Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Crossing the Kizel Canyon! End

“Don’t try to run you guys. We’re almost at the Imperial Capital.”

“Shit…to end up attacking the famous Dragon Hunter of all people…”

Walking together in a group, every member of the bandits could be heard cursing and complaining. Since we don’t have a way to restrain this many people, Seigel and I are just keeping an eye on them as we walk. If one of them does something odd then I will immediately subdue them, but watching them is more tiring than I thought.

“If any of you try and escape, we will practice the fainting course together again. Ok?”

*Clap clap* Seigel was clapping. Even though I defeated them, I’m pretty sure they think Seigel did it. They didn’t understand what happened since it was all over so quickly, but they assumed Seigel had subdued them all since he was a famous adventurer. I tried to explain it to them but I was ignored.

“Since my name is so famous it’s not surprising that they would come to that kind of conclusion, so please be understanding of that.”

I won’t get mad about something like this since I’m an adult.

“The weak guys are the only ones that don’t know Ryua-chin beat them.” (TL:これだけのむさい男達をリュアちんがやっつけたなんてねぇ)

“It would’ve been dangerous if the two of you weren’t here…”

Cynthia and Roel had both slept through the uproar last night so they had no idea what had happened.

“Just relax, Ryua. I will make sure to put in a good word for you. With that your value as an adventurer will increase.”

“I’m really not bothered by it.”

I planned to say that calmly but it seems some of my anger towards Seigel leaked out. “Kuku”, Seigel chuckled softly. to Seigel was someone dragging their feet. (TL:  セイゲルの隣でボクは足をぷらぷらさせた。)

“Your name is Ryua, right? I can’t believe a kid like you has that much strength.”

“It’d be better for you to train and get strong like her.” (TL:そっちこそもっと鍛えたほうがいいよ)

I was offended that Davitz called me a kid and retorted.

“Davitz, I still don’t understand why you’d become a bandit.”

“Oh, looks like someone has come to meet us.”

A group of people wearing armor approached us. There were a lot of them, compared to the bandits this number was overwhelming. They were marching in formation, and upon reaching us they stopped.

“Oya, oya, thanks for the effort! Are you perhaps going to subjugate bandits? It’s admirable for the Kingdom to be moving already.”

“It’s as you say, Dragon Hunter Seigel-dono. I didn’t expect you to have already captured that man…”

“Ah, omitting the details, I know it’s sudden but can you take charge of this guy?”


I got to see their prowess immediately. They tied up the bandits quickly to the point where they couldn’t move anything but their head and neck, all in less than a few minutes. Each bandit had an iron ring placed on their neck, and once those were connected they were formed into a long line.

“Now, walk quickly!”

The bandits were treated roughly while the soldiers were yelling, keeping them in line as they all walked.

“Thank you very much, Seigel-dono. Oh, that’s right, how about taking this chance to ride with us to the Capital?”

“It’s fine. I’ll pass. I feel at ease riding on that coach.”

“Is that so? Then we’ll be on our way. I will make sure I report this matter quickly as possible.”

“Ah, take care.”

The soldiers left with the captured bandits and quickly disappeared from sight. While I had been lying down on the cliff I saw a large horse pulling a huge wooden carriage into the distance. It was 10 times as big as our carriage, I wonder if the soldiers rode in that?

“W-what’s that!? I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“That is a carriage owned by the Avangard Kingdom. It’s pulled by a , a gentle and obedient creature, but its true strength is incomparable to the floor monster here.”

“Hmmm~…never heard anything about that before.”

“It’s also my first time seeing one.”

Roel and I were both staring at the rare animal as it disappeared. Seigel started running the coach again, as if chasing them.

“It’s considered priceless to have when going on an expedition. The carriage has everything you could possibly need to survive, and the supply it can hold could sustain someone for many months.”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t have accepting their offer been fine!”

“Just relax, you won’t grow otherwise.”

“Those aren’t related at all!”

Cynthia was cursing Seigel behind his back as he did a sidelong glance towards me. He isn’t wrong though, as adventurers we need to pass through this canyon on our own. No exceptions.

