I’ll Live My Second Life! / I’ll Live My Second Life! Chapter 100

“The winner of the current game! Cooine!”

A great cheer rises from the audience seats along with the voice of the referee.

In the meantime, Kuinu was stunned.

Kuinu: (I did not think that I could win) …

Persil was strong. Having a tremendously high level of defense technology, there was virtually no gap. The most fierce way of grasping all the information here and making a strategy to win is terrible.

When looking back at the body that was exhausted from the whole body, Persil that kept the flank was rising. He had received the full power of Cooine’s attack. That body is staggering.

Cooine hurriedly tried to get up and running but it was stiff by the hand.

“No, it’s okay, I can walk myself, and you are quite tired.”

Even after being blown enough to collapse, Persil was calm.

Persil who got up asked a question to the Koo.

“Could you tell me one more thing, you must have had mental and physical strength already at that time, yet why did such a move?”

Switch that the Koo sees last. It was faster than any movement I showed in the game.

After being asked Quoine, after thinking a little about Persil ‘s question ……

It starts to become suspicious behavior with a red face.

“Well … … no … … that … … that … ….”

When Persil looked somewhat strange to a couple who was blurred and dismayed and could not say anything.

“Cooine Huu!”

Somebody jumped on the body.

Persil was also a face I knew. An apprentice knight boy who fought the Sengoku in

the Tohoku competition game. The name is surely Heath.

The small boy who seems to have run down from the audience seat to the match venue hurriedly jumped and hugged as he ran towards the Koo.

“Cooinu! It was amazing! Oh, great!”

“He … … Heath …… !?”

That little hand gently strokes the hair that is wet with the sweat of the Koo.

Although the face of Cooine will further clench in red, it does not seem to have noticed Heath of the excited appearance.

(A little soft ……! And that smells good … …!)

Even though exhaustion is exhaustion, Koo who has been blurred in many ways supports the body so that it will not desperately roll, but Fee does not care at all, she was pleasantly gently stroking the Cooine forever.

Even my colleagues in the northern dormitory came running from the audience seat under such a cooling.

“Cooine! It was amazing!”

“Well done ah ah! Cooine!”

“You are the hero of today!”

Then they jump on the exhausted and tired Queen with its huge and heavy body.

The body of the Cooine could not tolerate it indeed, collapsed on the ground, and it was rapidly being hooked up. By the way, the fee is escaping the difficulty with only a quick fly.

Although I was exhausted and the boys in the northern lodgings were hugged or shook hands arbitrarily, they looked quite happy.

Persil who was gazing at the sight told us after correcting the usual eyeglasses.

“Indeed, the power of bonds with our friends, it certainly was not in the

the calculation”

When Perthir’s mouth as if it was not expressive smiled a little bit, he quietly left the spot.

And the seat of the east dormitory, Carneggis opened his mouth and was staringly watching the result of the game.

“I am stupid … Why … why … why … ….”

The result of the game was the defeat of the East’s dormitory ……

Even though we had all that strength. Even the training lost to the fact that he should have taken everything to defeat the dormitory in the North ……

I look at the Persil who is returning quietly with boys in the northern lodgings who are pleased with ease.

“From here I won three consecutive wins and I was supposed to regain youth …!”

“With such an arbitrary thought, you can not do well by doing selfish action, it would be better to go out rather well”

The voice from her back to Carneggs with her head was a voice of an adult woman who had a certain age.

Surprisingly and looking back, a woman and a tram were standing behind Carneggs. Looking at the lady, Carneggs screams.

“E, Elisabetta !!”

The lady is around 30 late half and has beautiful and long hair of flax color. That face has repeatedly calmed down for the year, but it is still beautiful enough, and when I was young I will show you what I did. Clothes are dressed in a white coat in rare things for women.

Such a woman was staring at Carneggs while little cold angry eyes.

“Why are you here!?”

“I got


“I got divorced from my husband last year, I returned to this country half a year ago, I am invited from my Majesty now and I am working for a national medical institution”

Carignhis turned back to the truck after listening to Elizabetta’s words he said so with a decent face, as a matter of course.

“Did you know the tramp! I did not tell you why!”

“I tried to say it over and over, but you said that this time you said” I will not talk with the people in the North’s dormitory until the end of the match “and I have not heard the story for a long time”

Carneggs is stunned by that word. I certainly said so …… I told you ……

Elisabetta, who puffed his face sideways against Carneggs, said.

“Although I thought that I had forgotten about me long since I did not get in touch with you even if I returned, there’s no way that I can still tell you what I was ten years ago as a root, It’s just crazy about getting involved and clearing up your own vicious … ”

“Well, it’s different! Elisabetta!”

“What is wrong?”

“No wonder … ….”

It was no different.

That was exactly what Elisabetta said.

Carefully caught up with Elisabetta, the face of Carneggs turns pale, dripping down his sweat and dropping his shoulders.

Such a trolley looked like a sympathetic feeling to such a carnival and said.

“After I broke up with Elisabetta, I felt depressed for a long time to act like a grudge against the northern
against the northern dormitory, I thought that someday I will recover but the situation of you is going to get worse year by year. I also told myself that it was a policy for each dormitory, but I can not take it anymore.

I am sorry, but I have also reported to the captains as well as Elisabetta. ”

“Well, that … ….”

After listening to it, I made the face a more pale blue, but Carneggs nodded.

Elisabetta says to catch up with Carneggas further.

“Mr. Carneggs, I was able to become a very knocked out person without long seeing you. This time, I really did not mind seeing you, please apologize to those who caused annoyance! I do not want to, so I will excuse myself! ”

While saying that, Elisabetta returns the critter and leaves.

Carnegie hurriedly stops it.

“Wait, wait! Elisabetta!”

Elisabetta looked back and said after saying that to Carneggis’ words.

“When I came back to this country I forgot what I was planning to say, 17 years ago you were cool even after three consecutive defeats, I was stupid I accused you of being the lowest It is because I was an immature girl. “I apologize.”

“Eh, Elisabetta …”

Carnegges listens to the words as he spreads his eyes.

But Elizabetta’s eyes coldly got out of Carneggis and then threw up.

“But you are really the lowest, good-bye”

I returned the crust as it was, and walked quickly.

“Oh, Elisabethtaaaaa!”

The painful scream of Carneggis reached out on his back echoed in the match venue.

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