Isekai Cheat Magician / Isekai Cheat Magician Chapter 3 part2

New Editor for Cheat Magician Introducing Xphyre
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 Two people who start a chat began with Balader’
“I had a hard time.”
 Rachelta and Mehilla approached Taichi who looked at the ballad and played in a state where the anger facing him was withdrawn and relieved.

“Taichi. Can you tell me a story about your hometown?”

 Laqueta says while pouring coupe in a cup for Taichi.
 It is a continuation of the story that became silent because I couldn’t speak earlier. Let’s answer it now. It would be another challenge if you thought that you were released from the immediate threat of anger in the performance. Taichi, who was being reckless before being saved, he reminisces about what to talk.

“Don’t worry, I want to listen to something that is good I do not want you to say … I don’t want to

 Mehilla says to interrupt Taichi’s thinking.
 The offer was appreciated. If it is within an answerable range, answering is not a problem as Taichi.
 This can be said, this is unpalatable. If you let me draw that line, it will hold up well as a topic.

“Yes, you see. You look very smart, but did you have a chance to learn something in your hometown?”

 Raquelta’s question is a safe place as a starting point.
 However, for three people it was one of the things that I was very concerned about.
 From their point of view, Taichi also has considerable knowledge and culture.
 Of course, it is a gift of compulsory education that lasts from an early age, but to the ballads who have not been educated since the age of six, the reason for the brilliance of Taichi and the play was a matter to simply ask.
 In this world, unlike modern Japan, it is not easy to receive an education.
 Even the literacy rate is less than ten percent. In fact, Balada cannot read the letters, and Laquerta can read it, but it can only be an easy thing when it comes to writing. The fact is that the clerical work is thrown away to Mehilla, who are accustomed to reading and writing as a magician.
 Education requires a considerable sum of money. Only successful nobles and merchants can educate themselves or their families. Speaking of which, the difficulty will be transmitted to some extent. We need a fair amount of money. If you compare in Japan, it will cost hundreds of thousands of tuition fees every month.
 So I wasn’t surprised by Taichi’s statement “I was a student.”
 Speaking of students refers to those who specialize in learning. It does not change the different world nor contemporary Japan.
 Most of all, the quality of education is totally different.
 If this world’s scholars go to junior high schools in Japan and take classes for a week, they hang their necks on the level of the curriculum, the youth of the students taking classes around them, and that their academic ability does not change so much. It may be possible.
 Even the best scholars in this world are on the same level as boys and girls with average grades for high school students.
 In short, this difference shows how high the quality of the classes received in compulsory education in modern Japan is, and the difference between the two is quite normal. It is a little while before that a ruler that objectively measures how well we have become visible appears.
 I will explain it by scraping the subject I received in the class. In this world of common sense, where it is common to study one thing in a specialized way, Rachelta and Mehilla are even more astonished by the Japanese language science and science society and contemporary Japanese education that deals with multiple studies at once.
 And he said, as if Mehilla, who was thinking about when to reach the heart of the story, suddenly remembered.

“I just learned various things … do you not know the reason for the anger of an important friend?”

 Taichi gets hit by a painful place.
 That’s it.
 There is no way it should be.
 The performance is not sweet enough to be forgotten over time.
 I can not forgive you forever unless I apologize. That area is quite tough.
 On the contrary, if you apologize properly even if you leave at this time, it is her good will to forgive you.

“I’m sorry but I really do not know… The guy who had played, Therefore why are you so angry …”

 Seeing Taichi lamenting in a state of being overwhelmed, Rachelta wiggles involuntarily.
 And I was a little sympathetic to the performance, which had chosen the hard way ahead.
 If you don’t understand this, you’re probably not aware of the underlying emotions that the player is holding, just like your hair. If anything, there is a clause that a third party sees and expresses intelligibly.
 Even if you are only angry, you can not ignore it, but it is showing. Even though it is already known to three people who were just today.

“What about Taichi you’ve been with girls?”

 At the end of the view of Rachelta, the black tail sways. Apparently, I heard only that one.

“Unfortunately, she is not acting her age.”

 Although I did not understand the expression well, I understood that I had never been intimate with a woman.

