Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Dream and Reality

The 2 guys I followed went inside a building. Going inside myself, I see people with various appearances. First I noticed the old guy with the massive axe from earlier, then a magician-like person wearing a thick hat mumbling something, and 3 guys having a friendly chat. Though for some reason a fight is happening inside right now.

“That’s why! Didn’t you say that escorting would be perfectly safe?” “The client got injured. I didn’t say that it was safe, and so I will receive my half of the payment.” “Do you think that he got out with minor injuries? Isn’t it good that he was able to arrive alive!” “I didn’t say it was that safe.”

A man carrying a spear and a person wearing glasses were sitting at the counter. As I was watching the situation they became surrounded by people. Among the crowd a big old guy came out and approached the guy with the spear.

“Oi oi, that’s unsightly. Try and read the details of the request again, it’s written here that “I want you to safely escort me and my baggage to the Aganbalt Kingdom”. that. Means. No matter what, nothing must happen to the client.”

The old guy carrying the axe broke in to enter, appearing to say something reprimanding to the guy with the spear.

“Don’t you worry about the safety of the person’s life?”

The spearguy glared at the axeguy. The old guy continued to talk to Speardude without being scared.

“Hey you, it hasn’t been long since you have become an adventurer. Your armor and even your boots, on top of it being brand new all of it is just cheap If you are already a veteran you should have better equipment.” “Even so, what of it?” “I wonder if you understand, despite paying the quest fees. Complaining won’t change the rewards.” “Old geezer pretending to be a veteran . . . . . . . .”

Speardude is fiddling with the spear on his back. The surrounding crowd began to make a stir, the old guy sighed in disappointment at the situation and posed as if giving up on stopping the situation.

“Fighting is strictly forbidden here. We should talk outside, I’ll listen to whatever what you want to say.” “Bring it on!”

Then Speardude and Axeman went outside. Should I watch the fight? It’s somehow different from what I imagined. Although both of them are adventurers, I wonder why they look so dangerous. I cocked my head to think. I should go the counter they were sitting earlier and ask about Ikana village.

“Excuse me, do you happen to know where Ikana village is?” “Please show me your adventurer’s card. A guild card is good too.” “Eh, whats that? “Ah, do you happen to be a beginner?”

I don’t really know what’s going on, so I should reply with a nod.

“To utilize the guild, adventurers should first register. It’s a simple procedure, would you like to do it now?”

Some paper was placed in front of me, it seems I need to write some information on it.

First my name. . . . . .um? This is a serious matter. Really. . . . . .

“Is there something wrong?”

I became rigid when the guild person curiously asked me that.

“Um… I…” “Yes?” “It’s just that, I don’t know how to write.” “Eh?… EEH?”

After I escaped from the village, I didn’t meet anyone but went straight to the dungeon. Normally children will be taught but due to the circumstances I don’t how to do it at all. The adventurers in the area overheard and looked towards me. And then they laughed.

“Seriously, how have you been living until now?” “That’s just impossible.” “Well, at least it seems like you have a good head on your shoulders.”

I hear contempt and scorn from my surroundings. I didn’t know what to do, so I looked towards the guild person as if complaining.

“Then, there wasn’t anyone that you received directions from on how to write, right?” There is no one like that. I searched around the area to look for someone that can write for me.

“Hey, write for me.” “No way~, I don’t want to get a monkey brain from you.”

Everyone began to silently whisper to each other, all while looking at me. No wants seem to want to write for me.

“H-how about you?” “I’m not allowed to write due to our policies.” “C-can’t anyone here write for me?”

No one answered. It’s sad and regrettable, I’m surprised at how cold the adventurers are as my tears began to fall. I began to tremble and shake as I hold the pen, I don’t know what or how to write. My tears began to fall on the paper, leaving a stain on it. At that time, the entrance door opened.

“Fu~ , that was tiring. . . . .n?”

A blonde-haired girl entered. I wonder if we are of the same age. Her hair is bit long, reaching beyond her shoulder, divided into 2 with ties. In contrast to my short hair.

The girl has a strange atmosphere that I can sympathize with. I then noticed that she was walking towards me.

“What happened here?” I shook my head to the side. “Even if you shake your head. . . . .” “Then I’ll make you wobble wobble.”

The guild members skillfully followed up and explained the situation. As I thought, this person, I wonder if she will also laugh at me who can’t write by myself.

“Is that so, then would you be fine if I write?” “A-are you fine with that?” “We should help each other when we are in trouble.”

I wiped off the tears that had gathered with my arm, and I sniffled a few times to clear my nose.

“First the name, then the place where you live, and then after that .. . . . ”

One by one I received instructions from the girl on what to write.

“Current address, Ikana village?”

The guild members continued to glare at the paper. After finishing, I have to make the card. According to the explanation from the guild person, this card is an important thing in the Adventurer’s Guild. You have to present your card all the time. Raising your rank provides many various advantages in regards to what you can do. Low ranking adventurers are not allowed to enter any dungeon facilities, and there are also quests you can’t take. The Adventurer’s Card is a very important thing because it’s packed with information.

The guild person took the paper with his hand and then put his glasses on.

“I apologize but I have a question about your current residence. Are you perhaps talking about the lost village? As of right now, where are you currently living? If you are currently wandering, the name of the inn you are staying at will be fine.” “Well, until very recently I was underground in a dungeon, in the .” “It, huh. . . . . . ?”

Once more, the progress stopped as the blonde-haired girl interrupted.

“Err , Ryua-chan. About the location of the lost village of where you lived?” “I was living in the dungeon.”

Laughter leaked out from my surroundings. They said I was crazy. That’s cruel…

“Hey you, I haven’t heard anything about the dungeon .” “I don’t think you know, but around here there is a place called Bear Forest at Strange plains? Especially since the bear forest has a danger level of 30 it’s hard to cross over you know.” “ you know, there’s no such dungeon.”

Why do they always make me sound like a fool… I almost cried again.

“You’re in trouble, so since that’s the case why not come to my house?” “Eh?” “After this we have to go back to place we are currently living.”

“Eeh, that would work.” It has become troublesome, the guild person quickly consented to it.

If this girl hadn’t shown up I wonder what would’ve happened. Now I’m just determined, I still don’t now the name of the girl I am nothing but grateful to.

“Yes, you’ve completed everything. Afterwards please wait for a while for the card to be given to you.”

Finally I can take a rest. I ask the girl for her name on the spot.

“I am Roel, I live in this place.” “Thank you, Roel. If you weren’t there I would have been in trouble.” “That’s good. Also, Ryua-chan, you’re originally from Ikana village . . . . . ..” “That’s right, I intended to go to my village to see what happened to it, but, I wonder if Roel knows where it is?” “Eh! I-I wonder what happened to it?” Roel shut her mouth. I wonder why, earlier the guild person also said something that made me feel uneasy. There is something regarding the ruined village, maybe it’s something bad to talk about.

“I think Ikana village was destroyed about 10 years ago? Of course the guild person would be very troubled about it.”

What did she say?

10 years?



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