights as well, but the small frame of the door hindered the advantage their numbers gave them.
Even if they charged through the door, neither York nor Crow would lose just because it was two versus one.

“Kuh! Can’t break through!”

Just as some man had said that, the roar of a boom reverberated through the air.

“A cannon!? It can’t be that there are other soldiers!?”

The sound scared the men who were still conscious, and some began to flee. But neither York nor Crow failed to intercept them.
Close to ten people were brought down when they went for the door.

“Hii! Run for it!”

“These guys are monsters!”

The men who managed to make it down the corridor, all the way to the bend, were suddenly sent flying from the side by some mass of metal.
With steady steps, Orbull appeared from the shadows of the corridor. In his hand was a cannon.
Although some of them probably escaped, the majority of the people in the manor had been taken down by these three.
Orbull turned in Heath’s direction and, with a grin, gave her a thumbs up.

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