Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 54

Ep 54 First Time on a Boat Final Part

「If not even one of the people on this ship dies, then it’s your win! If even one is dead then it’s my win!」

The moment I heard those words, the urge to defeat him right now is driving me. However, I need to carry Roel to the infirmary. It seems like he knows that I won’t be able to attack him, that guy just casually dived into the sea.

「I am one of the 12 Revived Demonlord Army Generals, Sea Master Doridon! I’ll have revenge for Vitt, Churchill, and Bartz!」

This time, when I heard Doridon’s voice from the other side, the hull shook from the intense waves. The tremor was so bad that the people on the ship couldn’t stand, on this ship everyone is clinging onto something. I can’t fall over from something like this, without minding it I rushed towards the infirmary. From the jolting, the passengers onboard had fallen into panic.

The child that Roel had played with was crying, while being embraced by her parents. It seems that they were anxious inside their private rooms, most of them went to the passageway making a fuss asking what’s happening.

The sailors are somewhat trying to calm them down, but there is no trace of them calming down.

「Excuse me! Roel, no, please take care of this girl!」Without waiting for any reply, I lay Roel on the bed, and immediately went out. I am worried about Roel a lot, but it was not as urgent as defeating that guy immediately.

If a person dies on this ship, then it would be his win? Don’t mess with me.

「Don’t get swallowed by the waves! Don’t ever let go of each other’s hands!」

When I came back to the deck, the waves were already closing in. To protect themselves from the water that landed on the ship, Silva, Zizina, and Bortom, have started to gather at the center. They are barely holding up their weapons, but in this situation, if that guy’s subordinates come to attack they won’t be able to properly fight back.

That guy will probably attack from the sea. If he is there, he knows that we won’t be able to lay a hand on him, and he’ll corner us like that.

【Fish Lancer x6 appeared! HP 600】

【Dead Lobster x3 appeared! HP 620】

Six monsters that are similar to Doridon, having the upper body of a humanoid, rose up onto the deck. Different from Doridon, they are fully covered with scales. After that, as if chasing after them a human adult-sized crayfish jumped onto the deck.

【Okeano appeared! HP 3610】

【Emperor Squid appeared! HP 4730】

Out faraway, where I thought the seawater was bulging, appeared a Squid a many times larger than this ship that I have no idea what it is. And nearby the same area, a sea serpent the same size as the squid appeared. If they get here, this ship might simply sink.

So this is Doridon’s so called game, huh. Now that I think back to what he said it’s revenge, but in the end didn’t they just reap what they sowed. I don’t know what in the world is with this Demonlord Army but, just what do these guys think lives are.

「Doridooon! If you want a fight, show yourself!」

「If you want to fight Doridon-sama, then you will have to dive into the sea」

I got surprised when the half-fish man talked. It’s laughing as if making fun of me. Even on this shaky ship, they are still composedly standing up. No, it would be weird to express it like that, because their lower halves are fish.

Everyone is still the same, they aren’t even able to fight properly. Not being swept away by the waves is all they can do.

「Everyone go back inside the ship! I will somehow do something about this!」

「B-but you…..no matter how skilled you are-」

「No, let’s leave it to her……The one who defeated the leaders of the Demonlord Army who attacked Avangard Kingdom was her.

Even at that time no one was able to properly fight them back, that’s why we can’t do something about it. How ‘bout it, wanna bet on it? 」

Silva persuaded Bortom who was objecting as if cooling him down. Spinning their spears, which are made of materials that I can’t guess, the half-fishman attacked. I don’t have time to deal with these guys. Let’s dispose these guys and that big squid faraway.

「Sonic Ripper!」

The Sonic Ripper’s slash pierced and scattered away the half-fishmen and the crayfish. And going with its momentum. The squid who had raised its ten tentacles and was going to attack was also pierced through.

【Ryua used Sonic Ripper! the Fish Lancers, Dead Lobsters, and the Emperor Squid received 428293 damage! The group of monsters was defeated!】

Having its whole torso slashed as if being hurled away, its tentacles scattered into pieces in the sky and sank into the water. When I thought it got dark, the other sea serpent had opened its mouth and was trying to swallow the ship whole. I didn’t know it when it was far away but, it’s considerably big.

Is this one also Doridon’s subordinate? If this one is here then we won’t be able to sail.

For the sake of what’s after this and also moreover for the sake of this moment, let’s shut that mouth.

【Ryua used Sonic Ripper! Okeano received 428293 damage! Okeano was defeated! HP 0/3610】

Rather than shutting its mouth, when I thought its mouth had just stayed opened, the sea serpent bursted open. The left behind body of it sank as if it fell over behind. Its force is intense, and the waves went over the top of the ship.

