Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – Union Part 2

I jumped towards the guy in tights who was on his bird. As expected, he was shocked. Even so, he leisurely rotated to evade my attack.

“That was…surprising. Just what kind of body do you have? Enjoy your landing, by the way.”

“I have defeated one of your comrades! will be youuuuu…”

I’m pretty sure he heard those last words of mine, though my voice must have gotten quite quiet as I fell. Though, Barts was right, I had to land. In front of me, I saw Seigel being trampled by what looked like a human mixed with a dragon. His armor was in tatters and a large amount of fresh blood flowed onto the ground. He might die like this.

“You, what did you just say? Who’s next? I can’t see Vit-chan’s figure anymore, now that you mention it….”

“I defeated him! Remove your feet from that guy right now!”

The one in the sky, Barts, and the half-dragon man had tight expressions on their faces as they looked around. After confirming the lack of that nasty bug guy, they both attacked in a rage.

“That’s a lie! For Vit-chan do be done in by someone like you!”

“Seriously!? Did you kill Vit? Impossible, he must have been careless, no doubt about it! There’s no other way!”

The half-dragon and Barts encircled me, trying to cut off my escape route. Too bad for them, I don’t plan on escaping. I noticed the half-dragon’s face had tears pouring down his scaly face.

“Sorry, Vit-chan…This Churchill kept being careless, so just wait a bit. I’ll crush this impudent brat right now!”

He went from half-covered to fully covered by scales; it seems this is closer to his true nature. He grew the wings of a dragon, and his body doubled, almost tripled in size. Taking up almost a third of the colosseum, the soldiers and A-ranked adventurers dodged his talons in a hurry.

“W-what is that!? Where in the world did that dragon come from!?”

A soldier was shouting out, not aware of the circumstances. Though to survive so far, he’s pretty amazing. It seems that captain, Kirkton, was a good leader. The King had already been hidden away, and it seems Kirkton was commanding his unit.

“Oi, Churchill! Don’t rage around in that form! Don’t get me caught up in your attacks!”

“It’s too late; I have decided to destroy her. Besides, with your flexible body you can avoid this pretty easily, right?”

His way of speaking hadn’t changed much, even after turning into this dragon. Churchill…no, Churchill-dragon’s black scales were glittering, and his tail was large enough to blow away most of the surrounding people in a single swing. He was much more powerful than Vit, but other than that, I didn’t get much of a feeling from him.

“Ufufufufu, even among the 12 demon generals, I am considered pretty accommodating and benevolent. Making me get serious is an atrocity, so I’ll have this country purged as payment, okay~?”

“Oi, Ryua…use this.”

While on the verge of death, Seigel passed his sword to me. He needs to be treated quickly or he’ll die… However, I can’t use my recovery magic for this, I’ll have to find someone else… but for now, I need to get rid of this dragon. I took the sword from Seigel’s hand.

“It’s a sword with the innate ability to slay dragons. I dealt some grazing wounds on that homosexual bastard, but that’s with the strongest swings I could muster…the results depend on the wielder. If it’s you, it’ll definitely be done…”

This greatsword I received from Seigel will take this dragon down. As I turned to the dragon, he craned his long neck and sneered down at us.

“Oh my~ what’s this? Perhaps you got Seigel-chan’s weapon? No, no, no! What audacity!”

[«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» appeared! HP: 28200]

“Your comrade died, and you lot are indifferent about it, not even mourning. Instead, you kill more people.”

“Oh my, I wonder who you’re talking about? Clearly you don’t know anything…”

Churchill sighed and then took in a large, deep breath. It seems he doesn’t want to explain anything. It seems he’s going to do a breath attack, so the people around here are in danger. Opponents like this always do it this way. Just like when I charged Barts, I jumped at Churchill and trampled his head. He couldn’t release the breath and it exploded in his mouth instead.

[«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» received 412 damage! HP: 27788/28200]

“Nn, nnnn, fuuuuu…”

A small flame flickered out of the nose of the miserable dragon, who was clearly in agony. Nonetheless , if it only took damage from its own breath, it couldn’t have been that bad. Yeah, this sword is the only thing that can deal a fatal injury.


The dragon released a breath attack towards me while I was still in the air. Something started coming out near his mouth and it released a scorching hot blaze. If this had been released into the colosseum and not into the air, many people would have been sacrificed. Though with the immense heat this is giving off, it probably would have melted the nearby houses. The dragon glared at me taking the attack head-on, thinking I was burnt to a crisp. He seemed relieved; he lowered his head and aimed at the people running around.

