Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 51

Ep 51 First time on Boat Part 1

【The Dock】

「Ryua-chan, hurry up, hurry up! We will be left behind by the ship!」

「D-don’t rush me that much, okay?」

I was careless. Even though I haven’t woken up this early even once, I did it for the first time today.

I wonder if the fight with the Demonlord Army and the matter with Ritta overlapped, and I just got tired from it all?

Now that I think about it, ever since I left the Caves of Hell, it feels like my levels of tension have been lacking.

I need to straighten up right now. That’s why I need to get fired up right now and do whatever we need to to make it in time.

I hoisted Roel into my arms and then sprinted with all I had.

I did the same when we were rushing to the tournament reception desk, but this time, the attention I’m receiving is really different, Is it because I became the champion, and so I became famous in a single leap? Most of the crowd is staring at us. I even received something like “hyu hyu”. (9: hyu hyu is kinda used when teasing a flirting couple)

Roel covered her face with her hands — she shrank into herself like a shellfish. I know that it’s reather embarrasing, but it’s better than missing the boat.

「We’re here!」

「Yeah! Now put me down!」

Was it that embarrasing?


At the harbour there were many ships lined up, and just looking at them made me confused as to which boat we had to ride.

It was not just the amount of people riding the boats, but also those who are seeing them off—-the harbour is completely congested. Confirming the number on the ticket, we are now searching for the ship the number indicated.

「If you want to go to Wizard Kingdom, go towards that ship!」

The one who informed us with an energetic voice was Ritta. Is today a day off? More importantly, is it fine for her to be moving? And above all, I wonder how she knew we are going to the Wizard Kingdom?

「I’m sorry, I wanted to say thank you, so I have been searching for you. Then, Gantetsu-san told me about it….」

「You don’t have to do that much……we didn’t do so much that you would have to thank me for it…」

「No, I’m really sorry. Especially, for me, who doesn’t know anything about Ryua-san’s circumstances, to think of you as a frail girl…..I’m sure even Ryua-san has suffered a lot of hardships.」

Honestly, at that time, I was a little irritated, but it was only a little.

That feeling — that lament over my powerlessness — I also have that emotion. Not being able to advance in the Caves of Hell…that didn’t just happen once or twice. I have even had mortal wounds and barely escaped with my life.

And even though I had planned to become stronger, during the Demonlord Army invasion, there were still a lot of people who died. Even now, there are a lot of things I can’t do.

Maybe if I couldn’t protect those people important to me and lost them, I might have become like Ritta.

Rather that just calling it the Spear’s fault, I think that those there also Ritta’s true feelings. Something similar to taking advantage of an enemy’s weakness…that spear might have done something like that.  

「Ah, it looks like they are about to depart. It seems that I have stopped you…」

「That’s right, we need to hurry….Ritta, stay well~」

「I will! Next time you guys come back, I will be a splendid soldier!」

◆◆An Ocean Liner: Bound for Prattz Harbour: Hariart Continent: Day 1◆◆


From the harbor, Ritta waved her hand, and we waved back from the deck of the ship as it started to move. Even though I thought that it would be made of wood, but this seems to be iron? I don’t know much about ships, but I can see this being firmly made. At a glimpse, it may seem slow, but it looks like it has quite the speed, since even now, you can’t see the Avangard Castletown Harbor anymore. Right now, it’s sea no matter where you look. The sound of the waves somehow feels pleasant.

「Roel, this is iron, right? This ship would be more or less fine if you fight here…」

「Ahaha, that’s just like you. Some parts are materials made from State of Metalika, you know. And even the appliances that we use daily are that country’s developing technology — there are a lot of things we use that are products of their technology.」

「The State of Metalika…..you’ve told me about it before. So that country makes amazing things, huh. 」

「The one where we’re are going now is the Wizard Kingdom, which specializes in Magic, while the State of Metalika is a country focused on science.」

I see, in this world, there are various country and towns, and many cultures that we don’t know yet. And after this trip, we will be going there. Both Roel and I — just the two of us. It’s kinda late for this sentiment, but being like this somehow makes me feel at ease.


