I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 90

I want a second life!


90 Break through one point

Ten boys face each other at the center of the stadium.

Representative member of the northern dormitory and representative of the East’s dormitory.

Those who scatter banquette and spark, those who can afford smiles, those who stand calmly on the spot. Each line of sight intersects.


All the captains of the Austrian Order, and almost all of the northern lodgings and the east dormitories, and the regular knights coming to see the battle.

The boys thanked in that many eyes are gathered.


At last sword skill games start … ….(TN: I go my wiifu beat them all)



The first game is a bout of Fii and Luca, the rear guard.

Everyone in the northern dormitory gathers again before Fii ‘s game starts.


At the end everyone gets a shout.

It is Gorm who played a leader role for the team formation while taking the lead.


“Well, let’s win the game and bark at the people in the east dorms!”



A loud voice rose from everyone to the voice of Gorm.

It is simple but determination is sufficient. Everyone was feeling well enough.


On the other hand, Carneg was loudly rising up in the seat of the east dormitory.


“Yoshi, Luca! First of all, let them know the difference in power to the guys in the north lodging!

“Yeah yeah, I understand, Carneg-senpai, is not it a game they can win, you do not bother me so much, please calm down a bit.”


There was an elitism because of the general affairs

in the east dormitory.


A training method that trains with the members who are in group fighting focused on the policy of Carneg. It is by no means bad. Having many opportunities to see and fight excellent people also leads to the extension of their power.

But that requires motivation.

There was a wall in the members and other people, and it was hard to say that in the East lodgings where it is difficult to say that there is cooperativeness because the members are also elaborate in individualism, it is hard to say that such an atmosphere is being made.

To put it briefly, except for one person, everyone seems to be having fun together, unlike the atmosphere like a North lodging quarters that sometimes fights and unites at the time.


Still, it is a view that many things hold for the ability of the group warfare members to exceed the northern dormitory.

Even from instructors such as Hiroshi, if he say objectively, you have to do so.

There is no relation such as shape. You only have to be proficient.

The organization of the east dormitory is also its manifestation.


“If Rezil and Kerio do not make any mistake,  the match will end soon with a third victory. Well, please watch carefully, I’ll prove it with my brilliant sword handling.”


That said Luca descended to the stage of the game.



“Okay, it seems that the other person is coming down.


Hiroshi also hits the player to encourage them as much as possible.

Heath versus Luca was the most

most severe combination among games to be played today. The difference in ability is obvious.

If there is a chance of winning in the northern lodgings, it is favorable to take either Slad v. Razil, Remie vs kerio.


It is not a situation that is cannot not be said to throw it away.

The battle of Sengoku makes a flow of games.(TN: Epic war japan if u don’t know)


If you lose too much and if the flow of the game is totally inclined afterwards, there is a high possibility the slacks that are inferior in ability such as Remie will lose too much.

We managed to connect the games with a pair, Grom and Clen, the ability to fight from the front.


Grom called out to the referee  to prepare own wooden sword.


“Heath! Do it carefully!”

“Good luck!”

“Because we support you, Heath is as good as I’m!”

“I will support you with all my strength!”


When looking at the face of those people, Fii nodded and went down to the match venue.

The Grom muttered, looking at his back.


“Hey … … now he was silent …”

“Maybe he nervous … ….”

“That guy’s will okay! I only have to believe!”


At the state of the branch the air feels different from usual, the Grom muttered uneasily.



Fii and Luca face each other

Everyone attention full attract to them in the match venue.


“Hi, it’s been a while since a week, did you sleep well yesterday?”

“… ….”


Luca smiled fairly but Fii seeing it silently.


“It seems that your lack of sleep, don’t worry. I will

I will finish it in a moment, then rest in peace.”

“… ….”


“Try refraining from idle talks! Both, when you are ready let begin!”


Luca pay attention to where the referee speaks.

Luca said “yes,” but thanked him with a pesky gesture and set the sword. Fii also lowered his head and set the sword.

The gazes of the two who are quite different in height are intertwined.


“Hey hey, is such a little guy out there?”

“The other party is that ‘Luca’, is that a game against you?”


The name of Luca, one of the newcomers of expectation, was well known to the regular knights as well.

And Fii that will faces it was as small as a petite knight.

It is doubtful whether it will be a game rather than being able to predict victory or defeat. Perhaps as soon as the game starts, Fii will be knocked down. That was most predictions.


“Heath, do your best!”


Remie aims to pray. Doug was also watch with an anxious eyes, gaze at Fii.




As soon as the referee’s voice caught, Luca quickly filled up the meeting and dash to the feet.

Luke attacks with a lightning speed.



“Is it truly an apprentice for the first year?”


People who are watching also take a breath on their splendor.

Fii received it with a wooden sword in his hands. A dull sound stands, the feet ‘s arm shakes for a moment, and the body drags behind several centimeters behind.

Still, Fii took Luca’s first shot.


Luca’s eyes open with a little surprised.




Luke brought his face close to where
close to where Fii standing in a state of hook-up.


“You did a good job, I did not think that you could respond to my sword,”


That moment that Fii looked into luca’s face.

An orange spray covered that face.





Suddenly, an unbelievable sight jumps into the eyes, everyone in the game hall opens their eyes.


The next moment, Luca flew away and perch with the feet and sword.

The orange squirted from Fee mouth became a mist and covered Luca’s face.(TN: jutsu maybe)

Luca, whose face was covered with fog, came out shouting after swiping off the sword in a second.


“Eyes are aa! Eyes are ah ah!”


Luca hold his eye that was restrained.

While watching such Luca, with a calm expression, the feet twisted to the limit, sprinkled the wooden sword until it came behind the head, stepped up after lifting the legs and stepped into the face swinging the wood sword.

By the way it was not a form of swordship no matter how it looked.




Even small petals with the full swing pooled power is tremendous, Luca who was hit hard gunned and fell down to the ground with a dull sound.


Then Fee rushes to such Luca and  Gonggonggong (TN:SFX) sucks down the wooden sword three times.


When Fii confirmed that Luca became twisted and stopped moving, she did not care about the venue that she was getting into, then raised his arms proudly.




“Let’s finish it, Victory by Luca!”


The first defeat of the northern dormitory was decided by haste.

(TN: Jack of all trade, master of non, lololol)

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