Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 29


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Chapter 29 – Crossing the Kizel Canyon! Part 3

“Rick! Rick is…!”

“Rex already ran to the lodging for help! Endure until he returns!”

Its upper body had developed in a strange way, and it’s unbalanced lower body somehow supported it. More than just a big monkey, this thing had an appearance closer to a gorilla. Its hand was stained with blood from mortally wounding the adventurer Rick who was gasping for air. The blood on the big gorilla’s hand was spilling onto the ground and making a puddle. Scowling faces from the adventurers were locked onto the gorilla. They felt powerless in front of this beast, unable to fight back. The gorilla already had one of the adventurers on the ground, crushing him along with the earth.

【The attacked!】 【Era received 193 damage!】 【Era has fallen! HP:0/75】

Haruto, one of the adventurers, lost his will when he saw Era get reduced into lumps of meat. They had been confident about being able to deal with the canyon’s monsters. Unfortunately they had run into the floor monster. They should have retreated but they made a grave mistake and challenged it. The result was devastating. Haruto couldn’t comprehend this massacre.

【The used !】 【The ’ attack power increased!】

The beast became excited by the situation and jumped up and down as if dancing in joy. It threw the corpse of Rick into the canyon. There was no need to say who the next target of the ape was. It struck the ground with its fist, making a small quake and toppling Haruto. The strike seemed to be a way for the to mock and scare Haruto. He could only watch as it jumped and fell towards him.

“I’m sorry you guys…this was my fault…”

“Get away from him!”

He heard a yell from an unknown voice, it seemed to come from above the large monkey. The roared as it fell. Seigel landed in front of Haruto, and without looking back he got into a stance to face the monster. (TL:  聞きなれない男の掛け声と共に、空中から自分に向かって落ちてくるはずの大猿が何かに弾かれるように飛んでいった。)

【Seigel attacked the ! 】 【The recieved 377 damage! HP:1566/1943】

“Ah, are you…by chance the Dragon Hunter Seigel?”

“I’ll sign something for you later, right now escape to the lodge.”

Haruto felt that he could rely on Seigel due to his powerful aura and retreated to the lodge.

“Now then, you’ve rampaged long enough. Time to deliver your requiem. Here I come!”

The lost its temper at Seigel’s provocation and raised its arm.

“I also don’t want to lose to Ryua.”

Evading the monster’s fist, Seigel plunged into its chest.

“Zero-range !”

【Seigel used !】 【The received 1436 damage! HP:130/1943】

The received a direct hit from point blank, collapsing to the ground while raising a loud yell. Its chest hair had been burnt and as it vanished it revealed burnt bones and innards. The was unable to stand due to pain and without hesitation Seigel impaled its head with his large sword. Taking one last breath, the stopped moving. Its death was quick.

【The was defeated! HP:0/1943】

“Now that its dead, I wonder if that guy made it to the lodge? Though I should gather the materials from this guy first since I came all the way out here…”

Seigel skillfully collected the materials from the corpse and casually walked towards the lodging.

Both Haruto and Rex were seated in the lobby with dejected expressions. I really regret hearing about what happened. We had been submerged in the hot springs, carefree and having fun while others were suffering nearby. If Seigel hadn’t gone, Haruto would have died. I don’t want to see anybody else die. Seeing the scene in front of me was painful.

“It’s my…my fault…because I challenged that monster…”

Haruto was also deeply regretting what had happened. He was grasping his hair with his weary hand, using all of what little strength he had left to hold it. We could only watch from the side.

“Bloom-san, is there anything we can say to them?”

“Roel-chan, they may look pitiful but they are adventurers. If you mess up judging a situation, even just a little, it could prove fatal and expose your comrades to danger. This world isn’t forgiving.”

He said that in a harsh tone with an unpleasant expression on his face.

“Yosh, I’m back.”

Returning full of energy, Seigel had come back after defeating the floor monster. I wonder if the luggage he was carrying was the material from it?

“So you made it back safely. I defeated that monster, just so you know.”

“…thank you.”

“That’s that then. What you do from now on is your decision. It may not be my place to say this, but there was probably a reason behind you surviving.”

“Ha? Reason…?”

With a glazed expression he looked at Seigel’s face. Rex just prostrated on the table without saying anything.

“What if I had died long ago? If that had happened the the great ‘Dragon Hunter’ wouldn’t exist. The life I saved today would have been lost.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“No matter where or when, if someone avoids an unforeseen accident and lives on then things may end up differently. Leaving behind great achievements…’What did I achieve’ is something that only survivors can think about.”

His speech suddenly stopped there and Seigel headed towards the hot spring.

