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Chapter 18 – Beginner Crusher Grundom 2


A *Bonk* resounded as the  was defeated. Roel was able to hit and fatally injure a . The first time I saw her do it was at level 2, so its natural she can do it now, but she seems more resolved. It’s obviously different from before. Compared to that dreadful ghost mansion, I wonder if it’s because the is cute. I think I get it.

“So, the 2nd floor isn’t that scary anymore!”

We went onwards as Roel said that, as if celebrating something. She was pretty happy. Behind me, I almost didn’t notice a bat flying towards us. I slapped it with my palm and watched it vanish, and I regained my attentive composure. (TL:それ をボク が平手 で 叩い て 消し飛ば し た のを見 て、 ようやく 我 に返っ た。)

“Just like a bug………..Ryua-chan, you really are strong.”

“Using my hand is easier since it’s quite troublesome to keep drawing my sword………….”

Returning to the room where Pablo had wanted us to get the spring water from, there was a small room just beyond it which lead down to the next floor. And thus, we arrived at the 3rd floor. If I remember correctly the quest’s goods should be on the 4th floor. It feels somewhat dusky here. This time we’re doing some mining for ore. It’s probably because of people going in and out frequently, but there were lights on the walls which was a relief. I was worried that the monsters here were going to be bothersome to beat. Compared to the 2nd floor, the passageway here is very spacious so it would be easy to fight with monsters here. Like on the 2nd floor, there were treasure boxes…but the items inside didn’t change much.

“We just need to follow the light, this seems pretty straightforward.”

“Yeah, but according to Kozow-san there are monsters that can poison us here, right…?”

【Killer Tail x3 appeared! HP:53】 A scorpion-like monster with a height up to about my waist appeared from inside the cave. They pointed its tail at us, there seems to be a poisonous needle on the tail. For 3 of these things to suddenly appear. The lower floors sure are more severe. And on top of its quick appearance, it has a long reach. The scorpion didn’t move from its spot, instead it extended its tail to stab me. I drew my sword and bent down to evade, from there I swung my sword in an arc. The tail was cleanly cut and fell on the ground. Without any delay I bisected all of them.

【Ryua attacked! Killer Tail received 382991 damage!】 【Killer Tail was defeated HP 0/53】

Just as I thought, using the sword is better. The sharpness of the iron sword is good…but the wing sword may have been faster to swing. It’s too late to worry about that, but when this quest is done Kozow said that I can get a better weapon. I need to work hard.

“Amazing, amazing! If it was me I couldn’t have dodged it.”

Roel clapped. The truth is I didn’t need to dodge, but I really didn’t like the needle so I ended up dodging.

“Just as I thought, we won’t be needing the antidotes.”

I thoroughly looked inside Roel’s tool bag. I thought antidotes would be good for an emergency, but I can probably handle hundreds of thousands of those monsters. (TL:  万が一の備えと思っていたけどこれじゃ万どころか億だ) After all, the danger level is just 10.

Advancing on, the passageways are so vast that there isn’t really any forked pathways. We arrived on the 4th floor without any difficulties. When we reached that place I sensed a strange presence.

“I wonder who’s here?”

“Eh, there was an adventurer that went in before us?”

“I think it’s different than an adventurer.”

“D-different? Then who…?”

All I felt was a leaking bloodthirst. It’s different from the way a monsters does it. No mistake, it was a human for sure. I don’t what that person is planning, but if you are coming for us then I will stand against you.

【Killer Tail appeared! HP:53】 【Transforming Frog appeared! HP:65】

I was worried about the bloodthirst, so I didn’t spare any time worrying about those monsters. I just slashed them as I passed by.

On the way there was a treasure box, but it was already opened. If I had to guess who took the treasure, it would be the person releasing the bloodthirst. I pretended not to notice as we arrived at the mining location. Using the mining set, we immediately started to work.

Behind us we heard a thundering roar and footsteps. *Thud* with that heavy sound it stood before us. Looking around, we were in a dead end of the mining spot. We were driven into a corner to confront the monster.

