Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 46

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***9: From now on, the author is going to use these “◆____◆” to point out where the scene is taking place. Also, I will also be using the term “Maou” when that character is mentioned. I-it’s not that I’m being lazy ok!! Hmph! Btw, Xin-chan is a cute little clown and is one of my fave characters.


Hasto → Hust (from the 2nd arc)

Changed Churchill’s monster name

***9: Wizard Kingdom is a name of a country, the “Kingdom” is part of the name.




Chapter 46 Union End

◆-Side- Demonlord Castle◆


In a vast land covered in freezing cold weather, ice grains are blown violently eternally towards the distant horizon. Within this hinterland environment which does not have any mercy for ordinary men, there was one monster returning to a towering castle.  A tiny clown pixie spotted the incoming Demon Garuda, and believing that the monster came from far away, she immediately reported it to her master.

“Ma-Maou-sama! Maou-sama! The Demon Garuda came back!”

“Just what are you screaming about? Is Maou-sama here?”

“Gegeh! Panthard! Just when did you came back?!?”

“Just now,” Panthard replied slovenly. He held the visor of his cap, fixed it back in place and started to walk again.

Despite receiving a withdrawal order and having returned to the Demonlord Castle, Panthard still received a shock after learning that the three other Demon Generals had been defeated.(IcedTea: Perspective will randomly shift from 1st person Panthard to 3rd person narrator….)

Even after taking into account the presence of the Master Knight, I thought that we could destroy the Avangard Kingdom.I don’t plan to admit defeat yet, but we ourselves should have had enough strength in store. The magic beasts we use to attack the castle town were entirely defeated by the Big Five; the greatest miscalculation, however, was that girl from Avangard Caves.Under the pretext of eliminating a dangerous element through summoning a monster, it was no more than half-serious, half-play at that time.I didn’t think that she was a beast to that degree.If at that time, I had put more effort into crushing her—

“no, I would’ve just ended the same as those three”

“Panthard, although I’ve felt for a long time that you are disgusting, I shall be adding “talking to yourself” to the list, m‘kay?” (9: Congratulations! Panthard earns the title “talking to oneself”.)

“Shaddup, you floaty thing, you are getting in the way, you know?”

“Pffft, after this incident, you will get a scolding from Maou-sama: that’s why my laughter cannot be contained! Pfffft *giggles*”

He shoved the small mischievous clown that had been flying around him, as if trying to obstruct him, away with his hand.  After that, it didn’t bother him at all.He walked through the long, cooled corridor, and at the end lied a wooden door.As it opened with a peculiar sound, everyone else was already seated in the chamber beyond.No, it was not all of them. Those who taken their seats were the 8 Demon Generals, the Demonlord, and his 2 close aides.

“Really…that guy isn’t here,” is what I thought, but immediately, I realized.

[That guy] is still shuffling around somewhere. (IcedTea: Everyday, he’s shufflen’…) That bastard lacked any cooperativeness, even to the point of resenting everyone. So nothing ever gets done.Only glancing at the vacant seat, Panthard didn’t let his thoughts out of his mouth.The news that the other 3 died in battle had already spread; everyone here had already grasped the situation. In the wide room, a long table was arranged, with candles are lined up here and there. The monster that was making fun of Panthard not long ago was heading to where the Demonlord sat.

“…….Before this, I would like to apologize. I’m sorry.”

Panthard apologized while seated.The atmosphere became silent, but no one condemned Panthard, instead looking at the 2 close aides which was on both side of the Demonlord.Of those two, the armored person was the one who announced the Withdrawal Order.And the other was a middle-aged grey haired man wearing a Tuxedo.Even if the two are separated from the rest, the two of them are the only ones who are allowed to converse with the Demonlord. If you compare the 12 demon generals and the two of them, the difference will make you a little bit unhappy. (9: It didn’t state what kind of comparison it is….) (IcedTea: I’m guessing the aides have it better, you know, better clothes, status, etc….Panthard is feeling jealous of their hierarchical position after all…..)(9: i think its the sense of trust) Panthard was feeling jealous to the 2 close aides to the point of self-deprecation. Even though from the start, we didn’t have any things such as hierarchy–

“Now that everyone has already gathered, let us begin. Well, having said that, I guess that all of you should have already caught onto the agenda.” (Batram)

“don’t have any plans to criticize those who participated in the Avangard capture operation. It’s just that various questions remain unanswered/unexplored.” (Scaly dude)

The speech which came from the aide in the tuxedo, Batram, was interrupted by a man whose face was covered in scales.He put his feet on the table and had his eyes closed; he appeared to have really bad manners.

