Isekai Cheat Magician / Isekai Cheat Magician Pr

Dancing in the blue sky is a falling ball with panda pattern .

The boys and girls who were shut in for a boring class in the classroom are running at the ground breathing as if blowing .

After mathematics is over, it is now physical education class . They run around to the sunny refreshing weather . Even if they’re already at high school, the fun has not change .


The ball flies here from about fifteen meters away .

The position of Taichi Nishimura, who received the superb trap ball from a soccer club member, is inside the penalty area . This is also a coincidence since the mark is off . The soccer club regular should have received the pass .

He saw through this good opportunity and intercepted the pass . As expected from a regular, his reflex and motor skill is superior  from Taichi .

He shake off those thoughts before the trapped ball hits the ground . He’s losing now but this is a special chance so he decided to get a chance in the corner .

He was facing his bad friend from junior high school . Taichi is determined and make an approach run to cooly shake the goal net .  At that moment, all the sharpness disappears from Taichi .

「Your face will meet this ball Takashi, shoooooottttt!!!」

「Hey…… Ugh!」

A shot that makes you want to say that you should honestly do it right, flies to Takashi who tried to avoid it by anticipating the movement . The waste of talent is extraordinary .

With a splendid face block, the ball rolls in ground . Taichi who swung out his foot and the ikemen Takashi falls behind with a red face .

「Super exciting!!」

「Oh, my God!」

Taichi’s team who crushed the perfect opportunity with bato do mugokko, were defeated as expected .

TN: バト ○ ドームゴッコ – (bato do-mugokko?) I have no idea what it means .

「Taichi temee! You don’t have to do that to me!」

「I am sorry Takashi! I received a divine revelation to hit your face as I see it…」

「Hou … . You’re ready, right?」

An annual fellow match .

The two don’t know that they’ve become the school year’s famous product ever since the high school entrance exam .

And, there is another famous product .

「…… Two stupid people as usual」

A little husky and pleasant voice reach the two of them .

Taichi and Takashi naturally know the tone which does not try to conceal the amazement .

「Oh, Kanade . Did you blew out your opponent?」

「It’s not like that . It’s a class . 」

「Is that so? You probably cheated . 」

「I didn’t cheat!」

Taichi and Takashi quickly moved backwards as Kanade swing her racket .

Azuma Kanade .

She has been playing tennis since she was a child . She made it to the national in junior high .

She is certainly training considerably but looking at her won’t give you that impression . She is tall for a high school girl and has a figure of a model . Nine of ten people will say she’s “cute” . She has a raven black hair that extends to her back that is tied into ponytail that streams in a gentle breeze . Coupled with a good posture, she’s a picturesque girl just by standing .

And ikemen Takashi Onodera .

His height exceeds 180 cm; a good looking macho youth . Only the principal alone does not know that he is already in the top three rankings in the grade . He’s a frightening man who’s rumored that two people already confessed to him . Moreover, both were considerably pretty girls . He becomes the enemy of the unpopular boys in the whole country by refusing them immediately .

To tell the truth, he is a coward who has no courage to confess which is contrary to his appearance which seems like a player . He likes Kanade since junior high school and only Taichi knows .

And Taichi Nishimura . Unpopular men’s representative that is surrounded by a handsome man and a beautiful woman . He does not possess a good face and his height is 168cm .

He’s performance is in the lower middle though his reflexes are good . He has a characteristic of disliking hard work and making effort, also has poor dexterity . His existence is a useless treasure that antagonize the youths that are devoted to their club .

He has a seemingly carefree face, but he also has his worries . His good relationship with Takashi and Kanade are the seeds of it . As the years go by, he keenly realize the difference in looks that is comparable to economic disparity everyday .

For some yaoi fan girl, they are targets of spine chilling delusions . Takashi is the dom and Taichi is the M . They did not know but they should applaud the great old people that preached the proverb of Buddha .

This is an everyday scene . Every day is the same as usual .

Even cursing each other is fun . When they went up to high school, their friends increased and fun doubled too . He looks at the quarreling Takashi and Kanade, Taichi realized that he was laughing .

He thinks for a moment and came to a conclusion that he likes time like this .

He thought nothing would change .

However, the world changes every day .

Even though he knew it, Taichi is still young .

「……tsu! ………… . tsu tsu!」


He feels like he heard something and stop .

