Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 52

Ep 52 First Time on A Boat Part 2

◆Ocean Liner bound for Prattz harbor: Hariart Continent. Day 2◆

Even though one night has passed, the scenery is still coloured by the sea. I took a walk around the ship.

I wonder how you cook inside the ship? Where the food supplies are? It’s the first time I’ve seen a ship so I didn’t have any interest in these things before. The control room was not allowed but Cook-san at kitchen was kind, so I was specially allowed to go inside.

Food preserved inside an iron box and a properly arranged kitchen. I can’t do any cooking at all, but I admire how nicely it’s done. I tried cooking a monster once not knowing whether it was edible…..if that was called cooking, then I can cook. I only hunted for delicious monsters and carried them back, how nostalgic.

Walking about with no aim, in the end, I went out towards the deck.

The waves are calm, nothing has changed from yesterday. The bearded old guy was not at the front. In exchange, the 2 who weren’t there yesterday are now here. It looks like the soldiers too are alternating their watches.

「Fuaaa, let’s see. Are there any abnormalities?」

「None, there’s nothing to compete with, so it’s too boring. It’s fine to sleep more, Bortom.」

The bearded guy came out while scratching his body. After  stretching his body grandly, he noticed me and came over while still scratching his body.

「Yo, how is the trip?」

「I might be bored…」

「Wahahahahaha! I know, right? The only thing you can look forward to is the food after all!」

Because he was laughing so exaggerately, his saliva flew around the deck. But what he said was right, after eating, you can only kill time like this.

It seems that Roel had gotten friendly with a child and her family and began accompanied her. I am bad with that sort of stuff though, so I could only watch them from afar.

But looking at her like this, Roel’s smiling face is cute. That is enough to satisfy me.

「Oya? That ship is…..?」

The archer Silva put his hand on his forehead and stared far away. In that direction, there was a ship.

It’s still very far away so I can’t properly see it, but is that also a ocean liner? Just when I thought that, Bortom had a change in expression and yelled.

「Ah, that ship is bad! Captain, avoid it!」

Bortom ran towards the Captain’s room while shouting. I wonder what’s with him.

It seems that the passengers have gotten curious, just to see the ship at the front, everyone gathered at the vanguard.

「Mama, a ship!」

「Oh my, it really is, is it a liner ship heading for Avangard?」

「It kinda looks old, and more over, isn’t it’s sail broken?」

I saw the ship getting closer. This shop was different, and it was certainly old. If I had to say it, it’s exactly like the ship I have been imagining. But our ship is starting to stray away from that ship. Even though, I believed that they wouldn’t hit each other, what’s the matter?

「Dammit, Bortom-san’s judgement was right! Evacuate the passengers to the cabin!」

Silva and the wizard Zizina’s complexion changed and then ordered the passengers to take refuge. I’m having a bad premonition, and moreover, even though it’s early morning, the area has gotten dim. The field of vision had started to fade to white.

This is a fog, a white fog that has started to drift around us. By the time we recognized it, our surrounding had been completely obscured. And yet, for some reason, the ship in front us can be clearly seen.

This is bad…Roel should be around here. I need to hold her hand tightly, or else I won’t know what’s going to happen. (Tea: Gotta love Ryua like this)

「Ryua-chan, so you were here.」

Roel was the one who found me. I wonder if the others are already inside the cabin? In my vision, there was no one else there. So those two’s quick guidance did that much.

「Impossible ….this is….」

Bortom appeared and was scratching his head.

I am hearing something…..there is a voice from that ship.

「Oo~~~i……please help……」

I heard a frail voice asking for help from the wooden ship. But Bortom and the other 2 didn’t go and help.

Even though this ship should be faster, the wooden ship is already drawing near us.

The sail is torn here and there, and the wooden planks were popping off and falling; it was floating in a strange state.

「Hey, that ship is……?」

「That is the Ship of the Dead! You must not listen to those pleading voices!」

「Still not being able to die, the ship kept loitering in this sea…….and it’s been tens of years…」

When I questioned, Botorm and Silva swallowed their saliva. Basically, that is a ship of ghosts, so a ghost ship. (Tea:……alright then)

Ghosts, I remembered some cases in the past. At that time, I was perplexed about the opponent whose nature I didn’t understand. And thinking about that, I could understand the discouragement of Bortom and the others.

But, I believe in something. The owner of that voice is seeking for help.

Even Francois didn’t want to become like that. The people on that boat had once lived.

