Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 28


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Chapter 28 – Crossing the Kizel Canyon! Part 2

“A-a match?”

“Yeah~, I want to have a duel.”

“But, if you die…”

“You can do that to me?”

The smile disappeared from Seigel’s face.

“We don’t have to be serious, we can use these.”

Saying that, Seigel picked up two branches that fell down from a nearby tree.

“Just stop before you make contact and it should be fine. First person to say “I give up” loses the match.”

Seigel was dangling the branch towards me, gesturing for me to take it. I want to sleep already and this is just bothersome…but he has a pretty serious expression and atmosphere. I don’t think he’ll let me sleep until I do what he wants.

“If it’s just a little then it should be fine.”

“Okay~, so then how about going over there?”

We moved away from where Roel and Cynthia were sleeping, readied our stances, and faced each other.

“You can come at me whenever you want.”

Seigel provoked me with his arm. I could try to stop just before I hit him, but what if the wind pressure does something? While I was contemplating that, Seigel ran out of patience and attacked first. He thrust his branch at my chest. I can’t think of his weapon as just a wood branch with this much intensity. I evaded the thrust from Seigel’s stick by pulling back, and as the distance closed I thrust my stick at him. I didn’t plan on putting much strength into it but the wind pressure still ended up crushing his windpipe.


“I-I’m very sorry!”

“*cough*…don’t apologize, it’s fine. I give up.”

Seigel brought up both of his arms signalling his surrender.

“That katana-bastard also defeated me.”

Seigel was scratching his head when he said that. We looked at the cliff and spoke to each other, shrouded by the darkness of the night.

“Ryua, that was really amazing. With that much strength you can do anything you want. But I have a warning for you.”

Seigel paused for a while and took a deep breath.

“Losing at least once is something you should experience. There are some people that never know that frustration and when they finally experience it, they break. This world is wide, and you should experience all it has to offer. Take a journey, observe things.”

“It didn’t only happen once, you know.”

Even I was surprised about the anger welling up in me. I wasn’t about to forgive Seigel’s insensitive speech. I quickly faced him and saw him looking at me, fear in his eyes.

“The in the beat me over and over and I cried many times. Just when I thought I finally won against it I was attacked by a bat and lost. I was defeated over and over and over until I could win, and then I was ambushed by a large spider who spun his web around me and I barely escaped only to run into a large dog with 4 heads. I can’t even remember how many times I lost. It was mortifying and I cried a lot of times without anyone to comfort me. I was alone that whole time. Fighting and fighting even though I was constantly beaten. I never want to lose anymore. This power that I have, I will keep using it to win. Are you still going to say, after hearing all of that, that I should lose to experience it?”

Seigel said nothing for a short while. What was he thinking? He avoided my gaze and looked at where the sun was rising.

“Please, forgive me.”

Seigel was prostrating himself. I didn’t think he would end up going that far to apologize.

“Please forgive my thoughtless speech. I said it because I wanted you to understand anguish. I won’t do something like hurting your pride again.”

“N-no you don’t have to go that far…”

“This is how it should be.”

Seigel maintained his position, unmoving. I faced towards the the coach, even I feel bad like this. Turning back to him, he was still preserving his position.

“Uh that…I forgive you, so…”


He raised his head to me and confirmed it twice. After it was all sorted he went to bed. If a monster shows up I will deal with it. It seems he believes in me, I can hear him snoring from here. He was noisy and pushing with his leg, but I noticed a small smile float onto his face. Roel and Cynthia were still sleeping soundly, their breathing was deep. ‘What am I supposed to do if Seigel’s snoring interferes with me sensing a monster…’, I was thinking this with a few expletives mixed in. I forced myself to sleep.

“Roel, can this be eaten?”

“Eat, eat! *munch* *munch*”

Cynthia seems to enjoy giving us food, almost like she was feeding pets, No matter what we ate it looked like it was interesting for her. The confections she had been holding were already reduced to about half.

“Here, aa~~hn!”

“*munch* *munch*”

“Please do “aa~~hn” for me too!”

“Pay attention to where we’re going.”

The give and take continued with monsters sometimes appearing. They weren’t a big deal so I found myself dozing off here and there.

appeared! HP:73】 【 appeared! HP:49】 【 appeared! HP:42】

The kept escaping into the sky where the ’s flame couldn’t reach. Roel was clearly mad about this since she was shaking and waving her staff at it. I jumped into the air to defeat it, but Roel was just glaring with bulging cheeks. Seigel enthusiastically dealt with the other two monsters, even using a technique to attack them.”Concentrate on the Coach!” you could hear Cynthia scolding Seigel.

“Ryua-chin, you really are strong!”

“Really…?  mugya!”

She had been embracing me like this a lot during our journey. Roel saw this, and not wanting to lose hugged me tighter.

“I used on you so you should be fine, right?

