Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 44


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TL: Pansardo -> Panthard

Chapter 44 Union part 3


«Hundred Clones» -Hyaku Bunshin-

The 10 Xinbus instantly mince every large dragon and birds into lumps of meat Compared to the time it took the A rank parties to fight them, it was many more times more efficient. In quick succession, the monsters inside the Colosseum were defeated. Seigel, who received treatment, was somehow able to stand next to me and watch the scene in awe.

“Isn’t it amazing? This is one of the Top Five A ranks.”

“Top Five?”

“The leading 1st to 5th A rankers are called that. There are small changes in the orders, but from the 1st to the 5th, they don’t really change. Below that their difference is like heaven and earth.”


“Even though I’m saying that, you’ve already defeated the 3 leaders… I can’t really get this across because of it. Really…what a feat. You’ll probably directly summoned by the King afterwards.”

“Ah, that’s right! Roel!”

I’m not in the situation to leisurely chat with Seigel.

Thanks to Xinbu, there wasn’t any more damage, but I’m still worried about Roel. Since you said “Top Five”, the thought, ‘Where are the other 4 right now?’ came up, but I couldn’t care less right now.



“Mogamoga! Moga!”(TL: sounds of mouth being blocked) (ED: Really??? Sure……..)

While Ryua was fighting in the skies, Roel was kidnapped behind the scenes, her hands bound behind her back. Slowly, Roel lost her consciousness for no apparent reason. Her body lost strength as she was put to sleep; Inoro gazed over her figure.

“Really~ those 3 getting done in… even that is something I hadn’t predicted. The Beastmaster is here, however. I wonder what he is doing. Somewhere━━ Oh well, at this rate, even he won’t win against that monster girl. If that’s that case━━”

He turned his gaze to Roel, whom he had put to sleep. In his hand, he was grasping a sharp knife.

“Ah~ , I want to touch her directly…….but I won’t forgive it. If so, then this is much more–“

“What the hell do you think you are doing!”

By the time the shout had reached Inoro, the knife he was holding was kicked away. The knife flew far away, and the girl who just appeared didn’t seem like she’d forgive anyone who’d pick it up. Her speed was so fast, he hadn’t even noticed when she approached him. (ED: She shoulda just punched him in the balls…) (ED 2: does he even have balls? We’re talking about a demon right?)

That girl, Ryua, has come.



“…..wasn’t that really fast…..”

“I trained after all.”

For some reason, Roel had fainted, so I stood in Inoro’s way to protect her. Inoro backed off vigilantly, weary of me. Stroking the hand that I had kicked, he looked mortified.

“Just now, you went easy on me, right?…

…even though you could’ve scattered it away if you felt like it…”

“If you promise to never lay a hand on Roel again, then there will be nothing more than that.”

Did he just see through my real ability, or was it from the fight earlier? I don’t really get it. This guy just now…clearly told me that I went easy. As if he could see through the depths of my heart, Inoro composedly took a step towards me.

“I fell in love with that child. Please give her to me.” (ED: Wow. That on the spot BS excuse. He has no shame.)

“Don’t mess with me!”

“Am I hated by that girl? What is that girl to you anyway?”

“Says the person who put her to sleep.If you take one more step, I won’t show you mercy!”

“You won’t be able to kill me.Didn’t you hesitate before and stop when dealing with Barts?You probably won’t be able to kill a human.On the other hand, you won’t hesitate when it comes to Vit or Churchill who are not in human form.Am I wrong?”

I kept silent. Was this guy watching the entire time?How was he unaffected watching his comrades get done in?The 3 that I defeated had, at least, thought of their comrades.But this guy is somehow different.Cold eyes and ashen skin.He wore a robe, as if trying to hide those traits.Is this guy possibly also one of the 12 Demon Generals?

Now that I think about it, this guy was also the one who had spread his blood on Tifelia.And because of that, Tifelia collapsed.Just what in the world is this guy…

“Hey, Hey, I’m approaching you; is that fine?”