“I may not be able to truly understand things, but live out your life for those that have died. Even I formed a party in the past only to see my comrades die before my eyes. It wasn’t something that only happened once or twice. But I lived on and made this lodging. If I was able to save someone, that is enough reason for me to have survived until now.

As if he was continuing Seigel’s speech, Bloom talked to the two quiet adventurers. Both of them silently listened, but in the end something had struck  a nerve and they started sobbing.

“I-I will…retire as an adventurer…”

You could see the manifestation of Haruto’s decision by his tears of regret. A comrade dying…it would be really hard for me to bear. That’s why I will absolutely protect Roel. I won’t allow a monster to lay even one finger on her from now on. I don’t want to think of parting. Seeing the two adventurers in despair and grief is enough to make those words in my mind weigh heavily on my heart.

“Tonight’s dinner will be a hot pot. At a time like this you should warm your body and your mind. I’ve already finished the preparations, so gather up at the dining hall.”

Bloom slowly walked towards the dining hall. It was almost like the sorrow has taken over my legs, I had to urge them to walk.

“That hot pot was delicious! I was able to eat 4 servings…though now I’m totally full.”

“Roel, don’t you think one is normally enough?”

“Bloom may have given a discount for it, but that’s just a way to make you pay extra fees you know?”

“Yeah…I didn’t think about that part.”

The three of us were sitting in our room and chatting, though sometimes we would lay down. But regardless of how much fun we’re having while talking I can’t get the incident from earlier off my mind.

“Those people…it’s kind of sad. I wonder what they’ll do from now on? If I was in their shoes I wouldn’t be able to bear it…”

“Who knows? But since they’re adventurers wouldn’t they go on adventures? They go hand in hand. Those people should have the resolution to tackle this problem head on. I may sound strict, but you are your own responsibility. Only you can choose your own path.”

“Even if you say that…”

Cynthia was comfortably sprawled out on the bed, you can even see a little bit of her belly. She wasn’t an adventurer, but to go so far and say that much…

“Sorry, I said too much.”

She might have been able to guess what I was thinking. Cynthia honestly apologized. She seemed to have changed her posture from facing up. It seems like she’s trying to pretend that verbal slip never happened.

“But, Ryua-chin, you don’t need to worry. That kind of thing happening is too uncommon, we don’t have to worry.”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

Roel, who had dozing off, suddenly got up and entered the conversation.

“You don’t even need my healing powers.”

“That’s not true! The is really helpful!”

“Ryua-chin, that didn’t exactly follow up~”

The three of us laughed at the same time. Roel, whether she’s helpful or not, I just want her beside me. That’s why I don’t want her to worry about it. I want to tell her that but I’m afraid she’ll take it the wrong way.

“Now we need to wake up early so we should sleep soon.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the Imperial Capital. I’m also curious about the

I hugged a pillow. I might be able to forget the incident that happened today. Even if I don’t, I’m sure that the festival will be fun.

“If it’s Ryua-chin you can win it for sure~!…ah, but last time I think it was Tifelia-san who was the champion. If that person is there then I’m not sure…no, for sure you’ll lose.”

“Tifelia? Stronger than me?”

“Avangard’s prided S rank, Tifelia! All of the S ranks have unique classes, but is an exclusive class just for her. She only works for the Kingdom, she can’t go to another country. I heard that the cost of her swinging her sword just once is equal to more than the salary of all the Kingdom’s soldiers.”

“S-so there was such an amazing person…”

“I wonder if she’ll appear this time? She doesn’t really show herself in public, the last event was the first time she appeared in it. What a mystery. Maybe there was a reason for her showing up last time? If that’s the case then you can be at ease!”

Cynthia jumped from her bed and moved towards me to strike my back with all her strength.

“I’ll be cheering for you, so good luck!”

For some reason Roel was stirring. That’s right, in this world there is such a strong person. Tifelia…I wonder what kind of person she is? I don’t know if I can win but I want to at least try fighting her. Why do I feel so full of energy? I felt fear in the whenever I fought a formidable opponent. I’m sure this feeling was mixed in there as well. Even though I might have died, I wonder why I felt like this back then? I don’t understand myself sometimes.

Before I had realized it I was the only one awake. Cynthia had gone back to sleep on her bed in the shape of “大” with her blanket on top of her. Roel was in a more reserved sleeping position. I should sleep as well.

I wonder how many more days we’ll need to get through the Canyon? This lodge was just the halfway point. Yesterday I wouldn’t have thought I would witness adventurers losing a comrade, but each day brings something different and unknown. I’ve only been thinking about stuff like that…before I knew it was in a deep sleep.

Monster Book


It leads the , the boss of the . It crushes the dreams of adventurers with its fist. As it gets excited its destructive power increases. You can call it the Untouchable of the . Adventurers that encounter it run away at full speed until they’re exhausted.

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