I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 88

Chapter 88

The long awaited day of the competition finally arrived.

Within the kingdom the sword skill competition matches were usually conducted in a borrowed building. It was a very spacious building and it was usually used for conducting big tournaments. The seating arrangement had bucket seats to accommodate a large crowd. When no competition was held the area surrounding the building was usually quiet, but the area today was busy with a bunch of knights walking around.

At the North-Eastern Swordsmanship Competition, the Captain who was trying to participate in as many events as far as possible made it a point to come to see the juniors of his unit who came in as spectators to watch the competition and those who came from other dormitories. Surprisingly there was quite a crowd who had come over to watch the competition.

In the corner of the venue, a knight raised his voice as he stood before the boys from the east dormitory. The knight’s golden hair was swept back with a lot of wax. He bent backwards, looking towards the sky and laughed loudly.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Finally the time has come! Though we had to taste the humiliation of losing to the Northern dormitory for three consecutive times, it’s now time to make the Northern Dormitory taste the bitterness of Defeat!, This is the first step! This is the thought that kept me going through those terrible years after being defeated. In spite of Elizabeth having lost to

the first Knights and then having failed to transfer to the first Knights no matter how long it took, I will return the humiliation of those three consecutive loses to them today and regain the youth that lost this trigger. My parents keep harping me to get married, saying that 35 is already an old maid. For me though not just anyone would do so I’m single and remain single to this day.”

“Oh, Elizabeth is insane again”, retorted someone.

“Every year, like every year, this tournament too will be ruined by her”, muttered the other.

“Even so, she is a nice person and a good person …”

“As I was looking around, I was thinking that at least summer is about halfway through”

A regular knight hurried down the street behind him with a slightly disgusted face.

However, there was no sign that such a voice reached Elizabeth ears.

“All right! The elite of the elite are gathered here for today! Go and win! Then we will let the people of the Northern dormitory taste that humiliation that I’ve tasted!”

Instructs them to swing their arms, but there weren’t many boys who responded with “Yes”. Indeed it seemed that the boys of the East dormitory were also amazed.

Luca and Rizil just grinned and said, “Even without being told by you, we will beat them up easily,” as they turned their feet towards the venue of their match.

“We will not lose”

Person entered the venue in silence while pushing his eyeglasses with

with confidence, followed by Kerio, Jerid and other apprentices knights.

In the venue the division captains were already gathering.

Amongst them, there was a knight with a mask that covered his face who went by the name York. All the division captains knew that he was the king of this country, you could tell by the way they tensed a little around him.

In the meantime, a man who was over 40 and older than the other captains started approaching.

He had average facial features with an astringent beard. He was filled with dignity corresponding to his age, but on his face there was a mischievous boy like smile.

“Long time no see, York”

Seeing the approaching figure, not only the captains of each knight squad, but also York and stood up as a mark of respect.

“Long time no see, Zephyr-Nisan”

“Hahaha, stop honorifics, I guess we are the same though. I really have to use all I have to keep from speaking to you with honorifics, but if I show you too much respect people will be suspicious, so please forgive me”

Zephyr leaned closer to York and spoke in a low voice so others couldn’t hear the surprising conversation.

“I do not mind, rather I prefer it this way.”

York didn’t change and continued talking with honorifics.

That man was the captain of the First Knights, he was said to be a leading player who rebuilt the country with the King. On the streets Zephyr was treated as a hero like King Roy.


King Roy.

He was also a disciple of Kaisar, who served as a royal swordsmanship instructor. To York, Zephyr was a senior disciple. It was not well known, York couldn’t stand learning swordsmanship just as a prince, so he had been seriously apprenticed to Kaisar. During his apprenticeship he refused to be treated as a prince, Kaisar was seriously touched by that.

To York their relationship was more like siblings instead of a King and his knight relationship. This was also a form of respect.

“I am sorry it was delayed, I am blessed with a child, I went to visit Melissa and the doctor, both mother and child are healthy.”

“I heard the story from Finn, Melissa seems to be fine, anything else?”

Zephyr is now in a semi-retired state because he is old and married.

The training was handled by a knight called a Fin, who was the vice captain.

Zephyr and Melissa were childhood friends for many years, when they finally got married they were both past their prime. Being older there were extra dangers involved with having a child, Zephyr and his wife weren’t very concerned though. They now have just had their third child.

“Hahaha, is your marriage okay York? Have you found the culprit yet?”

Zephyrs leaned forward so he was almost touching York’s shoulder and spoke quietly so as not to be heard. His expression also showed that he was worried about York. York spoke as calm and composed as usual though.

“No, I still have something I
have something I need to do. I will do my marriage duties afterwards.”

From what he said it seemed like Zephyrs knew what was really going on. York sighed but didn’t pursue it any farther. Zephyrs expression change back into being mischievous as he changed the subject.

“So I heard today that you have an apprentice knight in your division, is he a good guy?”

A smile appeared on York’s face.

Zephyrs looked surprised at the gentle expression in York’s eyes that he had never seen before.

The gentleness that he normally showed to people is the kindness shown to people as a king or a leader. The gentleness that came from the heart is not visible unless you entered deep into his heart.

“Yeah, he is a wonderful talent with the qualities of a knight. His talents and personality are more oriented towards being a grass, and in the current circumstances I can not help but want to turn him into something similar to a grass. With this country as a stage I want him to stand as a representative for the knights behind the scenes.”

Considering the qualities of Heath, there was no problem in turning him into grass and presumably he would work as hard as possible considering his loyalty. It was showing that York’s heart was trusting Heath to want to raise him to such a position.

Zephyr looked at York’s expression and thought for a moment before grinning.

“Okay, then I’m looking forward to today’s match”


York nodded.

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