「It’s always sea everywhere you look. I think I might get bored of it quickly.」

「Yeah, after all, it’s a boat trip.」

「I wonder how the others are spending their time…」

「Looking at the sea?」

「How boring…」

Gazing around the deck while yawning, there were a lot of people relaxing. Looking more closely, there were adventurers I’ve seen before, but there were also people for whom I couldn’t imagine what they do in their daily lives. Watching these families absentmindedly made me remember that I was living in that kind of happy circle ten years ago.

Happy children and their parents —  their happy laughter resounds in my chest. And Roel besides me was watching me with a worried face.


「Yeah? Ah, no, it’s nothing really.」


While I was indulging myself in my thoughts, the door to the guestrooms had opened, and from inside, 3 middle-aged men came out.

I thought something was happening, but after a quick glance, I immediately understood the situation.

「Attention, everyone. Until we arrive at Prattz harbor, we three will be protecting this ship. Please be at ease and enjoy the trip.」

The one who said that was the old guy in the center who had a dark beard around his mouth and circular eyes.

Facing us with a smile and wearing a facial expression full of self-confidence — just as I thought, they are the employed gaurds of this ship.

「It seems that there are some soldiers from the Kingdom here, but these kinds of people gets employed for these types of jobs. I want to try it…」(Ryua)

「I saw a quest from the guild about gaurding the liner. But, if you take it, when you arrive at Prattz, you would have to go back to Avangard Kingdom again….」(Roel)

「Ah, I see….」


That bearded old guy held a spear. Of the other two, one is a wizard, and the other one carried a bow. All three of them are wearing one light layer of clothing, and they look really refreshed in it. Those two had unsociable faces and stood crossing their arms behind the old guy. It seemed like it was only the old guy who was too enthusiastic.

That old guy noticed me and raised a surprised voice.

「Hou! Are you perhaps the kid who won the championship?」

I nodded.

「I see, I see! However, you girls don’t have to worry about anything. We are expert adventurers proficient in guarding Liners. Ever since we started this job 20 years ago, we haven’t let any monsters attack this ship. So you don’t have to trouble yourselves by lending us your help! Don’t worry and enjoy the trip.」

He just continued talking on his own and ended the conversation on his own too. Though, having received this quest for 20 years, it’s somewhat amazing. So before I was even born, these guys were adventurers since then. Though, they look young compared to Gantetsu-san…. The two guys behind the old guy seem about the same age as him.

「The 2 guys behind me is still B-rank, but they have enough ability to be A-rank. By all means, I would like to show off, but….no, well, it’s better to not be attacked by monsters! Hahahahahaha! 」

i don’t really see what was amusing about it, and the old guy raised his voice more than neccessary.

Since there are monsters in the sea, I thought that it would be dangerous if they attacked, but if these guys are here, then it will probably be fine. Though if I had to declare my real intentions, I’d like to at least see some of the sea monsters, but just like the old guy said, it would be better if they don’t appear. (IcedTea: Nice flag raising you guys….)


「Mama, what is that~?」

「What’s the matter? T-that is…perhaps….」

A girl with her family innocently pointed her finger to an object in the distance.

A spikey object pushed itself out of the sea surface, and something swam towards this ship. There are 2-3 of them, I thought when they showed themselves — and with a splash of water, they jumped towards the ship.

【Killer shark x3 appeared! HP 190】

Before the passengers could even scream, the 3 guys had already started to move. The jumping sharks were consecutively pierced by arrows, and the wizard behind the old guy finished his chanting. Immediately, the shark was struck with thunder magic.

【Silva attacked! Killer Shark received 84 damage! HP 106/190】

【Zizinia chanted Thunderbolt! Killer Shark received 111 damage! Killer shark was defeated HP 0/190】

The bearded old guy pierced the mouth of another incoming shark with his spear. And just when I thought that he had finished with it, he quickly drew his spear out and pierced it once again.