Inoro drew near me rudely.It sent me shivers. I held Roel and drew back.Just now, the guy stopped walking.

“…..You sure have good instincts. Was it possibly exposed?”

“What was?”

“The kick earlier: it was good that you had your shoes on.”

“Then what is it?!”

“Relax~that girl is all right.”

I got irritated because I couldn’t understand what they meant, but I knew that I shouldn’t ignore that guyIf I look closely, I can see he’s still a kid.It’s hard to tell because of his sinister robe, but he is shorter than I am.If that is the case, he might even be younger than I am. (ED 2: never judge a book by its cover ryua.)

“Well then, maybe I should make my move soon.”

Saying that, Inoro drew out both of his hands and began chanting some spell.By the time I thought I should stop him, it was already done.

“Those of the fallen who still have the will,once more, I call you to rise from the depths of hell!”

As if a shadow world had encroached on the earth, the skies went dark. (ED: Inoro wants to duel in the Shadow Realm. Do you accept? {Y/N})(9: *presses Y*)

Then, inside the colosseum, a corpse twitched and began moving.First bugs, then dragons, then birds, then humans.The soldiers who were covered in cloths stood on their feet again.The dragons once again rose and flapped their wings.The bugs staggered around as they started to move.Ignoring to the blood still flowing from their wounds, they, the dead, started coming back to life.A soldier who was treating the wounded panicked.

“T-the co-co-corpses….revived…..”

The blades on the zombie’s waist was suddenly swung down on his former comrade.The soldier, being suddenly pierced tried resisting, but before long had fallen to the ground, lifeless. One by one the corpse started to rise again, and standing before them, Inoro chuckled.

【Dragon Zombie appeared! HP 3500】

【Scissor Dead appeared! HP 1300】

【Living Hawk appeared! HP 1650】(9: Yeah, it’s “Living” Hawk, maji de?!?) (ED: The Living Dead…)

I felt that they were slower than they were when they were alive.However, a moving, attacking corpse was already enough as a force.Even if you skewer them, they won’t even feel it. No matter where you hit ‘em, the monster will keep moving forward, not even faltering for a step. Well, it’s not the time be absent-minded–I have to do something immediately.But even after saying that, I can’t just leaving Roel in this place.

“U~n, Ryua-chan…..gewdmorning….eh?” (ED: did anyone else read lewdmorning the first time?)

When she grasped the situation, she released a small “kya” while I was holding her. We headed towards the place in the Colosseum where the zombies were gathering in order to exterminated them.

“I-it’s impossible~! No matter what we do, we can’t! Uwaaaaaaaaa!”

I saved a soldier who was on the verge of being smashed by a dragon’s foot.I slashed off the foot, causing the dragon to squirm around, not even being able to walk. At this place, I put Roel down, but since she had no idea what to do, she stuck close to me. (ED 2: Ryua you have some of the worst safety assessment ever. You save her then leave her right in the middle of a fight)

“Youuuuuuu!” (ED 2: Ryua super sayian mode or not yet) 【Ryua Attacked! Dragon Zombie received 331983!】 【Dragon Zombie was defeated! HP 0/3500】

After finely chopping it to pieces, I burned it to ashes.Since the enemy is a corpse, I didn’t have any other ideas on dealing with them.Inoro was relaxing in the spectator seats while looking over the disaster.

“Kukukuku! It sure is amazing……..if it’s like this, then the 12 Demon Generals are ruined.

But with this number of zombies, you should pick up the pace, or else more victims will emerge.”

“Inoro! It won’t end with just an injury, you know!”

“Inoro? Aaah, that was my assumed name, wasn’t it? There wasn’t much too meaning to it–that’s right. I am [Necromancer] Juo, a 12 Demon General of the Revived demonlord army.By the way, how is Tifelia doing?”

“Huh?” My mind quickly turned to Tifelia.The living soldiers had made a protecting wall between the dead soldiers and the seriously wounded people who are laying on the ground. Among the injured are audience members. Tifelia is also bedridden. I can’t see properly from here, but I can tell that she’s in a lot of pain.

