Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 8


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Xant: I totally just realized that Ikana Village, Ryua’s hometown, shares the name of Ikana Canyon from Majora’s Mask. The land of the cursed, filled with lingering spirits and regret. Man I hope this is foreshadowing in a way. Would be pretty awesome.

Chapter 8 – My First Dungeon Delving

“Certainly this is the requested item that the client is seeking for. As I thought he died.. . . . . . ”

“Yes. . . . . .”

The quest Roel and I took today was enough to make us feel dejected. We were to search for a comrade of an Adventurer that failed escape here in this town but at the end what we found was a corpse that was cruelly eaten and scattered around. It looked like a marriage ring, and hearing the cries from the person’s family made my chest tighten. I understand how they feel, seeing their reaction to this. We can’t give up being adventurers. (TL:仲間の人達は薄々とわかっていたようで、あえてボク達に依頼したようだ。 諦めきれなかったのかもしれない。)

“We received 300G as a reward, Ryua-chan. . . . .”

“Wasn’t it supposed to be 200G?”

Along the way in our quest Roel leveled up by 1 but she wasn’t happy. Once we completed our quest, we checked our levels at the iron box. But like before my level didn’t show itself.

Yesterday, I had tried asking Gantetsu about the one-winged demon when we were parting.

“I have been doing this job for years but I haven’t heard anything about it. Regarding the attack on Ikana Village, the truth is we don’t completely understand what happened. Probably since it sort of happened in the blink of an eye.”

*Scrtchscrtch* While scratching his beard, Gantetsu continued.

“I don’t understand the nature of that one-winged guy. Is there some sort of reason why he has only one wing? I think knowing that would be relatively important.”

I didn’t consider that, it sounds helpful. (TL: そんなのどうだっていいと思いかけたけど、確かにそうだ。) Let’s remember it.

While I was being absent minded and recalling things, Roel was tugging my arm to get my attention.

“Something like this, this quest is perfect for us.”

[I want you to gather some of the gushing water in

Roel read it out loud, I agreed while looking at the paper she was pointing to.


“OK, that means that we won’t be hesitating over taking the quest, right?”

We immediately went to take the quest. It’s fortunate for us that it hasn’t been taken yet. Afterwards we went to the shop where Pablo was to hear the quest details. It was Bar Zenbei, it was the place where Gantetsu treated us yesterday.

“Oh, you guys took that quest right?”

A plump man with a round face welcomed us. It seems to be Pablo.

“Just so you are aware, this quest is known and performed by many adventurers on a regular basis. The water there is nutritional, so it’s most suitable for cooking and making cocktails. We sell merchandise that uses it and we need a lot. For example . . . . .”

“Um, setting that aside, how much will be a good amount to bring here?”

The conversation was getting long so Roel stopped it.

“Oops! Sorry, sorry, I want you to use that push cart for transport.”

*Clatter* There was a moderate sized push cart and empty container set beside it.

“Before you two, there was a really strong guy and he was able to carry more. But for you, this is a good amount.”

“I want more.”


A round face and a round eyes, Pablo made an interested face. Thus I put 10 containers in a sack. I had to carry all of this towards the dungeon. I looked like a burglar carrying a big sack on his back which is not very cool. The fountain we’re looking for that gushes out water is underground on the 2nd floor. Beginner adventurers should not go any farther, but the dungeon goes deeper. You just needed to follow the road. However, after that the danger level is higher and there are monsters lurking within. That’s why you absolutely must not proceed any further. Pablo was really determined to get that idea ingrained within us.

Before long we arrived at the cave. Roel was tightly holding on her staff while having a tense expression.

“Th-then should we g-go?”

“You don’t need to be that tense . . . . . . .”

Roel was slowly and timidly entering the cave while looking around the area for affirmation. From behind I place my hand on her shoulder, “Hiiii!” she jumped and her staff rolled on the ground.

“S-stop that~! You!”

She actually got very mad. I understand why, since so far it was the fault of this tension that I haven’t been able to feel. There are monsters you’ll encounter and you can easily get into a panic when it happens. It seems that the monsters here are not that strong. I will use all my strength to support her so that her confidence can grow. That can be considered a way for me to repay her.

The interior of the cave was pretty wide. Though the entrance was quite small, from there it was connected to a hall in which there were many cylindrical holes on way as you progressed. There were rocks on the wall haphazardly piled over one another. I was really worried that the rocks might collapse on top of us from moving around in this cave. If a monster shows up I have to avoid doing anything flashy and be careful.