“I’m still here you know?”

“W-what!? Why!?”

Hearing my voice, he once again raised his head but it was too late. I brought Seigel’s blade down with me as I fell from the sky, cutting the dragon into 2 instantly.

[«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» received 347332 damage!] [«Black Steel Dragon Churchill» was defeated! HP: 0/28200]


He managed to get those words out even while being slashed into 2 pieces. I immediately notice things were about to get dire. If I did nothing, those two large chunks of his body would fall and result in casualties. This is bad. In a panic, I threw my fire magic at the corpse and turned it into little cinders. Magic isn’t my strong point, but if it’s just a dragon corpse, I can easily make it into ashes.

“Hehe…Ryua, good job.”

Seigel managed to get those words out, even on the verge of death. Barts was shaking and trembling as he watched this all unfold.

“Impossible…Churchill is superior even within the 12 demon generals…I heard nothing about a kid like this being here! What was that «Necromancer» bastard even investigating!? Did he just mess around during the tournament?”

“The bug and dragon are gone, you’re next.”

“Damn! What about the others?”

Barts looked around the colosseum to find the others. The monster count had dropped considerably, and since the death of the dragon and bug bosses, the smaller ones were less ferocious. The A-rankers had dealt with them pretty quickly it seems. There were, unfortunately, many fallen soldiers. In a small, hidden away area, many were receiving treatment, but it may have been too late for many of them since there were many people covered in cloth. Once again, emotions surged up inside me. The bird guy seems to think he got away, he laughed out loud and had his birds attack the ground.

“Looks like it ends here! Since it has come to this, I’ll chip off as much of the kingdom’s fighting potential as I can. I’ll let you take care of the aftermath ok? Hahahahahahahahahaha!”

He flew away, leaving behind his bird underlings.

–who said you could escape?

I ran to the highest wall in the Colosseum by the spectator seats and jumped with all my strength. Barts thought he got away on his mysterious bird, but I landed on it. Unable to hide his surprise, he let out a weak groan.

“A-are you a monster, brat…?”

“The monsters are you guys.”

“T-that’s right, I thought of something good! Why not enter the Reborn Demon Army? You probably don’t know anything or why we’re doing this, I know you’ll change your mind if you learn the truth!”

“The people who died won’t return!”

“You really won’t join us…?”


“I don’t care about that” is my decision, and in the next instant, Barts’ tights were torn through with feathers bursting out. It was not like the fake feather on the tights, but actual, genuine feathers. Barts became a Birdman. From atop the mysterious creature he was on, he flew up with his wings into the sky, leaving it behind.

“Thinking about it, a person who can’t fly won’t win an aerial battle, riiiiiiiiiight?”

[«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» appeared! HP: 17900]

[«Demon Garuda» appeared! HP: 5700]

“«Demon Garuda»! First things first, shake off that brat!”

The «Demon Garuda» that I was on started to act violently. Shaking, turning, and spinning to try and make me fall. I held tight to the fur obstinately. Barts, who was watching me while feeling full of supremacy, sneered.

“You may be strong, but this is the sky! You can’t fly! If you fall, you die! It feels good to fly in the sky, right? It’s what every child yearns for! If you get lost in the mountains and see the birds floating freely in the sky, you will always think ‘If only I could fly…’”

Certainly, if this goes on, I won’t be able to get that guy. More than that, I’ll be shaken off. It’s a thrill that I didn’t experience at the «Caves of Hell» and something that I haven’t digested yet. This guy is laughing wildly, thinking he’s won. I can’t think of him as the guy earlier who was leaking out miserable voices.

“Awawawaa! F-falling falling! Waa!”

“I, Barts, own the sky! It’s fine to call me Bird Man you know! Call me! Hahahahahahahaha!”

If this guy would fight fairly, he would be nothing. There isn’t much difference between him and that bug guy from earlier. Yeah, I don’t plan to admit to losing.

“Now then, I don’t plan to go easy on you! Eat this!”

[«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» released «Mega Sonic Wave»!]

I, who can only just cling onto the «Demon Garuda», have no way of evading it. Nay, it’s not that there is no way. It’s…somehow it’s making me want to challenge it and let it hit.

[Ryua received 86 damage! HP: 40936/41022]

“Ow…that was dangerous. The hand-me-downs from Roel nearly got torn up…”

It was really dangerous. There was a thin line of blood flowing from the wound. Let’s have Roel heal it later. Barts trembled as he saw me only getting worried about the scratch and the clothes. Was he really serious about not going easy on me?

