Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 23


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Chapter 23 – The Circumstances of the 3 Sisters Part 4

“Is Ryua-san going to be fine?”

“It’s Ryua-chan, even she would be fine at . Just relax and wait patiently.”

I rushed around the forest at the fastest speed I could muster, searching for Mi. I’ve been yelling out her name but there hasn’t been any reply. I had searched the entire but was unable to find her. It may have turned into a worst-case scenario where we wandered into the …since it’s directly next to this forest it’s not an impossibility. and …the is a deeper forest than this one. Since tall trees grow there, the deep forest is just like a jungle. I had passed through the once before. My trek from the to Kwimill had me run through it. Back then I hadn’t know that place had such a name. This place…it would be apt to say it had a dark atmosphere to it. I wonder why Mi separated from us? Better yet, how did nobody notice? It’s too late to worry about it now…but no matter how much I search I haven’t been able to find her. I jumped from branch to branch in the trees to search for her.

I realized that I had stepped on something when I landed on one of the branches. I looked below me, only to see a long neck. A large body began to stand up in front of me. Trying to look like it was scrubbing something off, it shook its head.

【Poison Salamander appeared! HP:1520】

I remembered the time when something like this guy came from Bear Forest to the Strange Plains.

“This time, just be obedient and stay in this forest.”

It’d be troublesome to draw my sword so I just kept moving while trying to shake it off. It was mowing down the trees while raising a fierce roar as it chased after me. Just how tenacious is this monster? Right then, I had a flashback in my memories.

It was during my trip to Kwimill. Just like I had done now, I stepped on something. Even back then, I thought it troublesome and kept moving while trying to lose whatever was following me. I remember what Gantetsu had said about it. ‘The is a tenacious monster that won’t forget a grudge’. …No way. That was my fault? I’m positive I lost the creature…even those large lizards must lose prey here and there. I wonder how many of them gave up chasing me…

While I was thinking, the had caught up and swung its leg at me.

【Poison Salamander attacked!】 【Ryua received no damage!】

Before the Salamander could step on me I hurled its body and stood up in one smooth motion, continuing my train of thought and movement.

【Poison Salamander was defeated! HP:0/1520】

…it was my fault that those people were killed?

No, that’s impossible. That can’t be right. Roel would believe me. Of course she would, she approached me even though I was different from the other adventurers. (TL: ボク以外の冒険者だって来るはずだ。) I’m not wrong…am I?

I started feeling dizzy, and I can’t find Mi anywhere. What should I do? How can I find her? If something happened to her, the other two sisters will…


I shouted from the bottom of my stomach. My throat hurts from all this yelling.

【Steel Bear appeared! HP:831】

“Shut up!”

I swung a single fist at the stomach of the bear. Its upper body disappeared and only the lower half remained.

【Steel Bear was defeated! HP:0/831】

I shouldn’t be wasting my time with these things, not now. I need to increase my pace of searching this forest.

“If you can hear me, please answer!”

///3rd Person & Mi’s Perspective///

Before I had realized it, I was in the deeper part of the forest. The atmosphere…is different than before. The thick trees were so tall it looked like they reached the sky and the leaves are layered so heavily that the surroundings were dark.

Right from the start I was opposed to my beloved sisters becoming adventurers. It was dangerous for me to be alone at the house, so in the end I was permitted to come with them. (TL:  家で一人でいると物騒な事もあるという事で最終的には許された。) I was somehow able to use recovery magic from birth, that’s why I became a healer.

Mi felt that she was totally neglected. She wasn’t able to fulfill her role and both of her sisters were all over Ryua and Roel…it wasn’t pleasant to Mi.

Her heart wasn’t happy that her sisters had been stolen from her. She separated wordlessly from the group for that reason. But before she had realized it, she was in this forest.

Dreadful monsters lurked in this forest. Mi eventually came to realize the situation she was in. If she was found by a monster here in the , she would lose her life. She was consumed by fear and become unable to talk.

【Hellbear appeared! HP:1430】

As she stepped on a dry branch, it made a loud cracking sound that drew a monster many times her mass right in front of her. Saliva was spilling from its mouth, it wasn’t going to let this girl escape.

The bear brought its arm down on the girl who wasn’t moving, but before it made contact the bear stopped. It immediately retreated into the forest. The little girl, frightened beyond belief, ran the opposite way. She thought that she was saved, but that only lasted a moment as she heard something similar to a vibration in the air. Trembling as she looked back, there was a shadow. No, not a shadow, it’s whole body was black. To the little girl, it was like a mountain. The shining, golden eyes of the shadow looked directly at Mi. This wasn’t just a monster…Mi understood that much. That bear from  earlier had seen this and ran. She had thought she heard a cry as it disappeared into the trees…

appeared! HP:5046】

This , rather than calling it the king of the bears, dictator suits it better. There were traces that it was recently hunting since its claws were dyed with red.

Mi, controlled by fear, couldn’t run away. Something warm was streaming down her thighs. Mi was unable to stand any longer and fell on her rear.