Even without that, there are waves frequently rising towards the deck, it’s too horrible I didn’t know which was from the sea. Me and the others too were soaked with water by the waves, and our whole bodies were wet.

「Bortom-san, you saw it right?」

「A-ah. I’ll leave it to you….」

Using the time where the waves won’t come, everyone except me evacuated inside the cabin. But saying that, there is still no point.

As that Half-fishman said Doridon won’t come out from the bottom of the sea, and of course I need to defeat that guy.

So I have no choice but to resolve myself. Even in the Caves of Hell, I once had to dive into the water but fighting was hard.

Just as I thought, fish swim better. At that time the floor was still low level, so it wasn’t enough to drown me but, right now I wonder how long I could last.

But I had noticed something. When I am not here, who will protect this place.

and moreover if the ship itself gets attack, it might end up sinking immediately.

「Geez! I can’t think of any that will work, and there is no time to think!」(9: there will be fanservice after this)

I took off my clothes. And so that they won’t be swept away I threw them violently inside the cabin. The people who immediately crouched down, were surprised at something, but I don’t have time to care. Having only my underwear left I jumped inside the sea. (9: fanservice for pervert, now you guys have to imagine ryua in her undies!)

◆ Inside the Sea ◆

Just as I thought, the currents are strong. If you just swim normally, then you will just be washed away and be jostle around and it looks like you won’t be able to do anything. I need to make sure I don’t let got of this sword.

I don’t know whether or not this bastard sword can be used underwater. Perhaps it might get rusted, but if this can hold out for only this fight, then there’s no problem.

I wonder where Doridon is? Even if I look around, the dark sea depths are just spreading out. I can’t see anything.

No, Doridon isn’t the only one here. The half-fishman from earlier and countless monsters, as if they found prey, rushed towards me.  

【Fish Lanzer x20 appeared! HP 600】

【Death shark appeared! HP 1200】

A shark that looks like a killer shark I saw yesterday was mixed in with the monsters. As I expected living in the sea, their movements are fast. Precisely trying to kill me, it opened its mouth towards me. My movements more or less get dull underwater, but there is no problem with this level of enemy. I killed it in one slash. The shark’s blood got slightly mixed with the water, but there is nothing else remaining.

I don’t know how long I can hold my breath, so I can’t carelessly move around. I was only there floating while waiting for the enemy to come, and also without moving on their bloodthirst was building up.

All of the 20 half-fishman with their spears are frantically coming to kill me. If I just stayed and fought these guys, one after one another will just keep appearing which is annoying. But I have no choice but to do that.

Fortunately, it seems that these half-fishman can talk, in that case they should understand.

Without preparing to fight, I floated upright pretending to show my openings.

Just as intended, thinking it was a chance, they pierced my body with a spear. Nope, I wasn’t pierced. As if hallucinating that the spear was a rubber toy, the spear wasn’t even able to make me shed a drop of blood.

“What the hell is with this one?”, I seem to have heard from them.

If you want to atleast pierce me, at least have the kind of fang of the panther-like monster on the innermost floor of at the Caves of Hell.

That monster was scary, the shield that I had picked up on the floor before it didn’t even work a bit and was easily eaten off. Actually when it bit it off, I thought it would also bite my arm off too.

It seems that the half-fishman had given up, they have separated from me and surrounded me, and are checking me out from a distance. It’s good that they finally understand the difference of strength. When things get annoying it’s best to do this.

At that time, something coiled around my leg.

Surprisingly when I thought about it, I was already pulled down to the bottom of the sea.

Looking down I saw that Doridon had changed one of his fingers into an octopus-like tentacle while grinning and looking at me.

「To get this deep and be able bear the water pressure, you’re really a genuine monster(bakemono)」

Even inside the water I could still properly hear that guy’s words. Even if I talk, it would probably won’t even be words.

I wonder if it’s some kind of technique or skill, from the way he moves his mouth I could clearly understand it.

「Well, I also expected that to happen though.」

When I thought of approaching him, I was washed away as if being pulled, and then this time as if the sea itself was leaving it produced a spiral current.

【Doridon used Maelstrom!】

Current after current overlapping one another started crowding around me. Ignoring the current, Doridon’s tentacles approached me. Blows from the tentacles attacked me mercilessly. Being washed away by the current, and then attacked by tentacles, and once again washed away before being attacked by tentacles again.

Sometimes they coil around me and seal my movements, but they can just be sliced to pieces.

But still the sliced tentacles immediately regenerate and attack me again.