“Ryua-chan, I’ll look over Tifelia-san!”

Roel jogged towards where Tifelia-san is.

While watching her go, Juo laughed, as if he was enjoying the scene from the bottom of his heart.

“Ahahahahahahaha, it looks like it’s going well. I was prepared when I arrived here, but I never thought for it to happen so quickly in the tournament.For the lowest  possible thing to happen was right on the money.” (ED: This guys laughs annoy me.)

“What the hell did you do to Tifelia!”

“This is the end for her, you know. After all, my blood which was shed on her contains an incurable disease.What [Master Knight]. It was so disappointing.”

Tifelia had forgot to stay vigilant. She said so when she was fighting with me: that it had already been so long that she had an opponent she had to be cautious against.That’s why she ended up like this now. She is strong–no, that’s not just all.Amane-san and everyone else: they put great effort just to become strong.I understood it in this tournament.That’s why, this guy has no right to laugh over it.

I gathered a lot of power in my sword hand–

“Someone like you–!”

【Ryua fired Sonic Ripper!】

The slash that I release soared towards Juo, and the black robe was torn to pieces.The body was horizontally split in 2, and he collapsed where he sat.Killed. I killed him. I put too much force in it. Coming back to my senses, I run towards where Juo was, but at that place was just a black robe and completely unknown corpse. Avangard kingdom’s armor……….this guy is a soldier.A soldier dressed in the black robe lay in 2 pieces on the ground.Did I mistake my opponent?!?That should be–It’s a lie———I killed a person?!?!?!?!?

“Ahahaha! To be caught so easily with this move! I sincerely apologize for not having an earnest match with you.  If possible, I would really like to have Roel, but with you, stealing her somehow seems hard to accomplish. Whenever a chance presents itself once again, I will get her next time. See ya!”

Juo was at the diagonal of the spectator seats.With the black robe removed, tattooed on his ashen body was a crawling, black, worm-like pattern.

“Bye-Bye,” he said while waving his hand at me with a childish appearance.

“Ah right, right. The one you cut up just now was already a corpse.I was manipulating it, OK? So don’t worry about it! Haha.”

And then he vanished.In that instant, the dark clouds started to brighten up.The zombies still left inside the Colosseum appeared to be in immense pain, but still didn’t abandon their will to attack.

“They are pitiful, but………..tooryah!”

Gantetsu brought down his axe towards the soldiers–rather, to that thing which was once a soldier.Beinkei and Baste, the A ranks, without any hesitation, eliminated the zombies in every direction.Looking at that spectacle, I felt like running away. I turned my sight away and went towards Roel.

“Roel, how is Tifelia?”

“She has a really terrible fever…….I said that I know about it, but I can’t do anything.”

“We tried the best of our skills, but……….we understand one thing: this is a disease with a viral nature. Right now that is all that we know about it.”

The medics were holding their heads in their hands.It seemed that every measure from their scope of magic and medicinal knowledge had completely no effect at all. (ED: All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…) Before long, all the monsters inside the Colosseum were dealt with; the injured were brought in one after the other.

“It hurtsss….it hurts…please……kill me please…..I beg of you…”

It was so much that I couldn’t keep looking. Their entire bodies were burned; no matter how you look at it, they couldn’t be saved.Some among them even groaned for death. I can’t do anything for them.I wonder why can’t I use recovery magic?Before me, the medics and Roel were working desperately to treat the injured, and I can’t even do anything.The experience I had in the Caves of Hell doesn’t have any use.The more I think about it, the more tears seem to overflow. 

“Don’t think too much about it. It’s because of your actions we were saved.It’s better if there are more living.”

Gantetsu-san put over his hand on my shoulder as he encourages me.Seigel, who was at death’s door, was healed by recovery magic and had his body wrapped in bandages.He groaned “owowow” while trying to stand up, and then headed towards me.