After meeting with the soldiers the monster attacks slowed down. Before long we arrived at the ridge before our last stop. Passing through the deep valleys, a steep slope was spread before us. We could see a large flowing river going through the canyon. There was a bridge spanning the river, and just beyond it was a carpet of green. It was the grasslands leading to the Avangard Kingdom.

“Ya~ we finally made it. Ladies, that there is the Avangard Imperial Capital!”

“So big~…I wonder how much larger it is than Kwimill?”

“Ryua-chin, over there is the sea you know?”

Cynthia pointed to the coast where many ships were anchored. I wonder if you need to go to the Capital to ride the boats? The world on the other side of the sea…I wonder what it’s like.

“Seigel-san, how are we getting down from here?”

“Well, the slope is really steep so we will have to take a detour.”

We travelled to the left and moved out of the canyon, avoiding the slope altogether. We haven’t seen the carriage that the soldiers left on yet. I thought it would be slower since it was such a large coach.

“Once we arrive at the Capital the escort quest will be complete. I suggest we go straight to the guild to complete the paperwork.”

“We’ve only been together for a short while so we’ll part ways there okay?”

“Cynthia-san, it was fun.”

“I’ll be sad as well…at any rate we are still-”

“Just shut up, you.”

Seigel was treated harshly right up to the end. As we reached the base of the slope we saw something flying at us from the sky.

【A swarm of appeared! HP:88】

It was a very strange monster that attacked us this time. It had the body of an insect but also the wings of a bird. We hadn’t seen a creature like this in the canyon, but it most likely is one that appears here.

“Since it’s so different from the other monsters in the canyon, many beginners tend to be confused.”

Seigel fired off a without hesitation and obliterated the swarm. He still had a firm grip on the reins. One could hear the sound of hoofbeats and wheels turning as we travelled. We still had a little ways to go to reach the Capital.

As we passed over the bridge we saw many people with varied appearances going back and forth. From what Seigel told us, this bridge has always been called the Avangard Bridge.

“Hora! You bumped into someone and that’s all you do?!”

“Haa…but I have already apologized…how annoying.”

“Did I hear you mutter something at the end there!?”

As we approached the middle of the bridge we saw a young woman, a man with a physique similar to Grundom, and a thin man with  a mouse like face picking a fight.

“Oh boy. What a common sight.”

“Don’t just say that, let’s help them!”

“I suggest you don’t. Calm down.”

“What are you saying? If Seigel won’t do it, I will!”

Ignoring Seigel who was staying still, I covered the woman and stood in the way of the two men. Both were surprised at how fast I appeared in front of them. Neither are going to be trouble, it seems.

“W-what are you doing, making me flinch like that huhhhh!?”

“Hey bro, it seems that this kid is eager.”

“Eager, huh!? A KID is? Are you?!”

They were really noisy. Their voices are too loud, I could hear them just fine without them shouting.

“I would forgive you if you apologized.”

“Soooo! You’re saying you can do something to ME!?” (TL:だからぁ! 金か体で払うかしろっていってんのぉぉ!)

“Bro, isn’t just nice timing? A warm up just before the Tougi Taikai.”

“Hey kid! Have you heard of the C rank Konbo-sama?”

Nope. Never. He’s also just a C rank like myself. Why is he doing this even though he’s an adventurer…?

“Ryua-chan, you need to do it peacefully and get it over with…”

I hadn’t realized that Roel had come running to my side. And suddenly, that man came flying at me with his metal rod.

“Don’t just ignore MEEEEEE!”

He swing his metal rod downwards at me. It was like styrofoam. I did an upper towards the rod and pulverized the top part.

“Aaan? AAAAAAAN?!”

“U-um, Ryua-chan didn’t have any ill intent. If we did any more than this you would be injured, so could you please leave?”

*Bows*  Roel bowed, it seemed sarcastic. No, she didn’t mean ill at all. Just bowing, believing that it’s the right thing to do right now.

“B-b-bro, this girl is a monster…hiiiiiiii!”