If they hadn’t died, then right now, they might have been smiled together with these people while on their ship.

「You don’t have to sympathize! They put that in your heart and draw you in!」

Zizinia sensed our thoughts. Being drawn in…that is troubling.

「Bortom-san, I will somehow do something about that ship.」

「No matter how strong you are, it is still reckless….it’s really tough. It would be different if a exorcist specialist was here, though….」

The ship had stopped before we knew it. A sailor ran out from the control room with a pale face.

「It’s no good. The engine has already stopped moving….」

「Why….why did that have to appear now…..」

Bortom had crouched on the ground like a pill bug. As if chanting something, he kept repeating his words. He was shaking and won’t move away from his place. Though, as expected of Silva and Zizinia, seeing thatm they lightly struck his back.

「Bortom-san, what are planning on, getting scare all by yourself?! Isn’t it our duty to protect the passengers!?」

「Please, please…….」

It seems that Silva’s word didn’t reach him — Bortom was shaking from fear that he even let go of his spear.

Even though he looked cool during the time when the sharks attacked, right now he looks so uncool. The one encouraging him, Silva and Zizina, seem more reliable.

「R-ryua-chan, can something really be done to that?」

「We have no choice but to do it. Roel, stay here and wait!」

「I-I’ll go too!」

Her body was shaking more than Bortom’s. Really, I can’t take her with me in this state.

Just when I was going to gently refuse her though, Roel firmly held both of my hands.

「If I just stayed scared, I believe I can’t do any adventures. I — I want to go various places with Ryua-chan. Ryua-chan might have….um…..a goal to go to your village, but I want to be with Ryua-chan more and more. And for that, I have to get stronger so…」

She bit her lower lip, and she stopped her own body from shaking using her hand. “I will protect you, so you don’t have to worry!” I was about to say that, but I decided not to. If I did, I felt that it would be bad. If Roel wishes to be strong, then I should accept it. I will protect Roel — didn’t I decide that from the start. There was no need to hesitate.

「Okay, then I want you to come with me.」

「My pweasure!」(TL: she bit her tongue)

I don’t know why she bit her tongue…maybe she is just that scared. I still think that this is bad for her, but it’s too late to fall back.

Now then, the problem is how I should deal with the ghost ship. If I fire a Sonic Ripper, it looks like it will just break, but is that really okay with me?

If it was just a ghost-type monster, then I would finish it in no time, but I can’t come up with a decision by any means.

I don’t have the time to worry. Inside this thick fog, for some reason, I can clearly see that ghost ship.

I have no choice but to do this. I carried Roel with both of my hands.

「Ryua-chan, are you possibly…」

「yeah, I will jump towards the ship.」

Without waiting for Roel to react, I had jumped towards the ghost from spearhead of the liner ship. Looking down from high up in the air, the ghost ship is more rotten than I had imagined. The rotten wood was overlapping with each another, and there were holes on the floor here and there. Just as I noticed that I might break through as I landed, it was already too late.

We flew right under the deck of the ghost ship and then kept going down through many floors. Dust and blocks of wood grandly scattered about.

◆ Ghost Ship ◆

「Oops….will I get scolded?」

「The only ones that can scold you are the ghosts, you know….」

It’s dark so I can’t see properly, but we seem to have fallen at the kitchen. Since it hasn’t been used for a long time, it’s full of rust, and there is a bad smell wafting through the air. I reflexively pinched my nose.

Suddenly, I heard a creaking sound on the floor behind me. Turning around, I saw an enemy as was expected — an unhuman thing, not of this natural world, was there.

【Skeleton appeared! HP 103】

Human bones — you can’t say anything else about it but that. Looking at the boney hand holding a knife, I wonder if this person was the cook here? There is no more traces of it, but for sure, when this person was alive, he should have been cooking with those hands. Things would have been fine if it didn’t have to attack me, but my wish wasn’t granted.

He swung the kitchen knife down at me. It’s sad, but I have no choice.

The kitchen knife didn’t even reach my body — I kicked through its ribcage, breaking it:

【Ryua attacked! Skeleton recieved 331022 damage! Skeleton was defeated! HP 0/103】

「The s-ske-skeleton moved…it moved….」

「Well yeah, it will move…」

Normally it wouldn’t move, but in this situation, not moving is more unnatural. But more than that, it might have been bad that I just defeated it in the spur of the moment. If I was going to do this, there is no difference from me using Sonic Ripper on this ship without having to board it.

