Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 25


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Chapter 25 – The Circumstances of the 3 Sisters Part 6

“Now since today is the promised date, I would like to receive the quota payment.”

Gametts had brought along his rather repugnant men to the residence of the sisters, Beside him was Zangiri who seem to be looking at the empty sky.


“Fumufumu~, well let me just confirm…let’s see here. Oh? Ai-san, this isn’t enough.”

“N-no way?! Take another look!  With the interest it was supposed to be precisely 5000G!”

“No no, 5000G is not nearly enough, you know.”

“But we had talked about it before! The monthly quota should be 5000G right!?”

Gametts forced a sigh while the sisters glared at him.

“You need to remember that you haven’t been able to meet the quota before, and it was added onto this payment to make up for the loss. In short, the interest went up by 5%. You understand now, right?”

“But Gametts-san, you extended the settlement date yourself…and there was no mention in the contract! Why did it suddenly change now?”

“That’s right, no such thing was written there!”

Mai started to get angry and prepared to enter battle with the men in front of her. They just sneered at her and Mai’s intuition told her to stop. She got goosebumps and stepped back.

“About that…I shouldn’t have to explain why, you should understand.”

“I totally disagree. If that was the case then why wasn’t it written in the contract?” (TL: 「納得いきません。それならば契約書にそう記しておくのが道理です」)

“Quota, interest. All of them were written there. Please don’t misunderstand and then try to justify yourself. Now, hand over the payment. The total quota for this month is 23250G.”

“That’s fraud!!!”

“That’s what I should say to you. If your parents had done their job properly two years ago and escorted us, my lovely subordinate wouldn’t have died. Boasting about being capable and then failing so is a cruel thing.”


The 2 of them kept silent. Due to the debt they owed to the Gametts firm, both parents accepted the quest to be the bodyguard of Gametts to repay their loans. The heavy burden those two had been carrying was now being dropped onto their daughter’s shoulders. (TL: 二重の責務が重くのしかかり、今日に至る。)

“I’ve been looking over you like a guardian up until now, but I can’t wait for these payments anymore. You three are going to pay with your bodies. Hey!”

Gametts instructed his men. The men rapidly moved and started to seize the sisters.


The men pinned down Mi and bullied Mai.

“Please leave my younger sisters alone! I’ll do anything! Please!”


Ai was prostrating herself to Gametts who was staring at her suspiciously.

“Now that I think about it, aren’t the sisters paying the quota today?”

“Mm. I wonder if we were able to help them out enough.”

Quite a distance from our abode was the house of the sisters. Every morning we would go to their house and travel together to the guild. It’s only been 5 days since that started, but it’s now a routine for us.

In front of the house we found Mi and Mai crying. At a glance you wouldn’t know what happened, but I was able to take a guess.

“Mai-chan, Mi-chan! Hey, what happened?”

“Onee-chan is…Onee-chan…in exchange for us…”

“What happened to Ai?”

I suddenly noticed that Ai was the only one not here. I don’t know why, but it definitely had to do with the Gametts Firm. I was boiling up just imaging their motive.

“Why…this is different from what we were told…”

From within me something was boiling and starting to flow out.

“No more…just what did we do to deserve this…Onee-chan…Onee-chan…”

Their tears fell onto the stone paving and the ground sucked them right up as if they never fell. It’s almost like the sisters were the tears that weren’t able to reach their sister who was taken away.

“This is so cruel…just how many of those payments were left…”

Roel was clenching her teeth. She was grasping her staff so tightly you could see blood trickling down.

“I will do something about this. For sure. Please, be at ease you two…”

I grasped Mai’s hand  and firmly vowed.

“Ryua…san, save onee-chan…”

Mai’s disheveled hair was swaying and her face was a mess from the tears. So, it seems Gametts drove the sisters into a corner to break the rules. That brush beard planned it to be this way from the start.

“Ryua-chan, we need to go quickly…”

“Roel, wait here.”

“No, please-”

“Wait. Here.”

After the second time Roel fell silent. I was surprised that I could be this cold to her. I wonder if Seigel felt like this…and then he was defeated. I’m sure he regretted it. That brush beard……..no Zangiri. That man is extremely strong, but I don’t care.

“Fufufufu……….Ai-san, you don’t have to be that disappointed. As long as you’re here I will give you anything you want.”

Gametts’ own room and office room. There was the pelt of a beast as a carpet, on the oblong desk there was a glass skull with pens stuck in it, and directly beside that was a fully spread out feather mattress king-sized bed. Ai had been sitting in the middle of it since she walked into the room and hung her head the whole time.

“Were you worried I would sell you off to someone? No, no, who would ever sell such a prize.”

“Especially a cute girl like you.” he added as he looked at Ai, his eyes like a snake looking at a mouse. Ai’s body flinched and she backed off. Gametts was on all fours and slowly cornering Ai.

“That, that is…”

“Didn’t you say you would do anything? Or were you lying? Should I call my men to get the two I left behind?”