【Bortom attacked! Killer Shark received 206 damage! Killer Shark was defeated HP 0/190 】

Lastly, he kicked it back into the sea, and the remaining one was struck by an arrow and disposed by the same thunder magic.

【Silva and Zizinua pair attacked! Killer Shark received 193 damage! Killer Shark was defeated HP 0/190 】

Before the passengers had even really started to panic, everything was already done. That moment probably didn’t even last 10 seconds. That chant speed and the offensive pressure — those were amaing skills. And above all, the power of the bearded guy who kicked the corpse of the shark into the sea…His muscles have swelled up — it shows just how much he has been training every day.

「It sure is a peaceful trip. Hahahahahahahahaha!」

As if nothing had happened, the old guy laughed.

It seems that the passengers had finally noticed that they were saved, and as if they wanted to check out the corpse of the shark, they all went to take a peek at the sea from the deck.

After seeing that series of events, I couldn’t just stay still and be quiet. I’m sure that these peope are used to it, but being unable to do anything irritates me a little.


On that day, nothing else happened except for that one attack, and the day came to an end. Even at night the ship is still moving on. Even if we were asleep….for the ship to be moving means that someone is not sleeping and controlling the ship. I got a bit curious and tried going to the control room, but I wasn’t allowed to go in.


It looks like the ship properly gives out dinner, so that’s a relief.

After eating, as we looked out towards the other side, the sky had already been dyed in darkness. And at the front of the ship, that old guy guy was already standing guard there. The others didn’t seem to be there.

It would be bad to be a hindrance, so I returned to our room.

「i wonder how long it will take for us to arrive? Maybe I should have stood gaurd too.」

「I heard it’s about 4 days long. If this were an old ship, it seems that it would take 3 months.」

「T-three months?! That would be so boring I might die….」

「But looking from the deck, this ship has quite the speed. To make 3 months into 4 days I think is quite amazing. The technology of the state of Metalika sure is astonishing.」

「Yeah, someday we might go there.」

「You’re right. I had planned that one day, I would travel around the world like this.」

Hearing those words made me remembered Kurinka saying the same words in the past. The two of us who didn’t know about the world at all — we believed that someday we would see it. But in the end, that wish wasn’t granted. I recalled the day where everything was taken from me, and a pitch-black emotion had started to bubble within me.

By no means have I forgotten that one-winged demon. However, leaving as an adventurer like this has made me forget that hatred.

Until I fell asleep on this metal cabin bed, I thought about my past.

◆Inside the dream◆


「I see. So the 2 of you still haven’t gotten out of this village yet.」

The swordsman-niisan rubbed both of our heads as always. Both I and Kurinka enjoyed our talks with Onii-san about the outside world. There are a lot of diffcult things we didn’t understand, but it was fun.

「Hey, teach me how to use the sword.」

「Ryua-chan, didn’t they say that you’re not allowed to…」

「Hahaha! That’s right. nd above all, your parents had firmly said that it’s not allowed. I am very grateful to the two of them and the people of this village, so I am all the more unable to break that promise.」


For these usual events, Onii-san had always laughed. 
However, the face I saw that time was as if he was a different person.

When I was about to talk to Onii-san, who was standing at the corner of the village, he suddenly wore a dreadful face. However, he noticed me immidiately, and suddenly put on a smiling face again. Onii-san was kind.
And that Onii-san was pierced.

By the one-winged demon.

Just to let me escape….Onii-san died.


I ran though the mountain’s spikey ground.

I don’t even know where I am running to.

I just continued running.


A monster attacked me. It was something that I haven’t seen before, and I crouched to evade the hand of the monster who is many times bigger than I am.

Even though I was so desperate to run away, that monster’s attack did not even hit me once. And suddenly, my heart started to beat faster.

I stopped running and put power into my legs. And I ran towards the monster――――


Awaking from my usual dream, a little bit of light from the small window inside the cabin had began to leak inside.

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