Isekai Wo Seigyo Mahou De Kirihirake

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Peers were envious of Evan as he was born in a rich family, but people could hardly know with which humiliation he faces day by day. Being the only brunette with brown eyes from the Douglas family, he bore mockery for appearance and lack of mana volume. A servant named Serafina who belonged to a werewolf family felt mercy to Evan and decided to liberate him from violence and run away together. While being on a way to happiness, Evan gets a head trauma and sees an extra-ordinal dream which inspires him to research a parallel world of discovery and sophisticated technique. He notices robots and gateways ruled by weird commands and mysterious influence. The dream makes him explore and master magic attainments. He is confronted by difficulties and witching power which is complicated to be tamed. Evan chooses to restrain a higher power and Serafina accompanies him.

Isekai Wo Seigyo Mahou De Kirihirake

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