“It sure was a struggle.I hadn’t really thought that I would be saved a second time.Can’t you just get saved occasionally by this great Seigel!”

“But still, a lot of people died…”

“After something like this, you will have a lot of thoughts and regrets, right?

It’s fine to stop for a moment, but to stop moving forward is not good.Keep on moving forward without fail.” (ED: Good life advice.)

Gantetsu only said those words and nothing else.

“Oo~~~i! So you guys were safe~?!”

From far away, Cynthia was waving her hands while running towards us.So she was safe. Relieved, I approached her.Running out of breath, Cynthia seems to have already absorbed the situation. She doesn’t really look that surprised.

“Aaa, just as I thought, Ryua-chin was alright. And above all, Roelun too….”

“You too Cynthia-san. You sure did well staying safe…….though, I’m surprised about that.”

“Yeah, after all, it’s because those people came.Thanks to them, the monsters that were rampaging around the castle town were thoroughly swept clean, you know!”

“Those people? The ones other than us–”

“T-they are?! Did they come back already?!”

Right behind Cynthia, a number of people can be seen walking towards us.Gantetsu was awestruck by the people that were quietly looking at this place.



Turning back time a little—


The spear which was used as a weapon is now being used in a place of a walking stick.Even though her whole body was already screaming in pain, Ritta wasn’t able to run away from the ferocious wild boar.The Beastmaster Panthard was boredly observing her situation. This great boar isn’t that much of a strong monster.And despite this, just what the heck is with this country’s soldiers?!? To think that they are this meager…. His face indicated it as he approached the girl.

“You sure are miserable. Aren’t you a soldier of this country?And yet you can’t even do anything against this monster. Aren’t you ashamed?”

As Panthard said this, Ritta received a body blow.At last, her hand had let go of her spear and she fell on her knees while clutching her stomach.


“Have you ever once thought that shedding tears was mortifying?But, I can see that this country has a very serious problem of lacking capable people. If it’s like this, then that child at the Avangard Cave is much more of a person to look out for.A girl with blue, short-cut hair and a bit boyish–“

The hand that was about to pick the spear that had fallen over faltered.Ritta has already lost her will to fight. Returning that spear to her grip didn’t mean she was going to fight. It’s impossible. Scary. Help me. Ritta was overcome by fear and disgrace. As if adding onto her shame, Panthard’s next words came out.

“About this time, there should about three–no, four of them there.Avangard kingdom–which has no means against us, the revived demonlord army–will be destroyed.”

“You people……why are you doing such things………”

“Nnn, I wonder. If I had to say it…….because it’s irritating?”

“What is with……that……”

Having the same line of sight as Ritta, Panthard, who was crouching, stood up and started patting the great boar.

“Right now, you are going to your death. What would you gain from my explanation?Though, at least if you have defeated this one and stab me once,I would’ve been glad to say a few words.”

The Great Boar was still breathing from its nose roughly as if really unsatisfied.If Panthard hadn’t had it wait, without a doubt, Ritta would’ve been killed.He was manipulating such a ferocious monster as if it were his own limbs. “Beast Master”, that is his class.However, he was different from those 3 outside rampaging:he can summon a monster at will.With that fact, it showed how different they are from him.

“*cough* *cough*…….*vomit*…” (ED: Sorry, no sound effects.)

Ritta vomited blood, and the pain increased to her whole body. Not being able to bear it, she couldn’t even get on her knees from the place where she lay.

“Do you not want to die? Then, try begging for your life a bit.”


“More. A larger voice.”


“Your voice is too low!”

Panthard wanted to kick the fallen Ritta.Suddenly however, he sensed danger and moved away from that place.Having instantly avoided a spear of meteor, Panthard turned towards the direction the spear came from, and confirmed who threw it. 

“Get away from Ritta. The next one will seriously hit.”

“Ha! Nicely said. That just now was serious, wasn’t it?”

