Isekai Cheat Magician / Isekai Cheat Magician Volume 1 Chapter 3 part1

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TLnote: So this was kind hard to understand I did fix some Grammar issues but not completely, I don’t know the quality of it since I am new to the novel well I hope you enjoy Part 1 , part 2 wont be out for a bit Since I knew how long others have been waiting for this to be picked so no more chit chat Enjoy!!!

After Events of Demon attack

Very cozy but bad.

After defeating that demon, it is guided by the benefactor of life that returns to the city. It seems to take two days to walk from here to the nearest town on foot. It is said that he goes out to the road and picks up a tsujibashi (horse-drawn carriage).

 It is a simple event that the sun sets on the way and the camping is carried out in the shade of the rocks.

 In front of Taichi, a bonfire is shaken with a heap of twigs collected from the area.

The warm drink passed would be appreciated. I don’t know, but if it’s strong, it’s probably a coffee. (It seems to be a drink called KU-Fe)
The aroma and taste are slightly different from those of coffee. It is also easy to ignore if only a little difference. In fact, there is no other way to describe it as being close to the familiar taste. If this is the case, eating habits may not need to be so pessimistic.

  Kanade, who was given the same thing, drank one sip and looked surprised.
Since then, I’ve been introducing myself to each other.
 The bald big man is a rose.
 A man who has a strong tongue of a bow is a clairvoyant.

  The look of the self-proclaimed two-five-year-old elementary school magician is mejirya.
 It seems that they have started to be based in the city where they will be heading about a month ago. He said that he would do a simple request while returning the feeling of a long journey, and signaled the resumption of activity for this request today.

 It is not enough to just ask about the other person.
 Of course, he and Taichi also introduced themselves. I told her name, her age……. Now I’m stuck with what I want to do.

  It is very doubtful whether you can trust me to say that you came from a different world. It is still better if it can be seen in the poor thing. The worst is given a rating of “crazy guys of the head”, it may be thrown out in this grassland. That’s a problem. It’s just a matter of life and death. Especially, as a body that was attacked by such a demon.

 Even Taichi, who is not so smart, came up with this idea, so it would be similar to Kanade, who is quick to turn his head. As a result, the answer came in the form of silence.

 However, I am lucky to be there.

 When he saw Taichi and Kanade hesitating to reveal even the slightest detail, the three of them realized that there was a deep situation, and they did not listen to him anymore.It was a good response to Taichi, who was clearly aware that he had a suspicious attitude, and the question remained for Kanade.

 In fact, people who live with circumstances that can not be said to such people are much more than in modern Japan in this world. The story like that which was sold by a parent and became a slave was deceived by a person who thought it was a close friend and was dropped by a businesswoman, is not lacking if it is heard in a tavern.

 Everyone has a past in felt hesitant to talk to each other. In this world, it is common to think so. “I can talk to you in the past. For the past that I do not want to talk about”. The listener side can also be defended by looking at the attitude of the partner. Since there was such an unwritten rule, the correspondence of three people is not special.

 I was lucky enough to be here under their protection. There is no way to let this go.

 Do you still feel that you should not give up?

 So, I’ll take a breather.

 I thought that the immediate crisis was gone by out of luck the attack from the demon.

 The idea was sweet.

 You can talk calmly and normally on the surface. When I was talking to the adventurers who helped me, there was nothing particularly unusual.

 But the eyes are not smiling. It is completely installed. Mainly, only when talking with Taichi.

 I’ve only seen it once in the past. This is a flatter performance.

 If this happens, you will have to understand exactly what she is angry about and apologize to her.

 It is the only way to keep calm on the surface, but continue to bathe in the anger that seeps in from the inside. His best friend, the good-looking man once called this condition ‘ rather of a needle.’ It is strange to say.

 That’s the second year of Junior High School. That’s when I was in the middle of the Test at Kanade’s House.

 Taichi and twink at the time is still a brat. I read the erotic book that is abandoned under the bridge girder in Nakama ” you look too kinky!”You’re the one who saw this page so much! I was interested in the opposite sex.

 In the community of Taichi was the most good, moreover, it would be no way to go if being taken to the charism of the performance which is the cute opposite sex.

 Just after advancing to the third year of junior high school, it was a good memory that he could not see the Kanade’s face for a while because he was told that his earthly desires had been exposed, saying, “If you want to see it, look a little more carefully.”

 It is natural to have a little lewd mind if it is a boy. I don’t know what to do. It is to Taichi that I made such a girlfriend angry on the erotic side.

 The black history that should not be remembered as the case that has been kept in the drawer of the memory strictly. I still can’t understand why I was so atrocious.

 I’m not sure if it’s just me or not.

 Taichi and Takashi also enjoyed it at the time. I don’t want to remember the motive that led to the crime, so I’ll leave it to you.

 I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

 To the two stupid boys who are bad at the timing to stop, the Kanade who came back has turned a superb smile that I have never seen before. With the expression that only the eye is not smiling dexterously.

 ”It’s fun, isn’t it?”When I was asked, ” What are you doing?”, I prepared for death in earnest. (Taichi)

 The arm of Taichi who tries to return the underwear to the stance while frightened by nervousness, Kanade touches gently and stops it.

“If you put it as it is, no good. Can I borrow it? I can’t wait to see what you’re up to”. (Kanade)

 The extent of Taichi’s anger, which Taichi predicts, exceeds that at the time.

 It is not surprising that Kanade gets angry because she realizes that she was so stupid that she would want to hold her head at that time.

 But now, everyone has no idea why Kanade is angry.

 When I was a kid, I had a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun, so I had a lot of fun.

 I already drank kufe, and the empty cup is reflected in my eyes.

 It seems to have been for a long time. I hate this stalemate, even myself, and scratch my head.

 While he was suffering, the adventurers such as Rose-DA were the ones who thought that the anguish would be natural.

 They have much longer life experience than Taichi, and the relationship between Taichi and Kanade is understood somehow by the atmosphere without having to listen to a detailed story.

 It was the fact that they were on the verge of realizing that they could not care for each other.

 I have no idea why Kanade is angry. And when Taichi’s anguish came to that, he thought that it was a natural punishment, too, and he was troubled without lending a hand.

 When I was a kid, I thought I was going to have a good time. Taichi, who has entered into his world by the appearance of such three people, of course, can see the play more calmly than he on the surface, but his inner mind is not calm and there is no way to notice.

“Kanade girl. Will, you wash your head?」

 In the camp that was dominated by silence, the sound other than the bonfire explodes sounded for a long time.

“Oh, yes.Okay.」(Kanade)

 Kanade immediately retracts the anger that he had been wearing quietly until now, and although it is not said that it is a smile, he receives a jar with liquor from the Rose with a soft expression. Stunning emotions are in control.

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