【Behemoth of Catastrophe appeared! HP:815】

It was a monster with a unique appearance. It had the body of a rhinoceros the head of an elephant. To us this passageway felt wide, but to this monster it would be cramped.

“Floor monster…!”

Roel was speechless. It was something Gantetsu taught us before while he was drunk: Floor Monster. I don’t how strong this guy is, and from the start adventurers just end up being this guy’s prey. I probably should’ve asked Gantetsu about this monster. It’s certainly strong, but this monster seems very similar to something I fought on the 2nd floor of the , they almost have the same appearance. I’m worried this guy might suddenly start rampaging, I should quickly dispose of it before that happens.

As I thought that, it keeled over raising a thundering roar as fell down. It didn’t twitch nor move, and behind the monster there was a big guy. The big guy smiled as he waved his hand that defeated the monster.

“You girls, you’re saved”

I wouldn’t be as tall as this man even if I doubled my height, while thinking that the big guy approached us. A smooth, shining head and thin moustache, the muscles of his body looks like they belonged on a monster.

“What are two girls like you doing this far in the dungeon? That was a pretty dangerous situation wasn’t it? From the 2nd floor onwards, adventurers who are over-confident in their skills challenge this guy and end up dying. Floor monsters are incomparably strong, don’t you agree?”

“Um, thank you very much for saving us.”

Roel lightly bowed and the big guy patted our heads. He moved his hands down and touched our shoulders.

“Then, leave all of your stuff here. Compared to your lives, it’s cheap right?”

As I thought, it’s like that. I understood immediately from his excessively confident expression and pressuring gentleness.

“T-hat is…wait a minute…”

“Wait a what now? Impossible, you don’t have anything to pay me back for saving you? Hmmm?”

“Is there any other way…?”

“Then, XXXX with this old man.”

“Eh, ah, what? What is that?”

There was a question mark floating above our heads.  I haven’t heard of whatever he was suggesting, but at the same time I also don’t know anything about stuff like that. Anyhow, I think this guy’s purpose was this from the start, I really don’t have to hold back. I seized the hand on my left shoulder.

“Oooh? Something wrong?” (TL: 「お、お? なんだなんだ?)」

My right hand looked like it belonged on a child compared to his hand, and the big guy just narrowed his mouth while watching me. Then I exerted a little strength onto his wrist.

“O-oooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!! A-a-agyaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”

The guy was on his knees screaming, he was desperately trying to remove my hand. I just let go of his hand and he unsteadily moved backwards.

“W-w-what was that?”

“What was what?” is what I want to reply. He was probably confused.

“For a kid to something like that to me, Grundom-sama?”

*fuuu-fuuu* he was blowing the hand that I seized earlier while looking my way. Grundom, so this is the guy. He was a good for nothing person, more so than I expected.

“So you are the Grundom. Why are you doing this?”

“Ho ho, so I’m not just a rumor anymore.”

“The guild person said that when the B class adventurers return they would immediately subjugate you.”

I glared at him who was staring at Roel with dirty eyes. His sweat slowly stopped forming, and finally the the pain on his hand started to recede. Grundom released his hand.

“Ku ku, like I care!”

While saying that he simultaneously headed towards Roel. He dashed at her, ignoring the fact that the cave floor was dangerous and protruding rocks littered the area. (TL:  突起 などで 歩き にくい 洞窟 の 地面 など 物ともしない 慣れた 動き でダッシュし てくる。) He planned to strike Roel with his log-like arm, but he was too slow. I sighed and then jumped between him and Roel, stopping his arm with one hand.


He just doesn’t learn, huh? Forgetting what happened before, the hand he was so proud of was injured again. Grundom was suffering as if he hit an iron pole.

“Once again, let’s hear it. Why are you doing this?”

“M-mind your own business!”

