I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 69

Crow was training some young knights.
Although he couldn’t be considered a veteran, perhaps because of his sociable personality, he was often left with these sort of tasks.

“Please take care of me!” challenged a knight, before rushing at Crow with his sword.

Although the knight had slashed downwards with all his power, Crow easily evaded it. Taking the knight’s flank, Crow lightly tapped his sword to the knight’s neck with minimal movement.

“Don’t put so much strength into one hit. It’ll affect your balance, and present an opening to your enemy.”

“Y-, Yes!”

Because of what had happened, the knight nodded as he broke out in a cold sweat.


“Yes, please take care of me!”

The next knight attacked a few times, but each one was easily parried. And then, when the knight transitioned into a side sweep, his blade was intercepted and the sword flew out of his hands.

“You aren’t composed enough when you strike, and don’t pay attention to your grip. Just because your strikes don’t hit, doesn’t mean you should panic.”


After that, a few other knights fought with him, but none of them could get a strike on Crow.
Although the young knights had been shocked when they heard they would be training with real swords, considering the difference in strength Crow just displayed, it made sense to them now.

Between his frivolous attitude and all his talks about women, he was more like a close senpai than a respected one. But once he displayed his strength, that impression changed completely.

Thanks to that, Crow won new respect amongst these young knights today, but the man himself was more worried about the gaze he had been feeling.

The young knights hadn’t noticed, but for a long while now, somebody had been staring at Crow from behind. Their gaze was coming from a thick tree behind the training place.

“Well then, think about what I pointed out just now and practice by yourselves.”


After giving the knights their instructions, Crow began walking towards that tree.

“What on earth are you doing, Heath…?”

When he looked up from its base, he found that Heath was lying on a thick branch like a cat. Her brows were creased into a frown.

Although Fii had thought about going back to the meeting place, she felt too awkward to do so. So since she heard about Crow training people, she ended up coming here instead.

“I called Captain an idiot…”

“Hahh, and why’d you do that…?”

Crow scratched his head in confusion at Fii’s moody words.

Fii told him what had happened.

“I see.”

“Is the Captain always like that with girls? Did something happen?”

Since Crow was the closest to the Captain, she decided to try asking why he treated girls that way.

“So even you’ve come to ask me that… When he was fourteen, the daughter of a count from the neighbouring country―――” he began with a serious expression, “―――did nothing to him. That guy’s just always been like that… When he was seven he went to a party. There was a princess from a neighbouring country that fell for him at first sight, and after completely ignoring her all night, she left bawling. It almost caused an international dispute. All I can say is that he was born like that…”

Nothing happened.
Although Crow mixed a joke into it, he actually seemed a little sad about it.
Even though York was his good friend, even Crow could only feel that this part of him was a ridiculous problem.

“I see…”

If he was just like that, then there was nothing they could do.
Fii could only nod.

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