“E-even an A rank would be cut into pieces if they took that directly…Me-«Mega Sonic Wave» was… It shouldn’t be like this…the Avangard Kingdom should have been finished today… Even though we went through great pains to seal the «Master Knight», this is…”

“If you still don’t plan to give up, then it’s my turn!”

“Like hell it is! In this sky, what can you do!?”

I grip my sword while concentrating. Then, when I thought “There!” I swing the sword with one hand.

[Ryua fired «Sonic Ripper»!] [«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» received 359913 damage! [«The Bird King Of The Sky Barts» was defeated! HP: 0/17900]

It looks like he tried to avoid the attack hitting his vitals, but it still caused a fatal wound. Looks like that was enough. His wings stopped flapping and the birdman started falling to the ground.

“Our…dearest wish…is…”

He should’ve fallen towards the colosseum. It would be bad if he landed on someone. I look down——

The mysterious bird raised a strange cry and once again started to get violent. Even if the master is gone, it still abides by its order to shake me off. Distracted by Barts, who had fallen, I was easily thrown off.

“Waaaaaaaaaa! Wa-wa-wa-wa-what should I do!?…That’s right!”

Seeing the ground approaching, I faced downwards and fired magic with all my might. Making sure it doesn’t reach the ground; otherwise, I’ll cause some damage.

[«Lightning Bolt»]!

As I expected, just before I crashed into the ground, the recoil of the magic made my body gently float. My rate of acceleration should have decreased, and I should have started falling slower.


I was able to land skillfully. But, I didn’t have any spare time to be relieved. To the side was Barts, who should’ve split into 2, still moving. I approached him as he spoke in a frail voice.

“Help…me please…let me go…”

His form was exactly that of a human bird. Half of his body returned to its human form. It was not a direct hit, but the majority of the strike should’ve hit him. I wonder how he is still alive. What amazing vitality.


I wonder if it’s better if I don’t finish him off. In my head, I understand, but my hands won’t move. I just stare at him silently.

“I…promise…I won’t…do…anything…like…this anymore.”

I understand that this bug is saying something good. But, I can’t. No matter what I do, I can’t kill this guy.

–Is it because he turned back into a human? –Is it because I’m naive?

The answer came out. But, I still can’t do anything. My hands start to tremble.

“I beg of you…”

Hearing the voice that is about to vanish, I unconsciously let him drink a recovery potion. I even let go of the sword I was holding.


“You promise that won’t do anything like this anymore, right?”

“You are…kind…strong…and naive…”

He can flap his wings now, but he didn’t seem like he would. To the point that I can’t think of him as the guy who wanted to kill me. I can’t feel anything from him.

“Maybe if it is you, you can-…”

Barts’ throat was slashed and a fountain of blood gushed out. In a state where he couldn’t even scream, Barts’ life ended. Out of nowhere, something pink came to the surface and molded into a form of a man, it formed into the shape of Xinbu.

“Then, with this, most of the bosses are dead. Nicely done, nicely done.”

He pointed down at me, and his other hand was fluttering. Before I noticed, it was too late. Although it may just be that I didn’t have the heart to help Barts. This is the same as the time when I couldn’t save Grundom. No, I didn’t help him. Just as I thought, that was right. Although I helped him, inside me, I couldn’t forgive Barts. The point is only up until there, but somehow, it’s unbearable. As I thought, the reason was that I hate this guy.

“N, what’s wrong-ssho, dazing around. My? This guy, there is a recovery potion in his mouth-ssho. I didn’t see any guys carrying this around but…let me see now?”

He was forcefully flickering his eyes towards me, while giving a pretense that I don’t understand.

“What do you want…?”

“Well, let’s ignore that-ssho. More than that, I will be ending this soon, so can you move back for a bit-ssho.”

“End it? You?”

He was smiling at me as if mocking me. But I ignored Xinbu and looked around.

“It was mostly the feat of the A ranks…The kingdom soldiers are hopeless-ssho. Half of them didn’t put up a good fight and are either dead or injured. So this is what they call ‘protecting the country’-ssho.”

He pointed both of his fingers underhandedly towards the sides and moved them together. From Xinbu’s body, another Xinbu came out. And another and another.

“[«Hundred Clones» -Hyaku Bunshin-]”

Xinbu, who multiplied by 1 hundred, chased the remaining monsters inside the colosseum and attacked them all at once. It’s not that it’s an eerie scene for someone to split into a hundred, but it’s more like it’s because it was Xinbu that it makes you want to close your eyes.

But that activity is something that I can’t make fun of.

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