The mouse-faced guy ran away at full speed, leaving his Bro behind.

“Y-y-you! Join the Tougi Taikai! I’ll show you my real power there!”

He ran away with those parting words.

“So those people are also joining the Tougi Taikai…”

“Will you join in as well?”

The woman came to me and asked.

“Yeah…ah, you are not injured right?”

The woman hadn’t moved a single step during the encounter. She just stood behind me.

“Is that so…you’re also participating…what should I do?…how annoying. *sigh*”

She held her cheek with her hand and did nothing but sigh. She had straight white hair and a mysterious atmosphere about her. She looked older than us and had the image of an adult woman.

“Thank you very much for helping me. Well then, see you…”

Her long white hair fluttered along with the wind as she walked towards the Capital.

“She sure was a peculiar person.”

“Even though I said it would be fine…don’t just meddle with people. Anyway, let’s hurry and get to the Capital.”

“Unnecessary…what do you mean?”

“Aaah I’m already tired…but once we get there I want to sell Royal Jelly! Ah, I forgot! Here you go, you two!”

A glittering gold jelly was handed to us. It doesn’t seem like a recovery item, just looking a this jelly is stimulating my appetite. Though I’ll hang on to it in case of an emergency. (TL:  いざという時の為にとっておきたい。)

“*Slurp*…Ryua-chan, what should I do?”

“I’ll hang onto this.”

She was really drooling over it. I wonder if she can endure the temptation… I don’t mind if she eats it, but if we end up needing it later… Since I can’t use recovery magic I wouldn’t be able to heal Roel by myself.

“Hey, don’t just stand there. Let’s go!”

Cynthia tapped me and I came back to reality. Right, we still need to make it to the Capital. What should I do first when I get there? Has the Festival started yet?

“After we finish our business at the guild we need to find an inn, right?”

Right, the guild and then an inn. Roel hasn’t looked away from the jelly yet.

“Only now…*sigh*…”

“Thank you very much for returning.”

“Ritta-chan, you really exaggerate that greeting every time…just an ordinary ‘welcome back’ is fine, you know. *sigh*…saying something like that, how annoying.”

“I-I’m very sorry.”

“Your usage of those words is odd…*sigh*”

Ritta was a novice soldier, but she’s too loud and too dazzling a person. She had been yearning to become a soldier of the Avangard Kingdom, so she volunteered to become one. It was praiseworthy that she wasn’t defeated by the harsh enlistment exam, and after passing she trained with all her might. She still hasn’t lost her vigor. As a female colleague all I can do is stay relaxed, but I’m pretty miserable right now. (TL:同僚の女性は平然としているだけに自分の情けなさがよりこみ上げてくる。) Ritta only admires a single person, a woman standing at the top of the Kingdom.

“It’s Ritta-chan’s day off, it would have been fine for you to go and have fun…”

“No. If I don’t spend my time training I feel like I’ll be left behind and defeated…” (TL: いえ、自主トレでもしないと周りにおいていかれそうで……)

“Even so, swinging your spear in the castle courtyard…someone will get mad you know…*sigh* talking is annoying…”

“You’ve got a point…I’ll do it in my room from now on.”

“It’s too annoying to reply to that…*sigh*”

Ritta saw off the sluggish person and carried her spear to her room. With the pay of a novice soldier she was somehow able to pay rent for the room. There was a bed, desk, and drawers, but the best part was the shower.

“Tifelia-san sure was cool today…”

Inside her room holding a spear, she was dripping with water and in a world of delusion. She ended up being able to practice by shadowboxing in her room.

“Master Knight Tifelia…someday I would like to be like her.”

Ritta was so absorbed into her shadowboxing that she failed to remember she was in her room. Her favorite plate had been placed on a shelf located above her desk, and while she was brandishing her weapon she knocked it over and it shattered upon hitting the ground. Negative thoughts pervaded her mind at that moment, rapidly destroying the mood she had earlier.

“Aaaah…am I useless after all?”

Monster Book


Its appearance is something like a fusion of an insect and a bird. Due to its strength is violently attacks from the sky.

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