「Kukukku, how is it? You can’t properly fight underwater right? Among the 12 Demon Generals, there is no one that has challenged me inside the water! Did you know? That in this world, 60% is made up of sea! This ocean which is the source of life, controlling it means controlling everything!

No matter how proud you are of your skills, it will end up like that! also having trouble breathing? Kukukukukuku!」

Even though we are inside the dark seas, this guy is oddly high tensioned. I’m sorry that I had to make him worry about it, but when I had dived at the Caves of Hell, the time I had lasted stopped around 30 minutes at maximum. And right now I can last even longer.

That guy being so full of confidence is because he thinks that he can’t lose here.

For sure I didn’t expect this.

―――――For someone to underestimate me this much.

「By the way how are the human-chans doing above? Maybe a hole opened on the bottom of the ship and it has already started sinking? If one person dies then you were not able to protect that life! When I heard it from that bastard Juo, I had a revelation! That this girl will even protect a stranger’s life to her best ability, really a naive-chan! I wonder which one has died or how many have died or maybe it’s all of them! It sure is exciting! 」

Is this guy calling this a game? If so then, this guy doesn’t need any more pity, I don’t need to have that emotion for him.

【Dorirdon did High Speed Rotation Swimming!】

Ignoring the currents, Doridon attacked me like a bullet. Even if I evade, he quickly changes direction and does the same attack again. Doridon attacked from all directions. And while moving, he waved his fingers and produced about 10 swirls.

【Dorirdon used Aqua Hurricane!】(9: well, yeah there is no announcement about him ever damaging Ryua)

The foam swirled at high speeds closing on me. Not being able to move due to the current, so this is it. Just kidding, of course not. At the Caves of Hell there were no monsters that had attacked me and used this much skill underwater, it was a bit surprising. So this guy is as strong as those 3 in the 12 Demon Generals, I only obscurely think to that degree. And only just that.

I got used to the attacks in the underwater match. There is no longer a need to be washed away by this current.

I had started swimming aiming for Doridon, who had been swimming like a bullet.

Doridon who had been harassing me with composure saw me chasing after him, he looked confused.

「W-what in the world is that movement….」

The face that had been grinning until now has changed. So that one would be able to show their full power, they will fight at the their best place, it’s an important thing. But that kind of guy, when I was a kid, I have fought them so much that I am bored of it. A monster that lies in wait in lava that can melt steel, a monster that lies in wait in a place so cold place that ir even freezes your dripping nose.

If I count them then there would be no end. However, against that kind of opponent, on my side, I am the one most used to those.

And on top of that, this is a match, I had thought that this is obvious so, I couldn’t understand why he is so impatient.

He said that he is the strongest in the water, but is it just because that there was no one that can move the same as him in this situation?


「Okay, got you.」

I tried mimicking him and talked, but it’s only just gabo gabo I can’t completely talk yet. “Okay, I got you”. I wonder it that got passed through. Well, who cares.

【Ryua attacked!】

At the moment that the blade of the Bastard sword vibrated, Doridon’s size had become big and at the same time he was blown away. Is this possibly, when I thought of that, it went exactly as I expected it to.

A monster that I don’t how many times it’s bigger than the ocean liner. Including the upper body that had been in human form, the skin that had gone white and a head as if a shark had been stuck on it, and from its fingers octopus tentacles had grown respectively. While his lower body remained the same, his appearance had become strange.

With the same point as the other 3 of the 12 Demon Generals, this guy had become a demon.

Is he a human or not, I have no idea at all. But there is one thing that I can say, at least I know that his heart isn’t human. A guy that calls stealing a life a game is enough to be called a monster.

And that ugly appearance shows that.

【The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- has appeared! HP 31000】

「I’ll destroy everything! Humans, every thing humans have created, every things humans eat, every thing beloved by humans, the ones that humans have taken interest in, every thing that looks like a human too, everything everything everything everything, I’ll destroy everything!」

If my size is compared to this guy I am just a speck, our difference was that much. If this guy goes wild not only just the ocean liner, but the seas around the world too might get destroyed. I don’t have anything backing it but I could feel it from its overflowing ferociousness and from its hatred.

When those octopus tentacles are shot, it even went through his monster underlings and also strangled them.

And even the half-fishmen too became prey to it as they try to calm down their boss. He is indiscriminate, is all that I can say about it.

「I’ll sink it…..I’ll sink that shiiiip!」

His large body is moving towards the sea surface. No matter how you look at it, that guy is aiming for the ocean liner.

Even if that guy did nothing, just by going to the sea surface with that body of his, that ship will just capsize on its own.

