Kanzen Kaihi Healer No Kiseki / Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki Volume 1 Chapter 17

The day after the secret meeting.
I was thinking about how to cure Ren’s curse. While changing from sleepwear to equipment, i think of a method to cure the curse.
Curse potion, or with magic … but this is would be tough. It would be very difficult, even potions prepared by the country for Heroes also did not work.

So, I come to think of a different possibility.

「Non-Human races…..!」

In this different world, in addition to Humans, there are continents where Beastmans live and continents where Demons live. Even if a Human is unable to create a curse potion, it may be possible for other races.
Even so, only Harlsan was the only one I knew from other races…

「I was summoned to defeat the Demon Lord, but what does the Demon look like in the first place?」

Are they are in the form of monsters, unlike Humans? Or does it look like a Human being?
It would be better to know into it first and share information with Ruri and others.

After changed to my equipment and stretched my body a bit, the sound of like “kon-kon” and knock echoed from the door.

「Good morning, Hiroki- san!~ Let’s go to breakfast.」

「Good morning, Tina.」

When I opened the door, Tina, Dia and Freutz were there. We planned to go hunting in the dungeon today. Of course, I want to go hunting too. But today I need to gather information first.

First of all, should I ask Freutz while having breakfast?

「You want a curse potion?」

「I want it, but I also want to know what kind of thing it is.」

While eating an omelette, I immediately spoke to Freutz. He may be have some experience as an adventurer, so i might get some information from him.
Freutz taught me the basic types of potions.

「Potions are basically made from medicinal herbs. add different ingredients into it to increase the variety.」

「Fumu-fumu ……」

There are three types of potions on the market.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced potions. So there are beginner-level curse potions, intermediate-level curse potions, and advanced-level curse potions as well.
Basically, many adventurers uses intermediate potions. If something happens, the beginner one won’t help much, it’s only for healing minor injuries, and for the advanced level it will be very difficult to stock up because the prices is too high.

「Isn’t there no higher than the advanced one?」

「There is. …… But it’s very rare.」

Most higher potion that higher than advanced ones are obtained by defeating the dungeon boss, obtaining it from the treasure chests, and making it at research institutions. Even if you know how to make it, it’s difficult to get the material, and it takes a long time to make, let alone to produce it en masse.

If for a King, will be able to get it from research institute.
Still, it was impossible to expect from the King, so it seemed better to look for it on another continent.

「Demon mostly very good about the curse problem, and i don’t think we Humans are doing much research about it.」

「The Demons?」

「Oh, their characterization has higher magical power compared to Humans. There seems to be a facility for various research.」

Then I think it would be better to go to the Demon Continent.
In other words, I was told to defeat the Demon King, but apparently, they were not like a group of evil monsters from what Freutz said. As expected, the King’s credibility is far below zero.

It seems now is better to investigate how to go to the Demon Continent.
When I thought so, Tina, who heard my conversation with Freutz, got into it.

「Has anyone been cursed? I’ve heard that there are herbs that are essential for the curse. But it’s so hard to get it.」

「Is it true? Tina, tell me about that herb.」

「I’m sorry, I don’t know the details either. I’ve only heard of that.」

「I see..」

I didn’t get the details, but now I knew there was a valuable herb for it. If i gather information at the Adventurers Guild, someone might know something.

「Okay, I will ask the guild about that before we go hunting」

「Eh, ah… Yes」

I hurriedly finished my breakfast, and left the inn.

In the morning, the adventurers guild is so lively.
In this world, science has not developed, so the city is not very bright at night. Although it has a streetlight, it’s only for minimum necessary. Residents sleep early and wake up at the sunrise.

「Good morning, Harlsan」

「Good morning, Hiroki-san. What did you do today?」

「Actually, I wanted to know about curse.」

「Curse? At Hiroki-san’s level, I don’t think there’s any monster with curse magic.」

The monsters that can curse are often troublesome. She advised me not to go to such places yet. But unfortunately it’s not for me.

Perhaps there are rumors that the Hero was cursed. She might be suspicious if you want to know how to get curse potions or how to cure curses.

「You know, because I’m a Healer, so I need knowledge about it and know how to deal with it.」

「Oh, Is that so? You’re so enthusiastic.」

When I gave a good reason, Harlsan believed it easily. She said, “I have a good book,” and took a book from the back of the counter.
There is a letter on the old red cover, but unfortunately it cannot be read.

「It’s a study record to solve the curse and curse potion. The highest peak of the curse potion, uh, i think you need an apricot grass.」

「Apricot grass?」

「Yes. It’s a medicinal herb with plenty of magic.」

……Apricot grass!

I didn’t think i’d get this much concrete information.
I’d like to check the habitat and go for it as soon as possible.
But for that, there is a problem.
Firepower. I can’t go with Tina and the others, even though i need to collect it in a hurry.

Rather, i think there is no choice but to hire one strong adventurer with money and become a bodyguard.

There are still many problems.


「Nh? oh, Tina and Dia」

「Is that all? Please do your best today too. I’ll lend you this book」

「Thank you, Harlsan」

I can’t let Harlsan explain it all the time at this busy time. I decided to go to the dungeon with two people who had just come to pick me up.

First of all, let’s confirm the place where the appricot grass grow, and earn the money. And somehow, let’s get the firepower.


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