Kansutoppu! / Kansutoppu! Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Courage and Recklessness

“Aude . . . . . .-san? Did you find anyone injured?”

I asked a couple of questions to Aude and he denied it with a shake of his hand. “Hey, I saw you, you know. You’re amazing. What’s with your body strength?”

“L-leaving that aside we need to really need to help them!”

We tried to leave, but Aude stood on our way.

“Aren’t you gonna pass over me? You can even defeat that right?” (TL: not sure about this oneおまえとならあのポイズンサラマンダーをやれそうだ) (ED: This is referencing that Aude saw Ryua move the injured from last chapter)

“Didn’t they say that we must avoid fighting it?”

“What? As long as it’s defeated it’ll be alright. If you defeat it the guild will be sure to recognize you. Are you sure you want that old guy taking all the credit? That guy, compared to our rewards he will get more.”

“You really shouldn’t disrupt the order of the team you know……”

Roel refused with a small voice while looking down.

“Shut up, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to that kid with short blue hair.”

“Roel formed a party with me you know. Don’t be stupid.”

“Aaaaa~, I understand. I don’t need your help anyways.”

Looking sour like a child, Aude suddenly changed direction and rapidly walked away. If I’m not mistaken, that direction is where the is.

“That guy…couldn’t be?”

“Yeah, isn’t that dangerous……?”

“Mighty Force!”

【Etolam chanted Mighty Force! Gantetsu’s attack power raised!】

Gantetsu jumped high up into the sky, and aiming at the he brought his axe down.

【Gantetsu used [大切斬]Taisetuki!】

Entrusting his body to gravity, Gantetsu’s strike pushed the head of the to the ground. The raised a cry while its head was gushing green blood.

【Poison Salamander received 462 damage!】 【Poison Salamander HP 622/1520】

“It sure is tough……but that hit should have given it a good rattling.”

The raised its head that was gushing blood, and seized Gantetsu. following that moment, it released a shower of violet liquid from its mouth.

【Poison Salamander used Poison Splash!】

At that instant, Gantetsu tried to dodge to the right, but half of his body was completely bathed in it.

【Gantetsu was poisoned!】 【Poison Damage! Gantetsu received 80 damage! Gantetsu HP 214/440】

“Uhhg! So it has come to this, but I’ll rely on you Etolam-san!”

“Angel Cure!”

【Etolam chanted Angel Cure! Gantetsu’s poison vanished】

The damage Gantetsu received from the seems to be taking a toll on him. His feet began to stagger, and he wasn’t able to skillfully avoid the ’s pursuit.

“Now, it’s time to put the pressure on!” (TL: uuuuh 「さぁて、一気にたたみかけるぜ!」)

“So that’s the ! It sure is big…”

Behind Etolam, Aude was fiddling with his spear.

“W-why are you here! Didn’t you listen to the strategy?!”

Etolam was surprised, and while distracted Aude started running towards the .

“Hey, old man! I know what I’m doing! I will show you my true strength!!

“You fool!”

Gantetsu’s roar was useless, Aude was already above the ’s legs.


Aude freely fell from the sky striking the ’s legs, at least, he should have. Gantetsu jumped toward Aude and hit his body, causing Aude to fly away. Without a moment of hesitation Gantetsu raised his axe in the air.

Gantetsu might be able to take the hit, he wasn’t doing this for pride. (TL: 慢心してなかった。)

However, if things continue he will get crushed. I chose this moment to land the final strike.

“So this is where I die……”

A shockwave hit the . (TL:  えぐり込むような衝撃がポイズンサラマンダーを襲った。)

From the forelimb to the tail, in a straight line the was cut. Understanding that the large body might fall onto them, Aude and Gantetsu evaded it.

【The Attack of Ryua damaged the Poison Salamander by 302701!】 【The Poison Salamander HP 0/1520】 【The Poison Salamander was defeated!】

Still in the pose of holding his axe overhead, Gantetsu noticed the girl way in the back. I also was also standing still in a pose of holding my sword overhead.

Good thing that was barely in time. Nevertheless, the added effect from my sword, I wonder why it didn’t activate this time? Because I attacked in the heat of the moment I didn’t really think about it; but if it was activated then those 2 would have been hit as well… I shouldn’t be thinking about those kinds of things.

“Haa, haa, Ryu-Ryua-chan wait for me…”

Roel caught up with me while panting for air. When I was wearing a robe I hated walking, so her fatigue is easily understandable.

“A-amazing! Gantetsu-san if you had that technique you should’ve used it right a the start! We could have finish much faster!”

Etolam rushed over to Gantetsu. I wonder if Aude doesn’t have any energy, he’s just sitting on the ground looking stunned.

Thank God, It’s good that the extermination was safely done.”

Roel also thought that Gantetsu defeated the . Even though it was my achievement.

“……..the mission is done. Let’s return.”

Etolam was in high spirits as he went, I quickly followed suit. Suddenly I got the feeling someone was staring at me, I immediately turned around. I saw Gantetsu and Aude, they were talking behind me.

“O-old man. . . .I-I am…”

“Certainly my life was on the line as well.”

He laughed like making fun of himself, then Gantetsu walked off. Etolam went back to chase after Gantetsu.

“Oi, you’re Ryua right? Cut off the whiskers of the and bring it. That’s the proof that it was defeated and it just so happens to also sell for a high price. But be careful when cutting, it’s the source of the poison after all.”

“Eh, ah, aa, yeah…”

It was a sudden instruction, but I followed it and cut the whiskers of the . I was nervous about the activation of the added effect of my sword, but nothing happened. In that case I wonder what the condition was for it to activate.

“Gantetsu-san, why is that kid doing that? Since you were the one that defeated it, you should be the one carrying it.”

“I’m tired.”


Etolam wasn’t fully satisfied with the reply.

“Ryua-chan, lets go back.”

Roel pulled my arm. Roel, Etolam, Aude and everyone else thinks that Gantetsu defeated it. I wonder if the old guy will boast about it when he returns.

Monster Book

【Poison Salamander】 An enormous Lizard with an overall length of 30 meters. It lives in , once it’s injured where ever you go it will chase you tenaciously. Its brutality is second only to the Hellbear. Its size is to be feared more than its poison. —- TL and ED note version: ← →

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