Panthard joked back. He turned and faced toward Nikka, who was covered all over with bandages, with a rugged expression.Anyone would know from his appearance that he had not yet recovered from the injuries he got during the fight with Hekaton.

“An injured person appeared to save another injured person! You, what is this girl to you? A lover?”

“A sister; if you lay a hand on her, I will kill you”

“Fuun, so a sister. A set of siblings, what a surprise……”

“Kukukukuku,” Panthard leaked a small laugh.At the snap of his fingers, the great boar rushed towards Nikka.The spear’s thrust became like a meteor, going straight ahead. It clashed with the wild boar face to face.Without slowing down, it went through the wild boar.

【Nikka used -flowing spear thrust-!】 【Great Boar received 951 damaged!】 【Great Boar was defeated! HP 0/933】

“It’s as if its training is not enough. And then it was also not that disciplined.” (ED: I think he is talking about the boar.)

“Sorry. You are feeling so great right now, but just now, that wasn’t even a trial.”

“So have you already thought of your next excuse?”

Panthard, taking Nikka’s provocation, took off the cap he was wearing. Once again, Nikka faced his spear towards Panthard. Panthard whistled, as if trying to prove he was taking this easy.

“If I show the sister this guy’s head, I wonder what kind of face she will show~?” (ED: Ugh. Sadist.) (ED 2: a bit of sadism is sometimes appreciated. brings out a character’s colors) 

—play time is over.

In the inner part of the corridor,  a person wearing black armor and a helmet appeared without a sound.The person stood right beside Ritta. Panthard called out to him.

“Huuh? Why the heck did you also come here?”

“A withdrawal order was handed down. Insect Master, Bird Master, and Dragon Master were all done in.”

“Wha! Oi! What did you just say?!?”

“It’s a withdrawal order. Don’t make me repeat it twice.”

Overpowered by the armoured person, Panthard stop inquiring. NItta stood there trembling and holding on to his spear. He didn’t want to check the person behind him. Feeling as if his whole body was frozen, Nikka couldn’t help but pray that the person would just go away.It’s not that they only differed in mere statuses.

—the difference was by entire dimensions.

As if stopping himself from breathing too much out of fear, Nikka’s tears started to flow.In his fear, he did not even notice that he was prioritizing his own safety over his own blood-related sister’s.Their natural bond only brought them to that level. (ED: This ending is pretty depressing.)

“That girl—I see, very interesting,” the armoured person muttered, and without even looking at Nikka and Ritta, he silently disappeared from the place without even a sound from the clunky armor, as if he were a ghost.

Nikka, who left behind, dropped with bottom to the ground, still trembling. He finally leaked out some words.

“H-Help me…….”

After a while, he went to his injured sister and began nursing over her wounds. (ED 2: when I read nursing, I thought of puppies licking each other’s wounds)


Monster Encyclopedia

【Wind DragonHP 4339】

A dragon who possesses a wing covered in a wind of magic.If you approach it upfront, you would be minced by the blades of the winds.

【Red Scissors HP 1775】

A gigantic bug covered in a red carapace.It was said to be so ferocious that its whole red body was influenced by the blood that it had been bathe with.Before its pair of shears, any superficial protection is of no help.

【Kaiser Eagle HP 3210】

It was said that once its wings are reflected as a shadow on a region, you will need to have the resolution to die, the hunter of the skies.However, even prey won’t notice its shadow as it sweeps in.


TL : 9

ED : Icedtea

ED 2 : ZeRenMi

Editor 2 here, I would like to introduce myself as ZeRenMi, or Ren for short. I’m new to this project and to editing in general. I would like to say that I’m fluent in English, since it’s my main language I converse in, but I’m by no means perfect and I will miss mistakes here and there. Particularly because I, similar to 9, have a trait of being lazy and will sometimes skim over parts that appear fine and occasionally will miss some obscure grammatical issues due to this. If there are issues, just leave comments in the comment section down below and we’ll look over it (or ED 1 will because I’m lazy muhahahahah).

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