After all this happened, I’m not composed anymore and he was starting to get angry. He was breathing heavily and was clenching his teeth. Grundom once again tried to make a fist. He attempted to do a flurry of straight punches with both of his fists, though this time he ignored Roel and went for me. Left, right, back. I elegantly evaded them. I evade to the left and his arm hits the air. The wind from his punches made my hair slightly sway. No matter how many times he swung at me, he wasn’t even able to graze me. His face flushed like an octopus after he was done.

“Haaa, haaa haaa……..w-what the heck are you……..”

“I won’t lose to someone like you.”

“Just what the heck are you!?”

He was barking words at me and simultaneously came at me with his whole body. His punches won’t work on me, let alone a tackle. I stopped him with my right hand. It was like he was running towards an invisible wall and hit it but his feet just kept going. Being stopped, his body wasn’t moving at all but his feet were still moving like an engine.


He did an angry roar like a beast, threatening me. It was quite the ugly display. Without realizing his defeat or admitting he lost, he was desperately shouting.

“Bastard! Just what are you! Why is someone like you here in this shitty dungeon! Are you an A rank?!”

“Just recently I became C rank, you know.”

“Don’t lie to me!!”

“It wasn’t a lie. Here, look.”

I showed my Adventurer Card to Grundom. What he saw written there was the truth, up until now he was angry but right now he was quiet.

“It’s a lie……..”

Grundom dropped his arms down in astonishment. Roel was continuously holding on her staff. I was dumbfounded by all of this, and furthermore he continued to show denial.

“No matter how many times I have to ask, I will. Why are you doing this?”

“J-just leave me alone!”

He was out of breath and was exhaling and inhaling raggedly while he continued to be stubborn. Then he thought of an idea, he suddenly brandished the hands he had lowered before. It’s probably his trump card. It was just like my , tearing up the air while being terribly fast as it flew towards me. I drew my sword and released a light . Contact. Slowly, slowly, the force of both attacks were dispersed. In the end, my attack negated his attack. Though there was still some power left from my attack as it hit Grundom, and blood was gushing out.


Grundom collapsed onto the ground.

“Aha oops……….”

Hearing the really painful groan Grundom was making, Roel rushed over. Roel used  on him. I wonder if the pain lessened, Grundom opened his mouth.


“…does it still hurt?”

“Ow…it hurts…”

“Please don’t do something like this again.”

“Damn it…damn it!”

After being healed, he was scornfully glaring at Roel. Then tears came out from his eyes. For such a big adult to cry with some mucus coming out of his nose… He was mad until now, but he was like a different person while crying.

“I………as I thought this is just my limit!”

“You should’ve listened to what Ryua-chan was saying earlier. Why are you doing such things?”

“I hated it you know…the difference in ranks. We started at the same time and yet that guy became an A rank. We both did the quests, and that guy ranked up to A. In the end I was completely left behind. As time passed, one by one those guys raised from C to B and I was completely passed over…I thought I had reached my limit. I failed the A rank examination and became eternally a B rank, wandering aimlessly. I cannot beat an A rank monster like those guys, and even the lower ranked guys eventually passed me. It was mortifying…I was miserable…and after some thinking, I started crushing beginners. Those guys were filled with hope, those beginners will achieve great things…I’m jealous of them.”

It was as if I had cold water poured one me, listening to what Grundom talked about. (TL:  決壊して流れ込んできた水のようにグルンドムは語る。) I don’t understand what Grundom felt, but I still scolded him.

“Even I was weak from the start. Even so, I didn’t give up and made it this far. Even that old senile guy didn’t stop me.” (TL:おじさんみたいに八つ当たりもしなかった」)

“…do you know about the Level Cap?”

“Level Cap?”

It was the first time I heard anything about that.

Monster Book

【Killer Tail HP:53】

It’s a scorpion. It weakens its prey using a poison needle and eats them. It may look big, but pay attention to its long reach. Its speed isn’t as deadly as its range. It’s not scary as an opponent to a prepared adventurer. However, its dangerous if a group of them appears so being surrounded by them is really dangerous.

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