“Especially that part: Why wasn’t the master knight killed off?”

“…….Are doubting me?”

Juo glared at the scaled man with a dissatisfied face.The scaled man ignored it, and looking over everyone else, continued his words.

“If it was me, I would’ve directed all my attention towards targeting the Master Knight and killing her.That way, they would’ve despaired when she died—ain’t my way better?

And ’cause of that, the enemy’s morale would plummet on its own. Starting a war with a surprise attack, if you cut of the head, then it’s PERFECT!!!”

“I see…..Doridon has a qualities of a demon….”

The man who approved of it was demon-like himself. He had slanted eyes and fangs that protruded of out his mouth, and was scratching his long nails across the top of the table. No one looked into his eyes.

“Stop joking around, Ganaws. There are certainly many factors to reconsider, as well as the loss of 3 Demon Generals. There is also what Doridon said….but isn’t there an even greater issue?”

Panthard retorted Ganaws while he talked composedly. Even after having faced the criticism of the demon-man, Ganaws was, as usual, still scratching the table. As for the greatest factor, all of them had already recognized it.

“It’s that girl called Ryua, isn’t it….,” muttered an old humpbacked man.

The silence around the table answered his question. Raising his incredibly wrinkled face, the old man pointed his finger upwards and started drawing circles in the air.

“Even if we went with Doridon’s plan, the result would stay the same. To bring down a demon general in one hit….? HA! Even if I saw it with these old eyes, I probably wouldn’t believe it.” (IcedTea: I’m a huge fan of this old dude. Xin is awesome too, of course.)

“Considering what will happen in the future, that girl will probably be an obstacle.”

The armoured aide opened his mouth on that point first. If you went to the trouble to actually go there, wouldn’t it have been good if he had fought the person…someone probably thought. (IcedTea: I assume this means that the aide was there. Just to make it clear….)But of course, not a single one of the demon generals objected to that person’s point.

“Fumu, well then, won’t all of the Demon Generals be defeated? Fuohoho (etc…etc…)”

The old man laughed, enjoying his own joke immensely.

“Nentoro, if that is the case, then we will have you be the first to go.”

The armoured person didn’t permit the joke. He’s not kidding everyone else thought.

“’Twas a joke. There might be a chance that all of us bite the dust, but the . (IcedTea: ♪♪♪All of us bite the dust♪♪♪) Let me think….if it was me, I would hide myself in the areas outside this castle. In other words, let us advance in accordance to the plans we had at first.”

“Fumu, are there any other opinions that anyone else wants to offer?”

Batram inquired of all of them, and was replied with continued silence. He glimpsed towards the Demonlord who wasn’t talking; he sat there, not moving a wink. Batram understood what the Demonlord may have wanted to say; however, he did not pursue it with any sort of action. (9: Butlers are awesome!! but i want one, a female one!!!) (IcedTea: Indeed.)

“I see your point. In that case, regarding my proposal……..Xin.”


The small clown pixie named Xin jumped, surprised from the sudden nomination, and did a meaningless bow in the air.

“If you have the time to doze off on top of Maou-sama’s lap, then I shall give you the job.”

“M-Me and that Ryua?!? No way! Nowaynowaynoway–it’s to~~~~~taaallllyyyy impossible!!!!! I mean, wasn’t that Churchill done in right?!? He was creepy guy, but among the Demon Generals, didn’t he have prominent strength? And yet I willl~? Geez, just what in the world are you saying?!?”

“Silence. No one here has any expectations of you, you know. (IcedTea: Ouch. Harsh.)  Listen here. I will have you observe this girl called Ryua from here on. What kind of person she is, what kind of food she like or hates,  when will she laugh, cry, get mad, what type of guy she like or hates?  Any trivial information is fine. So, generally speaking, you will collect information” (9: But ryua doesn’t have any type of guy she likes) (ZeRenMi: non-yuris’ers must convert or be purified)

“Eeeeh~? Is there a~ny meaning in that?”

