I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 8

Fii registered for the exam without a problem, and eventually the exam itself began.
The contents of the examination were one-versus-one duels between applicants.

The contenders were clashing swords in various locations, and people dressed as knights were observing them.
Crow was amongst them.

Eventually came time for Fii’s name to be called.

Her opponent was a huge man who seemed three times her size.
After having her name checked by a knight, she entered into a ring made from wooden fences.
Seeing her enter, the man laughed at her mockingly.

“A brat that’s probably still bald between the legs! This isn’t a children’s playground, aight? You’re just gunna get hurt, so hurry back to your mama and ask for your milk.”

“That kid really has no luck, hey? To think that he’d end up with Gorms in his first match.”

“Yeah. That guy is one of the favourites for the examination.”

From the voices around her, it seemed that everybody thought of her as unlucky…
But she had to succeed.
So she decided to stir up trouble in return.

“Huhh~? Who knew the gorillas in Orstoll were smart enough to talk! That’s incredible! I’m honestly shocked. But anyway, why is a gorilla taking the apprentice knight exam? No matter how you think about it, a gorilla with hair all over his body can’t possibly become a knight, right?”

Fii wasn’t the type of girl to badmouth others of her own accord. When people were too unwelcoming she would sometimes become uncooperative, but at heart she was the nice kid that Crow had seen.
At the same time though, she was an outcast who had her own shadows within her heart, so she was rather acquainted with how to mock and badmouth others.
When she was small and overheard her personal maid badmouthing her behind her back, she really did want to cry. She still wasn’t sure if this bitter experience of hers was helping her now or not, but at any rate, she had said what she said.

To her, this match was a once-in-lifetime turning point that would determine everything for her, and she was taking it seriously down to the darkest depths of her heart.

“Y-, YOU! You’ve got some guts, you fucker! When the match starts you’d better be prepared to have the snot beaten outta ya!”

“What are his nerves made of…”

“That kid really doesn’t fear for his life…”

This much was natural. If she lost here, she was as good as dead anyway.
Resolved to bet her entire life on this, Fii raised her wooden sword.

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