Taichi looks at his back and noticed that the place appears to be desolate .

「Is it my imagination?」

No one responded to his mutter .

Taichi returns to his heel and ran to his friends who were calling him from a distance .

There is the chime that tell the end of the day . Taichi who didn’t know what happened just decided to quit thinking about it .

Prologue 2

I am alone in the station square that is dyed with the color of sunset .

My two friends who are always going home together with me are now walking away .

I was deliberately strayed while strolling in the shopping district . I have been informed by the two with “Let’s meet at the the station square at 17:00 . ” via email .

Now . How should I spend my free time? Taichi left a convenience store with a manga for reading . It is full of shoppers, office workers on their way home, and students .

I jolted from the noise and wanders aimlessly without the purpose . Speaking of which, the stock of toilet paper should have been reduced . It is cruel to expect his parents, who are busy with work and are coming home late, and his older sister, who is with her boyfriend, to be concerned about such a thing .

The housework is inevitably Taichi’s job . He is really unwilling and he thinks of it as troublesome but there is no choice because there will be no pants tomorrow if he does not do it . It is difficult to ask his very busy parents as previously described, and he is not close enough to his older sister to ask for help… . or rather, they are mutually shy with each other . Taichin and his older sister can’t explain what they came to be .

Anyway, he’s free . That’s right, Taichi turned and sets foot on the nearby drugstore .

Why did he walks in such a place alone? Of course, there is no purpose . He’s just away from his best friends .

A certain ikemen is trying to put an end to the hetare road from junior high school days . He made up his mind to tell his feelings to his first love . He have consulted me, with a serious face that is unusual, this noon .

TN: Hetare – Loser, Good-for-Nothing, Coward, or weak-willed

Taichi, who is not used to see such, face didn’t try to make fun of him . Is it so? He was convinced with words and decided to set it up this way .

It was Taichi who decided to do it after school, 「Today!? The preparation of my heart…」and hit the shouting hetare Takeshi to silence . He forced the two of them to be alone .

Because it is that hetare Takashi, they will probably be at the important place . While thinking, my cheeks unintentionally loosen .

This is the birth of a beautiful couple .

Takashi does not have to say, but he is good-looking . Moreover, his head is not bad and he won’t be defeated in a fight because he practice karate . He is tall, strong, generous and very attentive . He is a man who possesses all the advantages Taichi wants .

If only he’s not hetare, one could say that he is a perfect superman .

「However, it is limited to ikemen . 」The man goes to the ground .

And Kanade .

She is also the top level girl in the school year . ……No, although she is a first-year high school student, it may be said that she is a beautiful woman .

The number of times she was scouted to be a magazine model while walking in the city can’t be counted with just one finger . She has a good personality and, without saying, she’s also considerate of the other party .

It can be said the she’s also a perfect superman like Takashi . However, when it comes to tennis, she’ll beat out her enemy as it heats up but that itself has a charm .

Two people are walking side by side and they are obviously a man and a woman . Taichi has seen it many times .

And, he wonders if he is a foil… He’s been seen as such with distant eyes a lot to the point that it is troublesome to count .

By the way, he wonders when will the hands of the clock will be at 17:000 . He must be prepared to show off .

Of course, he have prepared words to tease and ridicule them .

… . Although he is not prepared to the piercing fact that is a an unpopular man, her realized it now .

A  handsome man and  beautiful woman are walking in the shopping district .

They are very conspicuous because they boast their idol-like appearance . To the extent that high school girls and office workers thinks twice and looks back .

The two people in the whirlpool are silent . They are both attractive . Even if they appear to be unhappy, beauty is gained .

「… . Hey, Kanade . 」


As they are now in a remote place where there is neither pedestrian traffic nor noise, Takashi faced Kanade .

Even without Takashi asking, Kanade somehow already understood as he appeared different than usual .

「Do I have a chance?」

The words of the confession were spun in by Takashi like a curve ball .

His face looks so refreshed as if he is not affected by the tension of what he says as he waits for a reply .

More than that, he was able to say what he wanted . He was able to feel the sense of fulfillment .

As she carefully digested Takashi’s word, Kanade’s neck slowly swung to the left and right before long . Didn’t he understood her reaction? Takashi doesn’t seem to be particularly disappointed .

「After all, is he better?」

He has a tone of confirming rather than asking .

