Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Now to the outside world!

“Ryua-chan what do you want to become when you grow up?” “An adventurer!” “Eh, it’s dangerous. There are a lot of demons that have killed many humans, papa said so.” “But it’s more boring staying in the village, you know.”

I stood up from where i was sitting and threw a stone horizontally, then it sank in the river.I had tried to let it skip over the water surface, but failed. Kurinka-chan sitting next to me didn’t seem to notice, she continued speaking to me without caring about it.  Her blonde, silken hair fluttered in the wind.

“Really? If that’s the case I wonder if me and Ryua-chan can be adventurers together” “Didn’t you yourself just say it’s dangerous?” “I think you’ll be fine if I go with you.”

The sunset was shining upon the center of the water’s surface. We would talk with each other before dinner like this every day. Afterwards we would respectively return home to eat a meal and sleep on a warm bed.

The houses in the village were being dyed with red. The wooden walls crumbling from the flames. The heat from the fires scorching the earth. The skewered villagers who had fought with clubs or sickles. The monsters I had never seen before. I cried and screamed. Father, Mother, Kurinka. I did nothing but run to escape. An extremely ugly monster showed up and stood in my way. When the monster was about to brandish his weapon, its arm suddenly went flying.

“Hurry!! Run!!”

A travelling swordsman that has stopped by the village a short while ago saved me in the end. While I was cowering, I was urged many times by the swordsman to run away.

“There is no need to worry! I will save them all!”

Thinking back, I believed his words so I was determined to escape. When I was running, at that moment I looked back and saw that spectacle.

A one winged demon and the swordsman were. . . . . .

I woke up when I heard the sound of the stream. I wiped off the tears that were on my face and gradually I came to my senses. At the moment I left the cave, the fatigue that was plaguing me dissipated. Thanks to an item at the lowest floor, I was able to return instantly so I was not tired. When I defeated the King of Destruction, a treasure box appeared with an unusual ribbon inside it. That demon, protecting something like this? It makes me laugh a little thinking about it. Who knows what kind of effect it has but for now I don’t know.

“I finally get to depart from this place?”

It is very hard for a human to reach this dungeon which is surrounded by many tall mountains, and it also has 100 underground floors. After approaching it I felt a mysterious, peculiar atmosphere. I wonder how I was able to bear going to such place when I was a child, the more I think about it the less I understand.

“First of all I have to get out of this place, let’s start moving.”

I started with a light jog, running past the trees. On the way i jumped off a cliff, and landing on a slope I earnestly run forward. At that moment, something black jumped out from the bushes.

【Hellbear appeared!】

As I thought, there are monsters all over the outside world. But it’s not scary at all, such a thing is probably from around the 10th floor that I already fought through.

【Hellbear swung its big arm!】

I stopped it with one hand. At this level a weapon is not necessary. As I made my left hand into a fist, I expressed my sympathy to the bear monster.

【Ryua attacked! Hellbear received 3022 damage!】

【Hellbear HP 0/1430】

The bear fell from where it stood with a loud thud. Still, I wonder if it was a weak monster.

【Hellbear was defeated!】 【Ryua received 2096 experience!】

“I’m in good condition. . . . I think?”

I tried cracking my fingers and my neck. After this lets go somewhere, perhaps I can try searching for a place where people live. For now I need to cross over this mountain. Along the way, no matter how many monsters attacked I ignored them and ran away. While there were some that chased after me, none were able to catch up with my pace.

“I wonder if I became stronger since the monsters in this area are not a big deal… Now which way to go?”

I’ve been running continuously for 2 hours. When I originally crossed the mountain I passed through a forest, and under a cliff was a wide grassland with a town in the distance. I was covered in a pleasant breeze blowing towards me, it was like I was being blessed by it. I ran down the cliff at once, I can see a town in sight. What should I do first when I arrive at the town? First of all I should return to the village. I don’t even want to remember what happened, but I want to make a grave for father and mother. And, if possible, it would be good if there are any clues regarding the one-winged demon.

The town has houses made of brick in a line, it was more developed than the village where I lived. I see an old woman carrying fruits over her head, a man and a woman having an enjoyable chat while walking. There’s an old guy carrying a really massive axe and an old man with a walking stick. The town is overflowing with many, many people.

I haven’t seen such a thing before. Now that I have grown, I didn’t know what I should do and I was puzzled. Because I haven’t spoken in a long time, I don’t know what to say or how to properly speak. While I was busy being flustered, someone bumped against my back.

“You’ll be a hindrance if you just stand there, can you get out of the way?” “eh. . .ah . . . so-sorry”

I haven’t talked for a very long time, and now I feel overwhelmed. However, no matter how long I wait I won’t reach a conclusion by myself. I gave up thinking and tried asking the person walking by about the location of the village.

“Um, do you know which way Ikana village is?” “Huh?”

I saw a man with white eyes carrying a wood on his shoulder. He said he was too busy to talk and then he continued walking. On the contrary, somehow I felt like I was being stared at.

“I wonder if i said anything weird?”

The next person I asked did not know. And another, I still received the same response.

“Wh-what should i do?”

While I was standing there worried, I overheard someone else.

“First of all we should go to the adventurers guild” “I wonder if there are any good quests, the dungeons here were conquered a long time ago”

Adventurer, dungeon. After hearing those interesting words, I went after them.


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