I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 38

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The next person Fii visited was Conrad.
It was because Crow had told her that Conrad was the best in hand-to-hand.

Ever since that mission with Conrad, he would often be cross-dressed when Fii was around. And nobody even mentioned it.
So, Fii decided to stop caring.

“Conrad-san! Please teach me your skills.”

“Goodness. If you’re interested in make-up, shall I teach you a little?”

With an elbow on the table, and his head in his hand, Conrad was the spitting image of a beautiful and languid woman as he gave her a puzzled look.
But Fii shook her head at his reply.

“Not that. I want you to teach me your hand-to-hand combat skills.”

The technique he used to take down those men.
She was sure that she could surprise everybody if she learnt it.


After thinking for a little, he picked up an apple from the table with his other arm.

“You do this.”

This time it was Fii’s turn to look confused.

“Like this.”

The moment Conrad smiled, the apple in his hand exploded.
Almost as though somebody had planted gunpowder within, the pieces of the apple flew through the surroundings. When Conrad opened his left hand, the only thing left was juice and a bit of pulp.

With the smile still on his face, he asked Fii,

“Wanna try?”

“It’s impossible.”

Fii shook her head.

She went to ask Orbull too.

“Orbull-san, do you have a secret technique too?”

Orbull gave her paper with a smile.

『Not really.』

“Thought so~”

Fii returned the smile.

After that, the two of them took care of the plants together, before Fii went off to look for techniques again.

This time she headed for Palwick.
As usual, he was training with his bow at the practice ground.

“Palwick-san, could you teach me anything about the bow?”

“So it’s you, Heath. I can teach you the basics.”

Palwick kept his eyes on the target, and easily hit the bulleye as he spoke to Fii.
Some knight apprentices thought of him as scary and unapproachable, but Fii knew that he was surprisingly good at looking after others.

Fii told him the things that lead up to her being here.
When he heard it, he told her in his usual even tone,

“In that case, this is the same as the sword. There are no secret techniques. Simply daily training. If you pick up strange habits, your archery will be affected even worse than your swordsmanship.”

Fii felt that he had a point.
She had only just begun learning, but just messing up the stance a little bit would have her arrow completely off the mark.


Palwick released another bulleyes, in the same place as before. Not even a millimetre apart.

(This is its own secret technique, isn’t it.)

So thought Fii as she watched him.

Fii visited Galluzzi as well.

He created some things for other divisions as well.

“A secret technique, huhh. Well even if you ask me that, I basically don’t fight, yanno…?” replied Galluzzi as he stroked his stubbled chin.

“I see~…”

Even Fii wasn’t sure about asking him, but the only members left were him and the Captain.

To begin with, both Crow and the Captain’s sword techniques were basically secret techniques to her, but they were impossible for Fii to replicate.

“Aah, but I do have something like this.”

Just when Fii had given up on secret techniques, Galluzzi pulled out a sword from the workshop.

“What is it!?”

Fii’s eyes sparkled in excitement.

Galluzzi pointed the tip of the sword towards a wooden plank, and then pressed his thumb down on the upper part of the handle.


Together with what sounded like a spring erupting, the blade of the sword shot out from the handle, and pierced into the wooden plank.

“A-AMAZING-!” cheered Fii.

But soon, she calmed down a little.

“But I don’t think that’s quite what I was looking for.”

Remodelled weapons were probably against the rules.

“Haha, thought so,” he laughed. “Sorry I couldn’t help. But well, if you need anything come talk to me.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

With that, Fii parted with him.
She kind of wanted the sword though.

When she returned to the meeting place, she spotted a masked knight.


Immediately waving a hand, she rushed over towards him.

“It’s you, Heath. You seem well as usual.”

“Yes, I’m very well!” she nodded with a smile.

Then, since she had nothing to lose, she decided to try asking him anyway.

“Captain, do you have any secret techniques? One that even I can do.”

“A secret technique?”

York didn’t seem to know what she was talking about, so Fii explained, and then he nodded.

“Fumu, so that’s how it is,” he said, after thinking for a little. “In that case, Kain should be right for the job. He should have techniques that will be useful to you too. If you are interested, then learn from him.”


The moment she heard the name, Fii finally remembered that there was one more member of the 18th that she hadn’t met yet.

“I haven’t met Kain-san before. Will I be able to meet him?”

If the Captain was saying this, did that mean there was a place she could go to meet him?
Fii asked York about the mysterious member of their team.

“I see. So you haven’t met him yet. He should be up there,” he pointed.

Beyond his finger, was the top of a tree in the castle.

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