Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 17


It seems that Tolppo’s name is actually Truppe. We will keep it as Tolppo.

Chapter 17 – Beginner Crusher Grundom

“Leave all of your equipment and belongings, and perhaps I’ll spare your life.”

A big guy who had to be at least 3 meters tall pinned down a party of C rank adventurers with only his fist. The young sword fighter’s skills wasn’t much use, his party members were already at death’s door. The magician’s spells weren’t effective against the guy either. The lives of the sword fighter’s comrades were on the line, so the equipment was surrendered to the guy.

“Just be obedient and I’ll make it as painless as possible…Come on, hurry it up.”

The large guy violently threw the items and food on the ground. The recovery items fell on the ground and the contents were spilled.

“There aren’t any women in your party, I was looking forward to having a little fun with one. All the members in your party are guys, are you homo? Bring along a woman.”

Being falsely accused like that, the young man stayed silent. Even though the young man was an experienced fighter, nothing seemed to work on the guy. For the first time since he was born, the young man met an overwhelming opponent and had no willpower to resist.

“Well, I already got what I need, here you go. Catch.”

The large guy threw the bag up in the sky, hitting the face of the young man as it came down. The young man didn’t pick it up, he just stayed silent and looked down.

“You, stop being an adventurer. It’s good that I’m being merciful, but if I was a monster you wouldn’t have survived. They’re merciless. How long have you been C rank?”

“…………..half a year.”

“Wwhaaa, half a year!”

The large guy was was more surprised than he should have been, and was holding his stomach while laughing out loud.

“Y-you don’t have any talent at all! From D rank it takes half a month to rank up, right? What kind of stupid things were you taking for quests, monster materials or crap? You’re stupid, but you’re suitable for odd jobs. You raised to C rank doing that, and have been there for half a year. Aren’t you such an idiot. Hyahahahahahahahahah! kuku! hahahahahahaha!”

And again, the large guy laughed out loud. The young man’s frustration didn’t spill out, he was desperately holding it all in.

“You don’t have any talent. By the way, is that guy dead?”

After saying that the young man worked hard treating them. Looking at the situation, the large guy was giggling and laughing.

“Ryua-chan, are you done?”

“A-a little bit more!”

We have been inside the weapon shop for a while, I had trouble choosing this or that for 20 minutes. I have 200 gold with me. One is an iron sword which is 180 gold. The other is a wing sword which is 150 gold. The iron sword’s sharpness is higher. On the other hand, the wing sword can be swung faster. If I pay 180 gold, the 20 gold left will all be spent on lunch. The pocket money I have totals only 200 gold. Roel is in charge of the money from the quests, but not the everyday living allowance. I’ve been saving up till I had 200 gold. The iron sword is sharper, in some cases that may decide a win or loss. The wing sword is faster, I may be able to quickly save someone in a dire situation. Which one should I buy… I’ve been reaching out my hand for the item and then drawing back repeatedly. The old guy at the counter was waiting with an expression that seemed to say “If you are going to buy do it quickly”.

“Hey, Ryua-chan, I’m sure you had a sword right? Isn’t it fine to not buy anything?”

“T-that sword has some kind of dangerous effect. Because it would be dangerous if Roel got caught up in it, I’d like to avoid using it as much as possible. That’s why I’m looking into getting a normal sword for fighting.”

That flash of annihilation. The explosion that swallowed up the . Its power is quite a menace to me. I would look like an idiot if I accidentally invoked the weapon’s effect and got caught up in the explosion, so I really need to make up my mind and decide.

“Ryua-chan, you’re already strong to start with, isn’t it fine regardless which you choose?”

“That’s not the problem you know…”

Roel doesn’t understand my plight. Whether good or bad, it’s just that one problem. Even if I buy the iron sword, its power might not be as strong as I’m imagining. Same for the wing sword, its speed might not actually be that fast. My worrying won’t end. I want to try testing them, but if I don’t test it in an actual battle then it’s useless.

“Hey, how about buying both.”


It was an immediate reply. Roel is terribly strict towards money. I wonder if it’s her methodical personality, she is really precise when she manages the household finances book.


I showed Roel a crestfallen look , but it wasn’t effective. I wasn’t able to trick her with my act.

“If you can deal with my quest then I can get you better weapons, just so you know.”

Unable to let things continue as they were, the old owner of the weapon shop suddenly suggested something. If I take it, I can get a better weapon. No matter what I have to do, I’m ready.

“As a matter of fact——-”

Just as the old guy was about to say something, the weapon shop’s door was quietly opened. Putting the explanation on hold, the old guy said “Welcome” but that person said nothing and walked towards us.

“How much would all of these weapons go for? It’s fine no matter how much you buy them for.”

“Wouldn’t you be in trouble if you sell all these? You, are you that sword fighter?”

“It’s fine, I don’t need them anymore.”

*sigh* “Then…”

Without getting a proper explanation about the situation, the old guy started to trade.

“Ok, this is all.”

“Thank you”

After receiving the money, the man went outside quietly. His figure from behind was hunched over and had no reliability to it at all, it was as if he would collapse at any time.

“That guy is probably feeling guilty. Failing a quest…every adventurer will experience that. We failed one in the past as well, Geneki was feeling pretty down at that time.” (TL:オレも昔、現役だった頃はヘコんだもんさ)

“Geneki? Old man, you used to be an adventurer?

“Aah, how nostalgic…in those days there wasn’t anyone that didn’t know the name of Kozow.”