“I wonder which way would be good to go?”

Roel asked that question nervously, she was still tightly holding her staff with both of her hands and looking around restlessly.

“When a monster comes out I will somehow deal with it.”

While saying that I took her hand. I wonder if that lessened her tension. Roel was finally holding her staff with one hand.

“Sorry, Ryua-chan, I seem to be a burden to you.”

“You’re not, I won’t call you something like that!”

I smiled. Although if I enter a battle, I’ve been fighting alone up till now so I’m worried I won’t be able to support her properly. Recovery magic is the specialty of a Healer, which is helpful. I can use some magic, but I can’t use recovery magic at all. Thanks to that, during my time in the , somewhere around 50th floor I ended up returning to the resting point quite often.

Right at that moment, from inside the cave 2 small rabbits jumped out. At first glance it looked cute, but it had an unsuitable sharp fangs and claws. With one glance, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look friendly. In the blink of an eye, it shortened the distance from us with its natural walking ability.

【Cave Rabbits appeared】

“Hiiiiiiii!! Let’s calm down Ryua-chan! No need to panic!”

Just as I thought, Roel panicked. I can hear her staff clanging as it fell onto the ground. I fought these guys when I just entered the . I experienced a lot of pain from these guys. That’s why I found it profoundly memorable. At the start it was hard to fight them, but once you get accustomed to it these guys are nothing as an opponent. This place was said to be for beginner adventurers, it seems like the truth.

One of the Cave Rabbits leaped to shorten the distance.

【Cave Rabbit A attacked!】

I briefly thought about putting down these containers to attack but reconsidered. For Roel’s sake lets receive one attack. Then i will receive a heal from her. I purposely let the Cave Rabbit bite me.

However: 【Ryua received no damage!】

Its fangs were stuck on my arm, but still the rabbit continued to try and bite me while flopping around. I understood that it was frantically trying to eat me, but it was really a fruitless effort. And at my back there was Roel.


For some reason she was casting Heal. Not understanding what she’s doing, once again I held her hand to calm her down. was still biting my left hand. As one would expect it started to hurt a little.

“Calm down, look it’s fine since I’m right here.”

I showed a smile. The rabbit still wasn’t stopping. I saw Roel brandish her staff and swing it. Rather than the rabbit it hit me. She attacked my back with all her might.

【Roel was Confused! Ryua received 2 Damage!】

“That hurt! But I’ll be fine if you use your recovery magic on me.”

It totally hurt more than the monster’s attack. Meanwhile, the other rabbit attacked aiming at Roel this time. This would be dangerous, so I assaulted the rabbit with a light kick.

【Cave Rabbit B received 1284 damage!】 【Cave Rabbit B was defeated!】 【Cave Rabbit HP 0/17】

I was just planning to brush it off lightly, but only the scattered meat was left. It was not my plan to do that. Then I saw Roel who already fainted.

I don’t really know what to do with the rabbit on my hand, so I threw it away.

【Cave Rabbit A was defeated!】 【Cave Rabbit HP 0/17】

“Roel, The monster are already defeated you know.”


I supported Roel who was dizzily walking.

“Ryua-chan. . . . .as I thought, I . . . . .may be no good.”

She started to cry while I was supporting her back, looking at her. For a little while I thought about the outcome, I decided to let Roel have peace of mind.

“From what you’ve seen I think you already know, but it’s fine for you to not worry. I won’t let something like a monster attack Roel who is behind me.”


“You believed in me when I said the I was the one who defeated the Poison Salamander, right? The monsters here are far weaker, for now you need to calm down and practice, okay?”

I’ve been fighting alone so I don’t know what I should teach her, but I thought that there wouldn’t be any meaning if I just defeat the monsters alone. When I started to feel a little insecure, I noticed Roel’s existence behind me.

“Let’s go, the fountain is on the 2nd floor, right?”

I stretched out my hand and Roel took it, then we started to walk. I had dropped the containers earlier, so I made sure I had them all before continuing on.

“Thank you, Ryua-chan……”

Silently saying her thanks she started walking with a happy expression. We haven’t known each other for long, but I want to be with her all the time. (TL:  会って間もないけど、ずっとこの子といたい。) For some reason I was thinking like that.


Monster Book

【Cave Rabbit】

It has a feral personality and is rather quick, but it can be easily defeated by a beginner adventurer. Even so, be cautious when they appear in a group. When a group of these eat you, you will suffer from being devoured slowly, piece by piece. It may also die from shock.

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