Even though I wasn’t injured, Roel had used on me. The bird meat keeps being snatched, but no one knows who’s been stealing it. Is the why the bird meat always ends up being like that?

“It seems like we’ll be able to reach the canyon’s midway point today, so we’ll be stopping at the Kizel Lodge tonight.”

“Oh right! I forgot something like that existed here. It’s pretty expensive though.” (TL: 「そうそう! この渓谷の存在価値っていったらそのくらいだもの!」)

“Kizel Lodging, is it? Does such a place exist here?”

“For sure. There’s also a hot spring! The manager is a reitred A rank adventurer so you can rest easy knowing there’s no problems even if a floor monster appears!”

“Even though some adventurers retire…being one is too fun for me. I don’t want to stop.”

I don’t know of anything fun to do besides being an adventurer. I don’t know how others feel about it, but going with Roel to the inn sounds a little tempting. Okay, really tempting.

“Kizel Lodge is just out of the danger zone at the midway point, but due to that the price is higher than usual.”

“It’s another one of the [Adventurer’s 7 Mysteries], for some reason most monsters won’t attack towns. Isn’t that convenient? Ryua-chin, what do you think?”(TL: maybe we should start listing the mysteries)

It seems Cynthia is ok with that reasoning. She was shaking me to get an answer but I can’t really give her one since I don’t know much about those ‘mysteries’. Most monsters don’t attack towns? Then why did my village get destroyed? Just thinking about it makes me boil with anger.

“The way to the Imperial Capital sure is harsh…travellers must be pretty serious about getting there.”

It seems Roel was able to guess what I had been thinking and changed the subject,

“If the floor monster wasn’t here then even a C rank adventurer’s party would be able to get through. They’d be able to escort people across this canyon.”

Gantetsu aside, how did Tolppo cross the canyon? I’m not saying she is unskilled, but 2-3 opponents should be difficult for her.

“You can put the monsters here to sleep but there are a lot of other ways to deal with them”

Seigel’s explanation makes sense. I didn’t think of using magic in this area at all.

“Thing is, the big monkey floor monster is really dangerous. If a C rank party met up with it they would need to retreat at full speed. It’s a reckless thing to challenge, but many have still done so and lost their lives to it.

Seigel’s voice lowered at the last part, regarding the adventurers dying.

“Ri~ght Ri~ght, we weak citizens need the help of you Adventurers to pass through here.”

“When the times comes I’ll ride in like a prince on a white horse. Er, brown horse in this case.”

“Pay attention to the front.”


Seigel had turned around to show us his white smile but ended up being scolded again by Cynthia. She seems to be really strict with Seigel but gentle towards Roel and myself.

We let the coach run for the day, the scenery around us didn’t change much until a signboard appeared.

“Oh, we finally reached Kizel Lodging!”

Beside the signboard was a stone path leading somewhere. There was a building made out of wood with a triangle roof, it seems there will be enough space for the coach to fit.(TL: like a parking spot I think) We stopped our coach in the building and noticed all the other coaches there. It seems there are others who arrived before us.

“We’re finally~ here! The food they have is delicous you know! For example, the with teriyaki sauce! Ah~ I can’t take it, I’m drooling just thinking about it!”

Is it by chance the same kind of bird we defeated on the way here? It didn’t look appetizing, but seeing Cynthia like this makes me think otherwise.

“I’m tired after all that. I’ll do the check-in so you girls should enjoy the hot springs to your heart’s content.”


Cynthia and Roel quickly entered the lodging without hesitation.

“They sure are lively…looking at them reminds me of when I was young and spry like them.”

“If you’re that envious of them why not just go back to active duty, Owner?”

Looking at him, you wouldn’t have been able to tell he was a military type of man in his prime. He may have been amazing when he was still active as an adventurer, just like Kozow.

“All I can manage to do on my own now is drive away monsters. It’s quite lonely as of recent since they’re avoiding me.”

“Just as one would expect from the Bloom. Still going as strong as before.”

“I think you’re the only young’un that knows that name. In reality I’m just running a lodging house, and nobody knows that I was an adventurer before this, you know?”

“Isn’t that sad though? The ignorance of the innocent and the sin of illiteracy…not even knowing the greatness of their predecessors or how splendid they were as adventurers.”

“Is that girl there also an adventurer? Aren’t you a little young to become an escort partner?”

Bloom looked at me and laughed peacefully. I wonder if this person is still strong? …I wonder what that means?

“Don’t take out the fruit from before, ok?” (TL:「オレは熟れる前の果実には絶対手を出さない」)

“Sure, sure. The room you’re expecting for 3 people is this one here.”

“Ah~, if I’m in the same room as them my life would be in danger. Also, Ryua, you don’t have to be here you know. How about going to to the hot springs?”

I’ve been doing nothing but watching their exchange, but it doesn’t seem like I’m needed here. I chased after the other two who were going to the hot spring.

