I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 35

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“I’m proud of our range. I have confidence that we will find you the slave that you want. Now please, sit down, Madam.”

Luboera ushered Conrad to a chair, before sitting down opposite him.

Fii finally knew what this place was for. If the earlier manor was the slave warehouse, then this place was the shopfront.

“What kind of slave are you looking for?”

“Let me see, perhaps one with black hair this time.”

“In that case, how about this one? They’re descended from the people in that faraway Kingdom of Baharat.”

Luboera spread out documents on various slaves in front of Conrad.
While he did so, he would take glances at the valley at Conrad’s chest, as well the nape visible beneath the veil, but Conrad showed no signs of noticing.

“Heyy, it’s really too difficult to tell just from these pictures. Couldn’t I see the real thing?”

“Lately, the management has gotten stricter, you see. It’s probably impossible to move the slaves. Things were so much better, back when the old king was on the throne…”

“How terrible.”

“Exactly as you say. A true noble should have a taste for both nice hobbies and bad hobbies, like you Madam.”

“Huhu, quite true.”

“But please be at ease. Our shop has a long, long history in selling slaves to nobles. We are different from those big companies like Firem, who have no sense of business ethics. The artist we hired for the portraits is very skilled, and I assure you that the slaves look exactly as they do in the images.”

Fii grew angry as she listened.

(What ‘long history’… All you do is kidnap people…)

She wanted to send him flying. However, she couldn’t let herself get in the way of Conrad’s mission, so she endured.
Besides, two men were standing guard behind them, each overwhelmingly bigger than Conrad.

While Fii was thinking this, the disguised Conrad seemed to ponder for a while before picking one of the slaves from the papers.

“Then I’ll go with this one.”

“This one? As expected of you, you have a good eye.”

“How much?”

“Good question. This one is roughly 50,000,000 Melk.”

“My. Isn’t that even higher than last time?”

“You see, management has gotten stricter since just recently a warehouse was destroyed. It wasn’t one of ours, but unless we raise the prices by about this much, we really won’t get by.”

In response to those words, Conrad furrowed his brows, and acted so coquettishly that it almost seemed forced.

“I’m so troubled. The other day I used up all my money on jewels and a dress. Heyy, couldn’t you lower it some?”

That bewitching voice reached his ears, and his face betrayed his interest.

“E-Even if you ask me that…”

Conrad leant in towards him with natural movements. The sweet scent of perfume wafted into his nostrils.

“Then how about this? Bring it down to 40,000,000 Melk. In exchange for the remainder… You. Can. Have. Me.”

Conrad placed his body weight against Luboera. Then, he casually pushed back the veil, and showed his beautiful face to Luboera.

“M-Madam, I thought you were only interested in young boys…”

“I love cute boys, you know… But I also like, older, skilled, men, like you. Am I perhaps very strange…?”

“No, not at all…”

By now, his expression had turned completely aroused, and he had fallen for Conrad’s wiles.
He showed no resistance towards Conrad’s advances.

“Heyy, it’s a little… embarrassing…”


Conrad’s finger was pointed at the two men standing on guard.

“Wouldn’t it be fine to have them leave? It’s a waste of our time together.”

“Oi, you two. Get out.”

Luboera agreed in a blink.
The two men left the door.

At that point, Luboera once again remembered the boy in the butler clothing.

“Madam, is that boy…?”

not going to leave? he was about to ask, but Conrad placed his two white hands on Luboera’s cheeks, and then gave a beautiful, bewitching smile.

“That boy is going to watch us. Do you not like that sort of thing?”

The boy in butler clothes flushed red and he nodded.

Fii’s blushing was real.
Conrad’s sexy voice and flirting, as well as the sensual atmosphere he made, all caused Fii to turn and hang her head with a red face.

“No, I do. You truly have wonderful preferences…”

Fii didn’t know what Luboera was imagining, but he readily agreed with Conrad. Their two faces got closer and closer.
By now, Fii felt like she was hysteric.

“Well then, time to make you feel very, very good.”

Conrad’s seductive voice reached Fii’s ears.


After making a weird noise, Luboera’s head slumped.
When Fii raised her gaze, she found him unconscious with Conrad’s finger pressed against his neck.

Placing his body on the floor, and making sure he really was under, Conrad stood up and spoke to Fii.

“Now then, time to do our job. Don’t be too noisy, okay?” said Conrad as he held a finger against his lips, and gave Fii his usual wink.

“Did you strangle him…?”


(Just what did he do to knock him out in that instant…?)

Fii found it unbelievable that Conrad’s slender, beautiful fingers could possibly do that.
After confirming it for herself, she muttered in a small voice.

“Is this really okay…?”

“It’s fine. After using a special perfume to arouse him, I strangled him into unconsciousness in a way that made him feel good. He should be having a great dream right about now,” chuckled Conrad.

Fii had a closer look, and found that Luboera’s expression did look somewhat happy, and from his lips came mutters of “Menué-sama… Gehehe…”

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