Of course, I wouldn’t let him do it.

I swam and lined up with Doridon, who is going upward. First let’s make him go far away.

【Ryua attacked! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- received 7802 damage! HP 23198/31000】

I lightly kicked the lower part of its humanoid torso. Even though I held back, Doridon’s huge body was blown far away with extreme speed.

「Gahaa….! Wh-what was that-」

【Ryua attacked! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- received 13730 damage! HP 9468/31000】

Chasing after the blown away Doridon,  this time I went below him, and kicked him up with more strength than before.

Doridon’s body went towards the surface of the sea with faster speed than before. After that I will chase after him again.

Because of Doridon who appeared at the sea surface, the ocean water bulged up and produced huge waves.

Doridon who was thrown away from the sea to the sky.

「OI, no way you….」

「You have caused a great deal of trouble, who was the main cause of trouble, I have to clearly show everyone that you are defeated」

As if chasing Doridon, I jumped out from the sea surface. Doridon is above and I’m below him, With him being flung into the air, people on the ocean liner far away should be able to see him. I can’t properly see it but, but I think those number of shadows should be Bortom and the others.

Even if they had secluded themselves on board, just as I thought the monsters weren’t able to wait.

Still even if the ocean liner was attacked by monsters. Everyone, please be safe.

But before that, let’s end this, Doridon.

「T-this kid to be able to deal with underwater matches…..that’s just impossibl-」

【Ryua fired Sonic Ripper! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon- received 430018 damage! The Raging Violent Lord of the High Seas -Doridon-  was defeated! HP 0/31000】

Just before he finished his final words, I had teared up his body, and erased it away.

However, that was only for an instant, I had once again fallen into the sea due to the gravity.

It was only for the moment, but I was able to inhale air while on air, at the last bit there was a bit of choking, so it was good timing.

◆ Ocean Liner ◆ (third pers)

「T-that is perhaps!」

The scene that Bortom had seen was a huge monster never before seen in the sky and  someone slashing it.

And that person’s shadow immediately fell back to the sea, Bortom understood who that was. The half-fishmen and the Fish Lancers that attacked the ocean liner, were dumbfounded as they saw the full details of what happened.

「Impossible Doridon-sama was defeated-!?」

「There has to be some mistake! That must not have been Doridon-sama!」

The monsters that had the superiority in the battle, internalized the situation and at the same time their will to fight was decreased.

However it didn’t disappear completely. Even if you what the next things these ferocious monsters could do, there is only one thing.

「Humans, how dare you…!」

In this situation, there are already many people who are covered in injuries. Silva and Zizina too, have a severe injuries and can barely move. If Ryua was a bit late in defeating Doridon, at that moment they might have not been able to survive. Even though they had defeated some of the monsters, the monsters’ numbers and abilities were superior.

The reason that Bortom and the others had perished this much was because they had decided their resolve in their hearts.

The monsters that had gathered and surrounded the area around the ocean liner. The adventures, who were in the prime of their lives, swallowed their saliva. Miraculously there had been no attack on the bottom of the ship. Everyone there had been eagerly waiting for Ryua.

「Silva,  Zizina, can you survive until that kid comes back?」

「It’s not the matter of doing it or not, we have no choice but to do it. Being able to come this far, I’d like to pardon myself from dying」

Even not being able to stand up, Bortom was barely encouraging them. Cheering themselves up, somehow they are able to keep their will to fight. For a small time, the stalemate conditions continued.

And then finally, the monsters around the ship were slashed in the same way as Doridon from far away.

From the excited eyes of all those present, the one before them was certainly Ryua, who had returned.

The girl who showed her face from the water, and the girl that had restrained the monsters.

「Kill them!!」

In desperation one of the Fish Lancers shouted and at the same time the battle with the monsters has began once again.

But when the fight happened again on the deck of the ship, the monsters’ rears were pierced by a light fired from far away.

In the sea and on the ship, the countless number of monsters were shot through by pillars of light one by one.

Without any time to panic and before learning who their attackers were, the monsters were dealt with in a few seconds.

Bortom and the others couldn’t take in the situation instantly, and then Ryua rose up from the sea.

「I’m back…..everyone, I’m glad that you’re all okay. By the way what was that just now?」

More than Ryua who was in her underwear, the humans there had poured their interest on the ship faraway. (9: damn you, are you guys even men!!)

「T-that mark on the ship! The State of Metalika!? Why here of all places….」

It coming nearer, Silva understood it in a glance.

With many more times the mass compared to the ocean liner, and a hull seeming to be wrapped in steel.

Right there was on that ship, was a mark in the shape of a silver wing.

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