Mustering out her courage she raised a voice.

—-‘you need to make sure that your sisters can hear your voice, okay?’

For some reason the words of Roel resounded in her head. If she raised her voice, who knows who might hear it. Even if she wanted to talk about something, her words never came out and it was frustrating. “I want to talk with everyone…” She didn’t want to die in such place. Mi opened her mouth and made a very loud shout.


Just before ended her life, something jumped in front of her and the arm of the bear was slashed.

///Ryua’s Perspective///

While raising my sword overhead, I realized I was looking at the ruler of the forest. I was able to save the little girl behind me. Nobody would want to die in a place like this, it would fill them with regret. As long as Mi is alive, the sisters can keep smiling.

“It’s going to be okay.”

While looking forward I tried to encourage Mi. didn’t raise a cry, rather it just silently glared at me and then charged with both of its arms. (TL: 暴王は雄叫びをあげる事もなく、ただ静かにボクの体を両腕でさばこうと行動を開始した。) I feel like this monster is on a different level than what I’ve fought here before. It’s probably the floor monster.

“Let’s leave this forest quickly.”

I slashed 2,3 times. As I swung my sword against , its body separated into 3 equal parts. I figured its pelt would be expensive material so I tried to leave as much as possible intact.

【Ryua attacked! received 243319 damage!】 【 was defeated! HP:0/5046】

I was going to call Mi and give her peace of mind knowing the beast was dead, but I found her already clinging to me, tears flowing.


“Even if you hate me, I will still protect you. I don’t want any of you sisters making such a sad face.”

“I don’t…hate…you.”

Her words were fragmented as she cried. I slowly picked up on what she was trying to say. With her small and fragile body, I felt enveloped in a tender feeling.

“Hmmm, are you here to discuss taking a loan?”

“Hey, Gametts-san, there are many people being treated unfairly by you. ‘I came here to pass judgement’ is what I came to discuss.

“Hoho~, no way. Is this a dangerous request from the guild?”

“No, this is a personal matter. The guild didn’t have anything to do with this.”

“Hou~, adventurers are just people who fight, it seems.”

Gametts leaned back and sunk into his soft chair, looking a the A rank adventurer before him like he was nothing.

“A rank and a dragon hunter, was it?”

【Siegel Lv: 66Class: Dragon HunterRank: A】

“Ah~, so you are that famous Dragon Hunter. I never thought that I’d be able to meet you. Anyways, money that has been borrowed has to be returned, isn’t that natural? How can you call that unfair?”

“There is a family that shed tears because of your actions. That alone is enough.”

“Well, this talk isn’t really going anywhere. So, do you have any evidence?”

“I only need to look for you and arrest you.” (TL:  それはおまえをふんじばってから探すさ)

“You are quite the fool, going so far for something like this…you really are an idiot. Did you come here thinking I would just give up? Zangiri!”

“……….is it fine to kill him?”

Beside Gametts was a man, his body swaying like it was a mirage. His hair was messy and didn’t look like it had been washed in a while, giving an unclean impression. His kimono was open down to his chest, it seems he really doesn’t care about how he looks.

“Are you his bodyguard? You sure have the atmosphere of one.”

Zangiri slowly drew his weapon.

A vacuum of wind slashed at Seigel, he was completely unprepared for it. (TL: 真空の刃としか思えない斬撃が縦にセイゲルを襲った。) Moon Ring blade, a weapon from a foreign country. It was like an invisible ring. It had a rhythm of 2,3,4 as it sliced, cornering Seigel. He couldn’t avoid the attack very well and his chest was bleeding, but it wasn’t a big deal.

——this guy is dangerous.

After fighting many formidable enemies, Siegel can judge an opponent’s strength. This ill-mannered person in front of him has killed too many people. That technique just now was aiming for the vitals. Those attacks couldn’t even be dodged by a hair. His armor has cuts all over it and blood was leaking from his chest.

“Burst Braver!”

He swung his big sword towards Zangiri, but since the room is small he only did a light chain explosion. Actually, Gametts had already escaped from the room, not that there was a room now as it was blown to pieces. There was a scream amid the explosions, but Siegel didn’t care anymore. He can’t go easy on this opponent. Not taking this villain seriously would be a mistake. That was proven to be true, as there was something like an explosion and Zangiri was right in front of him. (TL: その証拠に、そんな爆発など目の前に起こってなかったといわんばかりに間合いを一瞬で詰められた。) ‘So that’s what instant movement is’, he thought at that moment.

As if Zangiri was drawing a crescent moon with his weapon, it passed through Siegel’s body. Blood began gushing like a fountain up into the sky, it looked like cherry petals falling.

“Even an ally of justice…sometimes…gets defeat…ed…”

As Siegel lost consciousness he saw Zangiri staring at him with a blank expression on his face.

Monster Book


This monstrous bear has a physique many times larger than a Hellbear. It won’t emit any noise as it assaults monsters and invaders in its forest, leaving them barely alive. It’s said that this beast savors the first-rate fear the victims experience as it does this.

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