“At the present time, it’s necessary information. If it will be useful or not, I too don’t know. It might be not of help.

However, there might be a weakness we wouldn’t of thought of. This is very important you know–only you can do this.” (9: ……..those last words )


“…….I’m expecting good news from you.”

With the Demonlord’s low-toned encouragement, Xin’s face brightened up. While yelling energetically, in the blink of an eye, Xin’s figure disappeared from sight.

“That sure was simply done………..”

Doridon amazedly murmured. Batram’s judgement is likely correct; however, even while participating in the conversation, Doridon was still looking for a way to get rid of Ryua himself. But if he said so in this place, he will be stopped. Doridon was secretly waiting to test it out.

“We are in a closing mood, but I have one last thing I would like to play with…come in…”

Nentoro clapped his hands twice, and from another entrance, not the one Panthard used, a monster came out. Behind it walked Davitz and 3 Avangard kingdom soldiers. (9: he is the guy that attacked Ryua when they were on the way to avangard) They had cautious faces as they stared in every direction.

“Davitz-kun, thanks to you, we had obtained lots of valuable information. You have our thanks.”

“Thanks for letting me out of prison by taking advantage of the chaos. After this I will cooperate with you guys as much as needed.”

Vuglar smiles rose on the faces of the 3 former Avangard Kingdom soldiers too. Making a circle with their thumb and index finger, they gestured, demanding money.

“It’s a promise. Here you go–you will be glad with these, right?”

“Nentoro-jiichan, quickly finish it up. After all, I only brought them here for that.”

Juo sluggishly gestured by slicing his hand across his neck. Nentoro nodded and stood up from his seat.

“Now then, you guys are scum who sold their comrades for their own self-interest, and should be trash that is looked down upon. It’s like there was no change at all………As I thought, you scum don’t have any worth.”


Davitz shut his mouth while looking like an idiot. Nentoro moved his finger. One of the soldier immediately hacked at the head of the other soldiers. The head danced through the air, blood spewing out the sliced end of the neck while it rolled on the ground.  In that mere instant, from the time the head flew off and fell on the ground, the body also collapsed onto the floor.

“E-eh…..? A-aa”

The soldier looked down at his own sword and towards his comrade’s corpse. Finally understanding the situation, his body couldn’t stop trembling. Seeing this, Nentoro didn’t smile, but rather, sent out cold gazes.

“O-oi, what the hell are you doing?!?”

“No–it was not me–m-my b-body just did it on–”

“Didn’t I said it? I do not plan to allow trash to live.”

“Oi, Nentoro-san! This is not what we talked about! We are supposed to cooperate with you peo—-”

“Cooperate? pHahg!”

Spitting out the phlegm stuck in his throat, Netoro once again controlled one of the soldier’s arms. Without any means to resist, the arm drew out a sword, disregarding the soldier’s will.

“Did you trash really think that we were that serious on winning you over? You trash should have known what kind of people we are, am I right? We do not wish to coexist with anyone, much less with you trash who deserving of death!”

Once again, with the wave of Nentoro’s fingertip, another soldier sank in blood. The soldier frantically begged for his life, but his pleas only echoed in the castle. No one heeded it.  There were some who were calm, some who were grinning, some who just closed their eyes. The soldier who was left had his own sword’s edge held by his own neck (ready to slice).

“Please stop……I’ll do anything…….please only my life, only my life, only my life pleaaaaaaassse!!”

From the three soldier’s corpse was produced a sea of blood. Davitz, who was left behind, didn’t run away. No, he wasn’t able to run away. His legs couldn’t move as if it didn’t have the will. He also had his body’s freedom stolen.

“Please just forgive pleaasse…………mommy~~…….”

It was not an appropriate last word for a grown adult. Davitz stabbed his own sword into his stomach, and his life ended. After the brief tragedy, Juo walked into the sea of blood without hesitation.

“Hey, suffer more. Here you go.”

Juo touched Davitz’ corpse. The dying skin immediately turned a violet color and then quickly corroded.


“Uee” A brown colored girl, showed off her fake performance. Then she plucked of a mushroom living on her arm and softly placed it on a nearby soldier.  As if the mushroom was sucking out the body’s moisture, the soldier’s corpse dried up.