In Takeshi’s word, Kanade was a little empty as she nodded . Her cheeks looks slightly red as the sunset hits it but it is likely not the only reason .

「Taku, wrap it up in oblate . 」

「…… Sorry」

To Takashi who’s laughing blankly, Kanade grimaces apologetically . Takashi turned his smile into a wry grin and poked her forehead with his finger . From a third party who does not know anything, it only seems to be flirting between lovers .

「Don’t make such a face . I knew it . Even if I know it, I won’t be satisfied if I didn’t tell you . 」

You know what? As Takashi says that, Kanade smiled this time and nodded .

「Taku . You’re acting like you know everything . The best blockhead is definitely that guy . 」

「Right . 」

The reply is short but he seems to be very much in favor as he nods strongly .

Takashi realized that Kanade was not looking at him . It was back in second year of junior high school when he noticed that Kanade can only see Taichi . Takashi even knew the reason she fell in love because she is the person he likes .

Taichi, who should have understands Takashi and Kanade the most, is actually the one who understands them the least .

For nearly two years, he chose to move aside his feelings . Because he did not notice at all, it is natural to receive a disgraceful evaluation .

「Kanade has also fallen in love with a troublesome one . 」

「Absolutely . It’s a stormy road . 」

Kanade criticized severely the one she desires for being a dullard . No matter how many times she takes a thoughtful attitude, no matter what words she uses, there is no sign of being noticed at all . Kanade thinks that for her to confess is like being defeated and is regrettable . She has a strange pride . Though she’s trying hard everyday for Taichi to confess, this Taichi couldn’t notice at all .

Even if she forcibly kiss him, he probably still won’t get it… Her face is saying that it is stained with anger . The way of making a blockhead stop being a blockhead, which is wrecking her brain, makes her boil with anger .

Still, Kanade seems to be very happy to talk about the proof of her feelings for Taichi are real .

He was convinced again after seeing her appearance . Takashi looks forward in a settled look .

「Shall we go? It’s almost 5 . 」

「That’s right . He’s probably acting like a fool this time and standing straight at the station square . 」

… . Do you really like him? One would probably think that her tone is suspicious but Takashi knows that it is probably her way of expressing her love . 「That’s why I came to like you . 」Takashi was smiling the the pretty girl who had the face of a maiden in love next to him .

Two eye-catching silhouettes from afar are approaching here .

「… . . Hmm?」

The space between the two of them is more than what he thought so Taichi wondered .

He wonders if it did not go well .


He thought Takashi and Kanade were well-matched .

He has no idea why it did not go well . Without an answer, the two came to Taichi .

「Did we keep you waiting?」

「No, I just got here . 」

To the fact that the exchange is quite solid, Kanade and Taichi gives a bitter smile at each other .

He took a glanced at Takashi but he doesn’t seem to be too depressed .

Is he pretending to be calm now? Their relationship is enough to see though an act . In fact, Taichi who has seen it through . He doubt the unnatural behaviour of Takashi .

However, there is also the possibility that Takashi raised his acting skill enough to deceive Taichi’s eyes . If so, he should be in grief now . He was afraid to spread the wound by poking poorly .

「Well, let’s go home . 」

「That’s right . 」

The one who breaks the ice is Takashi . There was no objection to it, Taichi also nodded .

As they try to walk towards the ticket gate … . a middle-aged man who’s in a hurry pushed Kanade from behind .



Taichi, who was bumped away, hugs the staggering Kanade .

「Are you okay?」

「Ah, yes… . Thanks . 」

Kanade’s face was red as she looks down . If you look like this, your heart will be stamped! Takashi desperately puts his poker face . He’ll hate it if Taichi see through his poker face .

The woman she fells in love with is making that face but not to him .

Even though the other party is a close friend, there are things that is inevitable for a human being .

He was jealous of the boy who supported his love although it is finished .

The girl who was helped by her favorite boy was satisfied with the happy, shameful event .

His best friend was pushed and he was irritated to the violent criminal who disappeared from sight .

The floor Taichi and Kanade is stepping on is wrapped in a strange glow .


Who raised the voice?

Takashi looks at Taichi with a surprise expression .

People who are walking around the crowd also stop their attention to the event with rounded eyes .

「What’s this!?」

Kanade who’s attacked by an out of common sense event strongly grasps Taichi’s uniform without realizing that it would greatly change her fate .