“Sorry. Well, I hope you’ll understand the woman’s heart from now on.”
“Even if you do, what should I do …”

 It is a sad voice.

“Okay … this issue is beginner’s class… If you think slowly, you should understand.”
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t care. I think you should think about her position.”
“Stand position?”
“Yeah. Any of what you said… What action did you take? … Can not forgive for Kanade …”
“What do you think if you’re told. I think this is the case even if the other party is not a girl, I think.”

 I was able to make meaningful thoughts that were quite different from what I had been in the infinite loop, showing the directionality and crawling.
 What was wrong?
 What did you hug?
 Jumping around and touching the buttocks?
 No, both are force majeure. Even if you get angry, you know what is not serious.
 What do you think if you are told?


 there were.
 A word and action that would never be forgiven if Taichi was told to play until he apologized.
 Taichi was taking it towards her.

“It looks like I understand.”
“… I told you to run away because I’ll be jealous. Maybe that’s it.”
“If you say that … get angry”

 Make yourself shrunk to Mehilla’s assessment, which does not even hide her fears.

“Well, that’s right, we don’t know how we can help, so there’s a way it can’t be helped …”

 That’s why I felt that it was not a very embarrassing statement from the appearance of Raquelta that muddy the words.
 It was the best way to help play. I take pride in the fact that taking that measure was not wrong.
 But the problem is that I did not think about the feelings of those who said it.

“Oh, I get angry …”

 I look at the sky with my eyes. The star was twinkling in the night sky, and Taichi was encouraged to say, “Don’t get excited and apologize.”
 Taichi will have no problem. Laquerta and Mejilla met face to face.
 Well, it’s a baller talking to play.
 There will be no problem. He is not smart, but he is the best party to hate people.

“I see. That happened.”
“Yes, you can’t believe it!”

 On the other hand, this is a performance and a Balader’.
 Before the ballads came to help, the story when Taichi tried to escape and fled himself was talked about.

“Sora, it is impossible for you to get angry either.”
“Right! Taichi that idiot, I will never forgive you until I apologize! “

 A play that heats up unintentionally.
 It was a ballad that wandered as if he had accumulated so much depression, but he asked with a smile.

“Oh, my son’s soliloquy, ask me to do it”

 A play that makes a crazy reply. What does it mean to have a conversation while having a conversation?
 The ballad kept speaking, regardless of the play that had a strange face.

“Oh, a man is a difficult creature.”
“I understand”
“A girl who wants to be cool, a creature that wants to be cool”

 It goes without saying what it points to.
 It is Taichi.
 Balader is talking about him.

“Even if you don’t know about the girl in front of you, even if you don’t know the finesse, you’re still looking at it. Well, that’s not a reason. There are many things that you can do for yourself.

 As a matter of experience, Baller has a bitter smile.

“That’s why it’s a common statement that you’re making a face that looks normal, and that you’re eating inside. You might find it difficult for women to understand.”

 Certainly, suffer from understanding. The performances are extra because they especially try to behave according to their own heights.

“But, I still think. A man is fine with that.”

 The ballad suddenly turned to gaze.

“That’s a Taichi’s Bose. What if you had a low back that would run away with your niece in front of that mare?”

 It is very disgusting.
 That’s the impression that came up without short hair.

“Sure, if you went as far as wishing to Bose, it would be a good idea to think about the feelings of the surviving Akirchan. It would have been impossible to afford to think about anything.”

 It would be so.
 In a world that doesn’t even know this, how faint it is to be thrown out alone. Taichi doesn’t understand it at all.

“But it is.”

 Still, the baller in front of me was laughing.

“That Bose, I’ll come back again if I’m in danger. It’s a big power. I’ve only kept my heart down because of my habit. I can rely on my heart when it’s important.

 That’s it.
 While he knew that he would die, Taichi was crawling.
 I finally understood it now and something fell into my heart of the performance.

“Well, that was good …?”
“Oh, I think it’s good. It’s a hundred times better than a good-looking idiot.”

 Say so and laugh loudly, and a baller who drinks and drinks.
 It may be true.
 Hearing Balader’s story, the player realized that the outrageous anger he had was completely gone.

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