“Well now, let us destroy one of these unforgivable people. Fuofuohoho…”

Nentoro, who was watching Juo and the brown-skinned girl play with the corpses, finally laughed pleasantly .

“……..Now then, hereafter, let us continue in accordance to our plans.Jhitchie, is the aforementioned conquering plan going well?” (IcedTea: What type of name is that?!?)(9: who knows its pronounce as Jii-chi,so if there is anyone there who has a better name tell us)

“Yea, those guys can’t even reach my children’s legs or arms.

I heard that they were a large Magic Country. I’m amazed ya know~. Totally seriouuus~”

“Then go back to your station. If that place falls, the things we gain will be extraordinarily numerous.”


After boredly replying, the young man with a stretched-out stone arm walked away from the hall. The Demon General who were left stood up one by one from their seats, leaving to carry out their respective jobs. The armoured person and Batram saw them off.

“Let us show you the world, Maou-sama. Those mobs will, by no means, be able to stand against the power of our Union” (IcedTea: Noblesse anyone?)

For the first time, the Demonlord raised his head and from his eye, a tear fell, falling down his face. He was not gazing anywhere: just staring at some indefinitely empty space.


◆-Side- Avangard Kingdom◆


“Ryua, as well as Roel, for these times, you are promoted to B rank for your deeds.  Later on, I will report to the guild from our side.”

“Thank you very much!”

It has been several days since the raid of the Revived Demonlord Army; we had become B rank. “truthfully even if it’s A rank, you would have no shortcomings,” said the king, but to be an A rank, one has to take the Exam. No matter who you are, you have to pass it. Even a special case won’t be recognized: that’s why it’s just B rank. Regarding the requirements, you need to take the A rank advancement examination, and also you will need pile up achievements, or else you won’t able rise in rank. But since I repelled the Demonlord army, and it seems that Yuyu’s evaluation of Roel is staggeringly high, the achievement part is already plenty enough. But still, the advancement examination is still in the future. Right now, it’s not that big a deal, and the starting day of the examination is still not yet settled. If I became A rank, I can enter Ikana village; however, I have something I’m curious about, and I inquired about it.

“King, just what is the Revived Demonlord army? Ah /remembers to be respectful, what might it be?”

“About that, we don’t know much. So, since we have already given you your whole reward, you no longer have business here.”

Kirkton, who was working as guard nearby the king, ordered his subordinates to take us. The soldiers seemed to push our backs, and halfway, they became more coercive, and then we were driven out of the castle. That was somehow strange: yesterday they said that they will explain, while today they evaded it.

“I wonder if it’s OK to receive this much?”

Up until now, a large amount of money we’ve never had before is now shaking and making jingling sounds inside the bag in Roel’s hand. If we have this much, for a while, we won’t have any money problems, I believe. But somehow, we are kinda stuck. Is this really fine?

“Hey Ryua-chan, about this money………Is it fine if we give this to the victims of the battle?”

“Yeah, I thought of that too just now.” (9: these girls are too pure, the evil in my heart is kinda dissolving TT_TT) (ZeRenMi: really? They’re washing away your impure love for yuris?)(9: my yuri love transcends all good and evil)

I came upon the idea from the depths of my mind looking at the conspicuous destroyed buildings. Looking at the unbelievable waiting line for the food line, we understood there was a great of number of people who won’t be able to return to their normal life. I don’t know how much this money can take care of the problem, but it should serve its purpose.

“This is what is right after all, then it’s decided.”

Let’s return the money to the king. After we decided, we retraced our steps. From the place where the rubble was being cleared, Gantetsu’s voice called out.  

“Yo, the two of you. Even though it was the long-waited festival, it sure was a disaster.”

“Gantetsu-san, about this money……that’s right. If it’s Gantetsu-san, then he should be able put it to use…..”

When we explained, Gantetsu-san kept saying “Are you sure it’s fine?” Gantetsu might have agreed just from our persistence, but he crossed his arms and thought for a bit.

“I’m glad that I have your trust, but sadly, I can’t take it. You girls should properly explain it to His Majesty.”

“I guess you’re right……sorry for being so unreasonable.”

