I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 5

(Crap!? Is this it!?)

The moment that she heard the word ‘miss’, Fii’s heart skipped a beat. Her forehead was starting to run with a cold sweat.

As for why, it’s because Fii was presently dressed as a man.
Earlier, Fii had cut her hair short with scissors that had been given as part of Déman’s wedding gift to her. She was also wearing ragged gardeners clothes that she had found in one of the villa’s storage rooms.

Her plan had been to take the exam as a man.

Although there wasn’t any rules against the sex of the applicants, she wanted to do everything she could to improve her chances.
And a boy would probably get in more easily than a woman. It was a simple reason, but a compelling one.

After all, this was something that would determine Fii’s fate.

(What do I do… Can I get out of this somehow…?)

Things would still be better if they only realised she was a woman.
But if they found her suspicious for loitering around here and decided to investigate, they might even realise that she was the parasite Second Queen and throw her back into the villa.
And she doubted that her new guards would be as lazy as the last ones.

(At any rate, I have to smooth this over.)

She needed information.
Just how sure was he that she was a woman? And was there anything else he suspected her of?

“U-, Umm, err, I’m-”

Turning around, she was met with a hazel-eyed blonde knight.
Tall and with a handsome face, he seemed like he would be popular amongst women.
And what’s more…

(He seems kinda frivolous somehow.)

This was the impression that he gave her.

And for some reason he was smiling in amusement as he watched her.

“My bad, my bad. You don’t have to look so surprised. You just had such a cute and girly face, that I couldn’t help but tease you. So what’s up, kid? You lost?”

Hearing his explanation, Fii sighed in relief.
It seemed he had just been teasing her.

“Um, I was trying to line up but…”

“Aah, could it be that you got pushed out of the queue? You’re pretty small after all.”

“Y-, Yes! That’s exactly right!”

She hadn’t actually been in the queue, but his misunderstanding was convenient so she went along with it.

“Sorry, but you don’t have a choice except to line up again. I’ll guide you to the end, okay?” said the knight with a grin.

It was a handsome smile, and had the maids from Déman seen it, they would probably have flushed red and fainted.

But to Fii, she was more interested in the fact that he would be escorting her to the end.

(With this I can escape without suspicion and line up for the test!)

What a lucky accident.

“Hey, make way! We’re trying to get through here, and I don’t wanna touch huge dudes like you lot. Touching should be done with cute girls, laying naked in my bed.”

With that, the chaotic line of applicants began splitting apart to form a path for them.

(He really is just as frivolous as he looks…)

His words just now had confirmed her first impression of him.

When the path through the line was finally opened, the knight turned around and beckoned Fii over with a smile.

“C’mon kid, let’s go.”


(But he’s a surprisingly good person, isn’t he.)

With a smile, Fii chased after him.

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