I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 33

“You were a girl, Conrad-san!?” screamed Fii.

Conrad simply gave his usual unreadable smile, before replying in his usual, care-free voice.

“Gosh, Heath-chan! I’m a man, a man. Can’t you tell from my voice?”

Certainly, Conrad did have a man’s voice if you listened carefully, but he didn’t exude any particular manliness. Or rather, he didn’t exude anything at all, Fii thought.
With him dressed like this, for a moment it seemed like he had no masculinity to him at all.

(And more importantly…)

Fii’s eyes were glued to one spot.
Under that daring dress, peeking through that daring opening, it was definitely there.
A bewitching ravine that incited the instincts of men, and even drew in the gaze of women.

(How on earth did he do that…?)

Unknowingly, Fii had stared for quite a long time. Conrad seemed to watch her do so in amusement.

“Shall I teach you how?”

“No thank you.”

Fii shook her head.

Conrad gave Fii a look up and down, and nodded.

“Yep. You look great. Totally cute. Hm, maybe just a finishing touch.”

With that, Conrad pulled out a make-up kit from who knows where, and fiddled with Fii’s face and hair.

“How’s this?”

When Fii checked with the hand mirror Conrad produced, she found that her whole impression changed, even though Conrad hadn’t touched her for long.
Normally, Fii’s face had a cheerful and energetic feel to it. But now, she somehow seemed like a quiet boy, who had a somewhat ephemeral atmosphere to him. Her hair was smoother than usual, which just emphasized her daintiness.
Even the hair colour had changed.
Fii’s blonde hair had a tinge of red now.

“When you have light hair, it’s easier to add in other colours. Don’t worry. It comes off quite easily. Or rather, you should actually be careful of water while we’re on the mission, okay?”

Apparently even that was possible.
And so, Fii had completely changed at the hand of Conrad.

“Looks like we’re ready.”

Conrad put on a veiled, and expensive-looking hat. Now, he seemed like a suspicious noblewoman, travelling incognito.
Not only that, but the glimpses of his chin and red lips from under the veil emphasised that he was a beauty.

Now that their preparations were complete, Conrad once again brought the fan by his lips.

“Well then, shall we go?”

This time, the voice he spoke with was beautiful, bewitching, and exactly like a real woman’s.

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