“You girls must not think of exchanging money lightly. Before you know it, it could become an exchange of lives. That is the kind of thing money is.”

I followed and imitated Roel by lowering our heads in assent.

“By the way, you girls, what do you plan to do after this?”

“Ee, unnn…….I wonder~”

Seeing us glancing at the surroundings, Gantetsu saw through us, and restrained us with his hand.

“Don’t worry about the reconstruction. To the bitter end, you girls are Adventurers. Treasure that.”

“B-but I-”

“You have a goal, right?”

That’s right, my goal. There are a lot of thing I want to know, but among those there is particularly important thing. But still, there are no clues at all. That’s why I can’t do anything.

“Um er, it was something about a demon was it? I don’t know about its whereabouts, but if it’s the sage of the Wizard Kingdom, then he might know it.”

“Sage?” (9: sage-mode is gotten when you get rid of your “fleshly desires”) (Ren: i believe they can also see what cannot be seen)

“I don’t know about him that well, but Sage Hust is very famous, ya know. He is called a living thesaurus of knowledge. I heard something like he had crossed over 100 years old mark.”

“One hundred?!? If it’s that person, then he would know anything?!?”

“I-I said that I don’t really that well, you know…….it hurts~~let go…..”

I was so moved that I had reflexively grabbed onto Gantetsu-san’s collar. I was held back by Roel.

“Now that you mention it, Yuyu also said something. She said that, when compared to Hust-sama of Wizard Kingdom, my level is only up to that of a baby….”

Wizard Kingdom. After I thought I wonder where I’ve heard it before, I remembered that it was Tolppo’s birthplace. But I wonder, what should I do to get there?

“Aah, but about the liner……after all, we are in this unusual situation….”

Gantetsu-san was scratching his head awkwardly. Liner….so that means we need to cross over the sea with a boat or we can’t go. (9: ryua can just probably run on water with Roel on his back) (IcedTea: That is a hilarious image…)The sea….I wonder if it was that spread out blue thing I saw when I left the Kizel Canyon.Sea and ships are words that I have only ever heard in conversations.  I want to ride one–I just cannot stand still.

“Eh, Ah, Hey Ryua-chan! What’s the matter?”

I took Roel’s hand and headed towards the port. Not even listening to Gantetsu-san, who was trying to stop us, or even knowing which direction the port was in, I’m getting really excited for some reason.

“Ryua-chan, we have to return the money to the king first.”

Hearing those words, I finally calmed down.

◆Throne Room◆

“Your Majesty, is it fine to let those two go?”

Bermund quietly inquired the king. The king rested his back on the throne, and he narrowed his eyes, staring as if Ryua and Roel were still there.

“Sooner or later, they will come to rise to A rank. We can wait until then, Bermund, for that. Make haste on the reconstruction and the advancement examination.”

“Haa……however, with the present conditions, we are barely there…… We don’t have enough money to cover everyth—-“

“Hurry it up.” (IcedTea: Daaaamn.)

“Ye-yes, Your Majesty!!”

Following the resounding, curt order from the king, only the answer yes was allowed. Bermund hustled away from the hall, and the king who saw him off quietly closed his eyes.

“Ryua, is it? It’s an excellent, very excellent, outstanding talent. That girl will, without a doubt, become Avangard’s strength.”

Suddenly at the same time, the thought of Tifelia surfaced, but it was immediately erased. I have found a replacement, since if the situation is like that, then that lass is not guaranteed to get better. And for every moment he thought, Ryua’s existence to the king shined brighter and brighter.



【Dark steel Black Dragon – Churchill - HP 28200】(9:the homo dragon) (9: yu-gi-oh anyone) (IcedTea: *In annoying Joey voice* Goooo Red Eyes Black Dragon!!!!!!)

One of the 12 Demon Generals of the Revived Demonlord Army. In size and in power, even among the 12 Demon Generals, he is top class. A power battle style with no tricks, but just overwhelming power. Even a dragon slaying weapon inflicts basically no damage on its black lustered dragon scales. Its breath boasts enough power to jeopardize an entire country.


9: also about the chibi, i’m thinking about the text to put on the signboard and the text bubble, i will be using it for the header. if you guys have any ideas please tell me here is an example: signboard : “Cuteness is Justice!” text bubble: “approved!”  

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