What was it, the reason I came here…..to do something about this ghost ship — yes! It’s this.

Is what I told myself, but surrounded by such numbers, I couldn’t think of anything else besides defeating them all.

Several steps and resounding creaks on the floor, groaning voices, and rough breathing could be heard around us.

「Roel, for now, let’s go back up.」

Again, I carried Roel and jumped. Thanks to the hole that I made when I fell, we were easily able to get to the deck. I was worried about whether the floor might break again, but this time it was alright. However, the moment I landed, I understood that what I did did nothing for the situation. While rocking their upper bodies, a group is slowly approached near us.

Half-transparent while flickering, they steadily came near us. A springy, bouncy body that had inhaled water, a person that looked like it got half of its head bitten off, child and an adult too —  there were various type of them.

「Roel, step back.」

「Ryua-chan, wait. Let me try it.」

「Try it, Roel, you?」

Removing herself from my arms, she moved in front of me, and before I knew it, she had stopped shaking. On the contrary, she looked so calm that it was unsettling. Even though she was that scared, I wonder what just happened.

The flickering vengeful ghosts took a step closer and another slowly walked towards Roel.


Roel quietly whispered it, and after that, one of the ghost was wrapped in a faint light, and in an instant, returned to its previous human form. When it morphed back, its facial expression eased into a one of relief from pain.

That person shed a tear. You could see saying some words. And then, from bottom to top, in a few seconds, it dissapated.

「Everyone, you don’t have to suffer anymore. That’s why, please be at peace.」

It looks like her words were able to reach the ghosts — this time they stopped moving and then simultaneously shed tears.

I don’t know what happened, but as I thought, these people have suffered. Even in death, they still relish their pain — I believe that its irrational.

I don’t want to die, but at least I want to be at peace afterwards. Everyone would have thought so.

I am surprised about Roel, but just what happened to this ship…I am curious about that part.

「I believe in it. Recover magic is not affective against Undead type monster because it’s a weakness, but I’m sure it’s because it’s the only way to release them from their suffering, don’t you think so?」

「But Roel, these people are not monsters, you know. Just what did you do?」

Roel didn’t say anything. Is it because she herself doesn’t know about it? However Roel somehow looked like she understood something. It was first time I saw Roel like this.

It was a bit strange for her to come with me here despite being afraid, but maybe it’s because she believed that she could do it from the start.

「Heal….heal……yes, you too….」(9: gaaaaah, I received damage!)

Roel, one by one, used heal to purify their soul. And at the verge of release, they were all saying things.

At the beggining, I didn’t quite understand it, but I finally understood it.

“Thank you.”

I can’t hear their voices, but I’m sure that’s what they said. Somehow, Roel was wrapped in light, and seeing her expression made me hold back my breath.

A kindly smiling girl; however it’s not exactly Roel. She looked somewhat more mature, her smile had composure in it.

The innocent smile that I only know coming from Roel — I see something different in her.


「Yes, you’ll be alright…..」

Can she not hear my voice? But it might be bad if I distract her, so let’s just shut up. If I just left it to her, we might be able to do something about this ship. It looks like there is no turn for me.

「Nooo! Let goo!」

「Bortom-san, what’s the matter! Hey don’t just stare around, come help me hold him down!」

「Y-yes sir!」

I heard that from the ocean liner. Looking over there, on the deck, there were a lot of people pinning Bortom down.

With Silva, Zizinia and a number of sailers weighing him down, they had finally restricted his movements. However Bortom is still struggling.

Really, what happened to that guy? Even though he was entrusted with guarding the ship, right now, isn’t he just baggage. (Tea: Hmm…this is the only part of Ryua I don’t like….think about other people’s emotions…)

Good grief…….after I thought, I heard groaning.

The state of the ghosts became odd. Their eyes lit up red, and all of them changed direction.

They charged in the direction of the ocean liner.

No, it’s different.

It was not the liner, but a certain person the ghosts are looking at.

「Stop, please stop! Please forgive me! I was wrong! I will do anything, so not my life, please!」

The ghosts, no….those souls had their whole bodies dyed red, as if they were flaring up in anger.

And then, the ghost ship started to tremble.

Monster Encyclopedia

【Killer shark HP 190】

Aiming at the humans riding on a ship, the shark freqeuently jumps and attack.

For an adventurer to go through the sea, defeating a killer shark is not really a decision, but a given, since they have that much living area.

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