The brightness of the floor looks like a shining circle .

The non-decrypted string of geometric patterns rotates at high speed and is even in the air .

「Taichi! Kanade! Get away!!」

The world suddenly distorted . He saw his best friend’s face looked awfully distorted .

From the beginning to the end, without even raising a voice due to surprise,  Taichi’s view blackout .

Prologue 3

The magic formation on the floor shines brightly like a polished mirror .

It is necessary to to keep chanting as much as possible without sleeping for three nights . It needs both knowledge and effort . If you have a little knowledge in magic, you will see how advanced this magic is .


The long preparation period finally reached its end .

The magic formation seems to be looking forward to the time to start as the divine silver light twinkles .

「It was finally completed, Your Highness . 」


During prayers, the great temple usually uses lights .

Although it’s always dark in this place even in daytime, the magic formation lights it up like it was under the sunlight .

The one that being called “your highness” is a girl . Her platinum blond hair that extends until her waist is slightly shaking with the aftereffect of the magic overflow of the magic formation . Together with her aromatic look and fantastic atmosphere, she can be called a paragon of beauty . Though her tiredness cannot be concealed because she has been working non-stop for 3 days and 3 nights, such thing is trivial .

She’s wearing a thin robe which is the official formal ceremonial dress in performing magic . It is mysterious how her bewitching body line of a mature woman unintentionally emerge from it . It is to the extent that you cannot blame a man if he lust for her .

However, her face has a childish atmosphere . She’s a little older to be called a girl but a little young to be called a woman . She, who has such exquisite beauty, is a high-ranking magician who spun this advanced magic formation alone .

Tesuran looks at her with eyes of appreciation like looking his beloved daughter . He still has an abundant black hair although there are a little gray hair . A man with a fearless face and armor of a zwei soldier .

「Tesuran, this room should have no other person…」

「Of course it has been taken care of . The only person here is Her Highness and I . 」

「I understand . So let’s get started . 」

The girl turns from Teslan to the magic formation . She held her hand slightly apart to the magic formation .


Although the way of speaking is calm, the chant is so fast that it is unimaginable .

Tesuran who’s looking at the situation from behind gulp to smoothen his throat .

The magic formation glows stronger .

Tesuran can use swords but his knowledge in magic is of a common knight . While she’s still an adorable young maiden, he respects her for being a great magician who’s already equal to the great sages in history .

It is a story which he heard from the chief of the court magician,he said that all of the court magician will need at least seven days and seven nights to finally make a magic formation . But this one girl was able to make one in less than half of the time, it is obvious that she’s a non-standard .

He was able to serve the girl who was said to be sure to leave her name in history . Tesuran was encompassed by the deep emotion that cannot be put into words .

That’s why he is a bit disappointed in himself because he can only stand there to not get in the way .


The strange voice echoes .

Tesuran grasped the handle of the sword carried on his back as a shadow unexpectedly appeared from behind a pillar .

This is foolish, this room should have been cleared of other people!

After letting an intruder in, it’s a wasteful thought .

That made things worse .

To be more specific, it is irreversible .

Three days and three nights’ efforts, an moment of idleness .

The intruder has a cane in his hand and heads to the mage’s girl at a tremendous speed . It is not a speed of human beings . Perhaps, physical strengthening with magic .

There is no way to stop him . To begin with, there is no magic that makes you control others .

「I won’t let you do what you want!」

As he came back from hardening due to surprise, Tesuran heads to the intruder .

It was almost at the same time that the sword of Tesuran was to truncate the intruder, the tip of the wand was able to touch the magic formation .

The unfortunate incident that was carried out in front of the girl .

Although the worst end was prevented, they are at the situation wherein it cannot be saved .

The magic formation is so detailed that it is unthinkable in common sense . You may splendidly praise the willpower of the girl who did not stop the operation even with an unexpected event occurred .

However, the magic formation has sulked .

The magic formation, that can overwhelm its beholder with its fantastic silver light, blinks .

The glow turned instantaneously into a dull, muted color .

「……! Please! Wait!」

The heartbreaking appeal did not reach it . The magic formation loses light . Its role is done .

「Lie…… That kind of…… That’s…」

There will be no person who can criticize the tear which blots to the edge of her eyes .

The ceremony is obstructed…

The intruder who had reached its sordid purpose had already left this world with the smile that can rub a nerve of a person .

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