Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Days That I Lived In The Past

10 years, I definitely heard that. There’s no way! Did I live underground in that dungeon for 10 years? Though I do remember taking off the clothes I wore once they became too small. I think my body size has grown according to my ever increasing age. I continued to use whatever monster pelts were available to cover my body. That’s what I’m wearing now. That’s right, weren’t there curious gazes toward me because of my appearance when I arrived in this town?

“Roel, do I look weird?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter you know?”

She immediately replied as if paying no heed to it. She might not mean that but, What a good girl. If I think about it, Kurinka was also a kind person. Now that I take a better look, this girl also somehow resembles her.

“Ryua-san, your card has been delivered.”

I received the card from the guild person who called me. Amazing, it even has a picture of me.

“Good for you. So first of all your rank is D and your level is. . . . .. . .it still hasn’t been determined.


“It represents the numerical value of how strong you are. It’s also the same with the dungeon’s danger level. Basically the standard for comparison.

Danger level. When I was a kid, I heard it from the swordsman that saved me. It was something like: A level 1 adventurer should go to an appropriate dungeon with a danger level of 1. That’s right, If I remember correctly didn’t that person also teach me about strange conditions?

“Ryua-chan, want to try measuring your level? Once it’s measured, the card will record it you know.”

“Yeah, I went through a lot of trouble so I want to try”

Roel walked towards what looked like a black iron box as soon as a person came out from it. I wonder how many other of these boxes there are here?

“Eh~, are you lying? I’m still at level 4! Isn’t this thing broken?” A man came out scratching his head, staring strongly at the iron box.

“Fufun~ just as I expected from myself. My level is already 18.” a female magician with a flashy appearance came out. She is waving her adventurer’s card as if showing it off. 【Iraza Lv: 18 Class: Wizard B rank】

“Isn’t she amazing, that person. B rank is already a veteran you know.”


“Now Ryua-chan try entering it.”

“Eh, wait a minute my heart is not ready yet.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. It isn’t going to eat you.”

I was pushed from behind and right into the iron box. I felt something like a vibration and then a ring of light passed through my body starting from the top and moving to the bottom. When it finished scanning me, something like a screen was projected before my eyes. I wonder what is written on it? The door opened. Maybe I should try asking Roel.

“Roel, how do you read this? 9998 level?”

I understand the numbers before my eyes, I don’t understand the rest of it though.

I feel like something went wrong. No way this was my level.

“Well that is… uuumm?”

After she had stared at the screen for a while, Roel called out to the guild person to ask why.

“Error 9998? This series of numbers? What in the…” The guild person flipped and turned over the pages of a massive book with one hand, looking flustered. Roel silently stared at this situation.

“Overflow? Well, but, the largest that this thing should measure is 100. Sorry, but it seems like it’s broken. Please try one of the other machines.”

“Understood. Ryua-chan, let’s try a that one instead.”

It was another iron box similar to before. But just like the other machine, it showed something weird.

“Ah, hmmm? Is this also broken?”

When the level 4 person saw this happening, he cried out.

“See! Look at that! As I thought that’s broken isn’t it! I thought it was weird too, you know. My real strength should have already passed over level 20. Properly do the maintenance next time! Ha! I’m outta here!”

He was a happily humming a song while trotting out the door. The female mage from earlier, Iraza, was walking our way in a hurry. “Wait a minute, what does that mean? Are you saying that the information this card recorded is incorrect?”

“That one is OK, it probably broke afterwards.”

“Then that’s good.”

Then she stopped tapping her foot on the floor and the clicking noise that her peculiar shoes were making stopped.

“I’m sorry, it seems like I was in a bad mood.”

“That’s fine. . . ah, that’s right”

I remembered my original goal. Lets try asking the guild person.

“Is it fine to go to Ikana village?”

“Currently that place is in a blockade. As of now only a few people are able to go in.”


“Since the village was destroyed, dangerous monsters have started to live around the area. Every adventurer that entered never returned. Afterward, the Aganbarde Kingdom established a restriction. At the present if you are not an A rank adventurer you won’t be able to go in you know.”

“A rank?! Isn’t that too much?”

“Hou~” Roel leaked out a breath. A rank seems to be very amazing.

“What should I do?”

I didn’t really know what to do and then Roel grasped my hand.

“Then, if it’s fine do you want to see my house? Or should I say our house, since I made it so your card showed that location as your address as well.”

I wonder why she’s so kind. The other adventures are cold, while this girl is different. Even though I look like this, why? Once again my tears naturally overflowed. For 10 years, that whole time, I never noticed this was missing because I focused on my aims when I was underground, but. For human warmth to be like this. No, I should’ve known this. Its just that the last time i felt this was 10 years ago.

———————————— Monster Book

【Hell Bear】

The reigning tyrant of the Bear Forest with a danger level of 30. Many confident veteran adventurers whose first encounter with it got their corpses torn apart. It has a strong pelt, that’s why it’s a priceless material of a good robe.


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