Invincible Level Up

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Qin Tian feels very bad, as he transformed into a weak fragile Dantian, that doesn’t have enough capabilities to manage martial arts. Luckily, God brought him a privilege, so he can increase his level. Qin Tian now earns spirit via beating beasts. If he murders people, he’ll also accumulate energy, but is this method suitable? His Qiqong skills led to progress making him act like a boss.

If Qin achieves the top, he’ll get more privileges in comparison to other heroes, that have to struggle with supplementary obstacles. Reaching the best position isn’t so difficult. Tian only has to kill beasts, clan administrators, royal members, a universe specialist, and many others. Join the story to observe Qin’s path from a loser to a divinity!

Invincible Level Up

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