“Please stop!…stop…”

“If that’s the case then listen to what I say.”

Gametts once again drew near to Ai. As he put his hands on Ai’s shoulders she flinched out of reflex.

“Be obedient. If you react like that again…you understand right?”


“Your parents are already dead. I would know, since I killed them.”


“Oops~” was all he said said as he covered his mouth with his hand. It wasn’t that big of a mistake since it probably would have become known to her anyway. Gametts once again became talkative.

“Just now, what…?”

“Ah geez!  For me to slip up like that…well, its fine. Both of your parents, they were frantically protecting me. That’s what you’ve thought up till now, right? If I let the death of my subordinate become the fault of your parents, I was sure that you girls would forever be burdened as the children of those two. Then all of you would forever be my slaves, it was a plan like that.”


“No, it’s the truth. I was the one that killed my 2 subordinates, the monster was merely a means to an end. But something unexpected happened. The beast aimed at my subordinates and your mother blocked the monster’s attack. She was fatally wounded and because of the shock your father stopped and became the victim to the monster as well. I don’t think you knew about all that, did you? Ah, you are wondering what happened to me? I may look like this, but I trained hard, you know? Because fighting monsters was quite troublesome I just randomly employed a bodyguard. At any rate, in this job there dangerous people going after you at all times. The thought of being hunted hasn’t crossed your mind yet, right? Hey, are you still listening?”

Ai was at loss for words. A faint tear ran down her face, and quickly the amount increased.

“You demon…then, from the start we…”

“You cute sisters will forever be my play thi…oops, slaves. If you become one it’s a smaller price to pay. You’re good, but your younger sisters are also very cute. Especially…Mi, was it? I will make sure I pour her full with lots of my love. Hihihihihihihihihi~!”

“You brute…!”

Ai was in a rage, humiliated, and full of grief, She didn’t understand why her parents had to die for something like that. She wants to kill the pig in front of her right now, but she was powerless. Even now she was unable to speak.

“You of course are also a fine quality thing…you’ll grow into a splendid adult for sure. A bountiful chest, my hand for sure will…hihihihi!”

“Someone save me…save me…”

A sound reverberated through the room as the door was being smashed on. But when Gametts turned to face the door, it wasn’t there anymore. It had been smashed into pieces. Being the owner of the room, he was sure that noise had to be the door.

As I was grasping a guy by his neck, I saw Gammets and Ai on top of the bed. It was good that I made it in time, this guy I had in my hand was groaning.

“G-Gametts-san…run aw-”

Before he was able to finish talking I threw him out in the corridor. “Gweeh!” he made such a miserable voice as he hit the wall. It seems he fainted. Gametts wasn’t too surprised, given the situation. He was able to find something agreeable in this situation and then he looked at me while bowing.

“You, certainly we met each other once. I remember 5 days ago, you were at the house of the sisters when we visited. I see, you posses such skills at such a young age.”

“Get away from Ai-san.”

“Fuun, that was quite a crude impression, you know. You just broke in here, how rude can you be?”

Gametts looked like he was evaluating me as he looked at me from top to bottom. It feels disgusting. It wasn’t nice being looked at like that. (TL: 気持ち悪い、そうとしかいいようがなかった。)

“Ai-san, this way.”

Ignoring Gametts, I pulled her hand. Suddenly a man appeared beside the door and as expected even Gametts was surprised.


In the corner of the room, Zangiri who was called finally started to show some movement. However I knew from the start he had been there. When I entered the room I was able to feel a man glaring at me. It was an inquisitive, detestable stare.

“I have a proposal, I want to fight that girl outside. Otherwise the important place where you work will be destroyed again.”

“D-do whatever you want. Now Ai-san, come this way.”

Just as he was about to reach her I smashed his hand.


“Ai-san, I will guarantee your safety if you come with me.”

I ignored Gametts’s scream, and he thrust out a demand. No, it wasn’t a demand but rather an order. For this scoundrel to try and compromise in this situation, I really hate this person.

“Za-za-zangiri! What are you doing?! Hurry, hurry up and kill that girl!”

“It looks like that girl wants to go out…but if that’s the case then this place will become a battlefield.”

“Who cares! KILL HER!!!”

In the same instant he was ordered, Zangiri released a vacuum of blades. His blade was rotating while aiming for my vital parts. I immediately understood something: This guy isn’t strong.

If this guy went to the , I think that huge 4-headed dog could defeat him. …Never mind, that monster was just a low class floor monster. What a foolish idea, thinking this guy could be that dangerous.

I’ve changed since I left those caves. I still don’t mind being hit but now I think ‘if I take blows then my clothes will get torn, which means we’ll need to spend more money’…in an instant I was in front of Zangiri who couldn’t react at all.

I grasped his head and smashed it into the floor. The wooden flooring was utterly destroyed, and from Zangiri’s head a large amount of blood was pooling.


I don’t plan on killing him, but I want him to lie down for a bit. My business isn’t with him. I leisurely walked over to Gametts who was shaking out of fear.

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