“Ah! Your room is number 013!”

I, no, we were saved from any embarassing moments by Seigel. (TL: うっかりしていたボク、いやボク達にセイゲルの心遣いは助かる。) On the way there I saw a break room where a bunch of adventurers were relaxing. They were happily chatting with each other and showing off their adventurer cards to each other. I stopped for a moment and took a peek. It may have just been me, but one of the adventurers looks rather suspicious… I decided to leave before I said anything.

“Haaa~, this is paradise…”

“Bathing in an open air bath is so refreshing…”

“Other than the one in Roel’s room, this is the first time I entered an open-air bath.”

It’s a bathtub with rocks around it and you can see a superb view while seated. The canyons and mountains streched into the distance. It was my first time seeing nature in such a grand way. With the steam rising up into the open air, there was a very unique atmosphere.

“Are Ryua-chin and Roel-chin living together?”

“Yeah, it’s because I don’t have a home.”

“Is~ that~ so~? Suspicious~”

She had impish smile on her face…I wonder what she meant by suspicous? Cynthia glanced between Roel and I.

“Roel-chin’s growth is great whereas Ryua-chin’s nourishment seems to have gone to her battle strength instead of her chest, am I right?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“It’s this! This object!”

Cynthia poked Roel’s chest with her finger.


“Ooh, such a nice reaction~”

This time she grabbed Roel’s breast. It have been because Roel has been in the bath for so long, but her face was turning red.

“Just what good are they being big? When you fight they’re just a hindrance.”

“Ah, yeah, Ryua-chin you can stay as you are, they’re perfect.”

It seems like both of theirs are bigger than mine. I’m not jealous of that though. I don’t know why Cynthia is so enamored by chests.

“Also I forgot to thank you for the jelly. Because of you guys I was able to sell a lot of .”

“Is that so? I wanted to try some…”

“It’s not a sweet you know? It’s a recovery item that costs around 400G each.”

“Four hundred?!”

I’m not Roel but this time I slipped that line. Saying that one cost 400G…it’s more expensive than my iron sword. I wonder just what its effects are?

“Just one is enough to fully restore your stamina and magical power. I also wanted to try some but it’s just too expensive.”

“If it’s you two, I don’t mind giving each of your one after we reach the Imperial Capital~”

“Really? I’ll do my best!”

“Hey hey! Work hard anyways! The escort reward is completely separate you know!”

Cynthia looked like she was waving her finger as she approached me. I had expected it to happen, but blood was already rushing to my head. ‘We should get out soon’ is what I was going to say, but…

appeared! HP:73】

“Geeh~?! This guy is a peeping tom! A pervert! Both of you, kill it! Kill it!”

“B-b-but I didn’t bring my fire rod…”

“Fight naked~!”


“No! That’s indecent!”

Just as I was about to stand on the rock Roel pulled me by my arm.


“Ryua-chan, you are also a girl you know!”

“Fine! I understand! !”

【Ryua cast ! 】 【 received 123742 damage!】 【 was defeated! HP:0/73】

The monkey was swallowed by a ball of lightning and not even a speck of dust was left behind.

“So Ryua-chin can also use magic…you’re way too strong to be a C rank.”

“Roel, don’t hinder me again, I needed to deal with that monster, you know that.”

“Please at least be a little embarassed…you…”

Roel can carelessly say words like that, but back in the caves this kind of thing was a daily occurence. If I hesistated I would be killed.

“A f-floor monster attacked and then my…my comrades are…!”

As Seigel was walking to the onsen to cure his fatigue, he overheard that tidbit of information and his eyebrows twitched. An injured person had rushed into the lodging and Bloom quickly administered emergency treatement to him. A guest at the lodge was a priest and followed up by healing his injuries. After that, the man was in a good enough condition to talk.

“Calm down, I’ll be going.”

“Are you the Dragon Hunter Seigel-san?! Why are you in such a place?….”

The gallery inside the lodging was surprised and unable to react to this news. Seigel rapidly left the lodging to avoid answering any questions.

“What can I do…? My comrades are…going to be killed…please, save them! I beg of you!”

“Seigel can do it. His strength and reputation as an A rank is no joke, you know? He doesn’t even need to form a party to defeat the floor monster. People like that are considered the elite of the A ranked adventurers.”

They were eventually able to ease the man’s worries. He had been shaking from fright, but Bloom managed to calm him down. Even so, the adventurer was still grinding his teeth.

Monster Book 【Pecking Bird HP:49】 A hyena bird of the . There weren’t many of them that attacked humans in the beginning, but they adored the taste of flesh and began to attack everyone who passed through the canyon. It’s beak is strong enough to pluck the meat out of a human.

【Slash Cat HP:42】 An abandoned cat that changed form due to living in a severe environment for so long. It’s much larger than a normal cat, and its claws can easily rend cheap armor.


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