I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 58

“Candidate? Who?” asked Crow in confusion.

Conrad smiled impishly.
Incidentally, Fii was looking around in wonder as well.

“Heath-chan of course,” he stated to both of them.

Both of them looked equally shocked.
Crow started to frown.

“Yanno, he might have a girly face, but he’s still technically a guy, okay.”


It felt a bit strange to be saying this to Conrad who already knew she was a girl, but she would be in trouble if Crow and the others found out.
But instead, Conrad even told her to put on women’s clothing and go around with Crow. Wasn’t that incredibly risky?
At any rate, she was a man right now. No, not just a man! A man amongst men!

“But if you’re doing infiltration missions, it won’t always be men’s clothing. Sometimes it has to be women’s too. This will be good practice for you.”

After that, Conrad began to each of them, starting with Crow.

“You don’t have anyone else to ask, right? There’s noone left but your nice kouhai, right? And if it’s a guy, there won’t be any trouble later, right?”

Next was Fii’s turn.

“The best place to hide a tree is in a forest, you know? Showing him that you’re dressing up like a woman will actually hide the truth even more, you know? And I’m suuure he’ll feed you all sorts of delicious food, you know?”

The duo fell silent.
Although Fii’s tongue had gotten a little sharp when she heard him talking about dates with women again, she liked Crow very much, and respected him too. He treated her well in many ways, and she owed him.
If her identity was safe, then perhaps it would be better to pay him back by going with him…
Fii was beginning to reconsider.
And after a moment, she had to slurp back the drool that ran down her mouth.

As for Crow, apparently he really wanted to check out the restaurant, so he sighed in acceptable and turned to talk to Fii.

“Are you fine with this? Even if you might need it for a mission later, a guy can’t enjoy being dressed as a girl, right?”

“I’m fine with it.”

Fii’s expression was completely nonchalant.
She was a girl after all.

After thinking for a while longer…

“I really would like to check the place out. Can you help me, Heath?”

“Yes. Please leave it to me,” she replied, thumping her chest.

Looking like he was enjoying things, Conrad lifted Fii right up by her nape and began walking off with her.

“Well then, I’d better give my all in making you look good~”

“Eeh, just whatever is fine…”

As Crow watched Conrad drag her into the next room, he said,

“Well, at least make him look good enough that we actually get let into the restaurant.”

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