I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 89


A man stood in front of the fees whose came to the match venue.

A face that only I seen several times. It is a knight in charge of general affairs in the northern lodging.

It is a person who gets a soft elegant impression of thin eyes, voice like a line, in a body of smallness that does not feel much like a knight.

The name is certainly a Instuctor.

In a slightly backstroking posture, the instructor that stood in front of everyone in the northern dormitory speak calmly, speaking in a gentle voice, badly speaking it is not very impressive, something seems sorry for some reason.

“Hi, you guys. You came a lot”.

If I am here, I think he is listening to circumstances from around more or less. Sorry …. for bothers you guys, that who have nothing to do with this… …. ”

The trampoline brought his eyebrows out, and boldly stroked his thick eyebrows with a troubled face.

However, from then on he straight

out the spine and speak to the boys with a voice that passes well.

“Listen, the thing that I want guys knows is  the word ” efforts after enlisting is important “in the North’s lodgings is not a lie .Guess that everyone is a gemstone with some sort of light, soon It will be an apprentice knights that will manage this lodging.

By the time you leave this dormitory and become a real knight, I believe that everyone is becoming a fine knight no less abroad than anyone in the dormitory. ”

Then look around the boys’ face.

“There are Northeast  anti-sword skill fight, but I will not mind the result of the first year. When you guys are working properly, the difference is getting closer and closer in the second and third years – -and as usual years have said, ”

The truck looked round the face of the gathered apprentice knights, neither stoop back nor forcibly as a pawn, becoming an ordinary spine and told

told everyone with a smile.

“You guys have such a face that can tell everything, the most you can do is try your hard for today’s game.

Lastly, a word from us, it’s only show your power to the people who came here.

I’m rooting for your guys. Well then, please go ahead! “(TN: let’s kill them)

Everyone in the northern dormitory answers “yes!” In a loud voice to the instructor that sent us to the end with a friendly ending.

The apprentice of the northern dormitory entering the match venue, the instructors watched with gentle eyes.

after that.(TN: he die.. maybe not)

“Hrmm, it is a wonderful day …. If you standing in front of me and making great fight, I will be ashamed. Let be honest, because I am a instructor I have to admit that I need make this to a correspondence with a sweets ”

The thin eyes of the truck quickly became sharp and toughed with a tough but different voice until a while ago.

“We are


“We are about to fulfill our responsibilities as adults soon …. Carnegie ……”(TN: idk what this)

That is how the instructor walked in a different direction from the apprentice knight.

About ten minutes have passed since the fees entered the match venue.

It seemed that it will take some time to start the game.

There is a place where people in the north lodgings gather in the inside of the oval seat.

Humans in the East lodging are gathered in similar places on the other side.

The central seat where you can see the best is the seat of the captains.

After that the knights who came to see us are sitting in the right place.

Fii found York ‘s figure in the seat of the captains, and she became happy.

“Hey, Slad! I came to see you! Do your best!”

“Senior! Thank you! Thank you!”

It seemed that Senior Slad came and waving his happily. It seems that it he is also known slad will enter the game.

“Ramie! Do not be afraid!”

“Yes, of course!”


“Yes, of course!”

There seemed to be a person who also came to Ramie. Return a smile with a gentle smile.

Fii was envious and her eyes met when watching York.

FIi shake his head a little.

When York looked at it, he did not turn back her greeting, but he nods with a big move so that she can see clearly.

Fii just felt happy.

There are uncle who had never be seen, from behind a gangster waved his hands with full power, but it is a mystery about it.(TN: I don’t know how to adjust this… there are uncle at 18th division *mind blow)

“Well, I will check it again. Once the knights of the referee get in, all the members get off to the stadium and greet each other, then after returning to the stadium. The game started. ”

Persil is leading the guidance.

The eastern dwelling house is blazing with blond hair all-knight knights. Something that look very annoying.

Members from each group nodded  while greet each other and the fight begin

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