Kozow, the weapon shop owner, started to get earnestly immersed in remembering. His hair is now mostly gone and his stomach is big, right now there isn’t even a shadow of his past. (TL: 頭の 毛 は薄く なり 、下っ腹 はぽっこりと 出 ていて 今では その影 もない 。)

“Being an adventurer is like living in a dream. Once you become A ranked, depending on the quest you can handle, you can receive tens of thousands of gold. But of course there are setbacks and you have to deal with a lot things.”

“T-ten thousand…”

All I have is 200 gold, I wonder how small this is compared to that. A rank…money is not why I want to become one but I’m getting more and more excited at the thought of becoming one.

“Oops, before i forget. About the matter earlier, if you want to know more I think the guild has the quest documents. Try looking for the name Kozow.”

In the end, Roel reached the limit of her patience and left the store buying the iron sword. I thought that she was a docile person, but she has an unexpectedly strong personality at times like this. I ended up finding a new side of Roel again.

We went to the guild and the person we saw earlier at the weapon shop was here. He was sitting at the counter facing Rintei who had a scrupulous expression.

“Are you really sure about this?”

“Mm, I don’t have any regrets.”

“In which case, I will do the legal process for deleting your adventurer registration. Once deleted, if you want to be an adventurer again you’ll have to start over at D rank. Well then, I will start the paperwork.”

Deleting the registration, is that person quitting being an adventurer? I wonder if he went through something heart-breaking…I don’t know if he did but if you look closely at he was clenching his teeth. You can easily see his distress.

“I have nothing much to say, but you are safe so you don’t need to get yourself too worked up. Beginner Crusher Grundom…we put out a quest for his extermination but there hasn’t been any progress related to it, even now. Some C ranking people took it but they ended up coming back pretty beaten up. This town doesn’t have many B rank adventurers to start with, and the ones we had left to do other quests. And Gantetsu-san has returned to the Avangard Kingdom castle town…However, if a B rank adventurer takes it they will immediately take him down. If that happens, someone like Grundom will not be here anymore. You’re still young, so please don’t give up yet.”

“What do you know? If you have the spare time to meddle unnecessarily you should use that time to start the legal procedure.”

The man looked like who was about to cry spat out those words. I wonder if he experienced something really mortifying? He was clenching his hand into a fist and was trembling. Beginner Crusher Grundom, I wonder what that person did to this man.

“Who’s Beginner Crusher Grundom?” “They say that he ambushes beginner adventurers when they go to dungeons.”

I didn’t know someone like that was here. From the way Roel spoke, it seems that she doesn’t know much about it either.

“Ok, the procedure is done.”

The man who wasn’t an adventurer anymore went out without saying anything.

“I feel bad for that person. If I hadn’t met Ryua-chan…”

From the way it looks, it seems he’s getting more depressed as time goes on. He’s like that because of Grundom. I’m interested in taking the quest for his extermination, but I should do the quest for Kozow-san before that. Together with Roel we searched for his quest. Thanks to her teaching me the how to read letters, I can read a little bit of them. I still have a long way to go before I can read properly though. Therefore, I’ll leave it to Roel.

“There it is, this is it, right?”

[I want you to mine me some iron at the 4th floor of Avangard Cave.] [Client: Weapon Shop IronMan Shopkeeper, Kozow]

“It’s the

“That’s right, we went as far as the 2nd floor but now it’s the 4th floor.”

We were persistently warned to not go any further than 2nd floor because strong monsters loiter there, so we didn’t. But I wonder what’s actually down there. It seem the quest is for C ranks, I guess it’ll be fine.

“So to confirm, the quest from Kozow-san. And this time Ryua-san and Roel-san will take it. Right. I understand.”

It seems the way Rintei is talking right now is the usual way of talking to someone who is taking a quest. It was written that we are going “to mine” but I actually don’t know what I have to do. First of all, let’s go back to the weapon shop and hear the details for the quest.

“That’s right, then here you go.”

Kozow gave us a mining set. The danger level for the 2nd floor of Avangarde Cave is about 3, it seem at the lowest floor, the 5th floor, the danger level is generally about 8-10. I wonder if that cobra came from the 3rd floor. The monsters on the 2nd floor weren’t that big of a deal, and Roel’s level raised so I’m not that worried.

“On the 3rd floor there is a monster that can poison you, so be careful”

Following Kozow’s advice we prepared many antidotes to counter it. Something like poison won’t affect me, and for Roel who is behind me I absolutely won’t let them touch her. Right from the start I thought that we didn’t need any, but it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

“Well then, have a safe trip.”

“Yeah, take care.”

Someone was looking at the town’s entrance from far away. Two adventurers had just left Kwimill. When the giant noticed that both of them were girls, his mouth warped into a grin.

“Oooh, it’s been a long time since a woman left town. I smell like piss…Oh well, that’s fine, so it’s time to play!”

The giant hiding in the woods stood up. He would stand out too much in the plains, so it wasn’t a good place to hide. Grundom was merely lurking in the woods and silently observing the town’s entrance. There are a lot of beginner adventurers at Kwimill, so it was an ideal hunting ground for him. Of course, he would stay hidden if the adventurers seemed skilled. He plays it safe since he doesn’t know how good they are. Grundom looks for beginners because they’re easy targets. Really, just for this reason.

“From the packs those two are carrying, they’re probably going to mine at the 4th floor of Avangard Cave. I’ll be going ahead to ambush them, so I should take the shortcut. Kukukukukuku!”

Even though he a brawny type that was good for hunting, he also had quite the brain. He started planning his ambush…

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