Kanzen Kaihi Healer No Kiseki / Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki Volume 1 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Applause From Adventurers

「Freutz, is Tina all right?」
「She’s okay, It seems like she just ran out of mana because she used too much skill」
「Ran out of mana huh?…」

In this world, the number of times a skill can be used is not clarified. You can only feel that mana exist and flowing in your body, and if you have felt sluggish, it indicates that there is not much mana left in your body.
You have to learn, senses and figure out how much skill you can use.

It’s troublesome.
Come to think of it, I still didn’t feel tired. Probably, I still have plenty of mana at the moment.

「Anyway, for now, we must return to the surface. Can you carry Tina on your back Hiroki? Me and Dia will fight the monsters」

Lusha helped me when I tried to carry Tina who was lying on the stairs. Tina feels heavier than I thought because currently she is still unconscious.

…… Can I walks while carrying her to the surface?

Thinking about my lack of physical strength, I get anxious. Having to walk while carrying her up the stairs, I don’t know if I will be able to. Even though I’m a man, I’m pathetic, sigh.

「I will support you, so let’s do our best and return to the surface.」
「That’s right, let’s go Lushsan」

I started walking when Lushsan encourage me.

Because of Tina who is a DPS was unable to fight, I thought we would have hard time to fight the monsters. However, because we’re heading to the surface, there is only weak monsters who came to us, and also Dia has become pretty strong now, the movement is improving compared to before.
But above all, Freutz’s strength is also very solid who was following the movement of Dia on the each stage.

I hate to admit it, I quite impressed by the fact that he’s really a good guardian for them in the first place.

「Thank’s Hiroki. Okay, Let’s go pound them all」
「Alright, count me in !!」

Pulled by the momentum of Freutz, Dia’s movement also improves.
We were able to get out of the dungeon without any problems.

「Hiroki-san, are you tired?」
「Yeah, I’m fine Lushsan, by the way is it okay for you to leave that party?」
「Un, It’s okay Hiroki-san. That party didn’t suit me at all!」

After leaving the dungeon and return to the city, we were split into two.
Freutz and Dia immediately back to the inn with Tina. Me and Lusha were go to sell the materials we collected from the defeated monsters at the adventurer’s guild.
Nonetheless, Freutz said that it was a low level monster, so it wouldn’t cost much.

Lusha who walking next to me is somewhat brighter. Perhaps because she was able to left her old party and joined with us.

When we reach the Adventurer’s Guild, we immediately go to the counter where Harlsan in charge of.

「Hello, Harlsan」
「Oh, isn’t Hiroki-san? … Eh, Lushsan too, why are you with Hiroki-san?」
「Hello. ah yes, Hiroki-san helped me when I fell down and was abandoned by my party in the dungeon.」
「Abandoned!? Really!?」

Listening to Lusha’s words, Harlsan is shocked and sighed. Apparently, Lusha’s party was a bit of a mess. She muttered “I must warn them” and wrote on the document.

「But, it’s good, isn’t it? You’ve always had carrying that big luggage. I was worried.」
「Un, if judging by the results now, I’m grateful that I fell down at that time」
「Indeed, so It’s good. Fufufu」

The two of them laughed and Harlsan begins to check the material.
The material is mainly fangs and horns. Occasionaly, some monsters have magic stones, but I haven’t seen it yet. It’s used for equipment and magic tools.

「The state of the material is…… Well, It’s so-so. But the numbers is quite a lot, so the total is 15,000 lotto」
「Ah, Yes, no problem. Thank you Harlsan」

We’ve received the money from Harlsan, and our mission is completed.

「Well then, let’s go back to the inn!」
「Hey you! Did you put Lusha on your party?! The useless Archer!」
「… !!」

As i turned back from the counter, The leader of the previous Lusha’s party, was standing there. He holding the quest paper in his hand, looks like he wants to take a new quest.

So, What’s this guy want to do with me?

「Not really, I think it’s only because you didn’t know her skills though. Nnn, do you still have any business with me?」
「Huh? Her skills? It’s useless isn’t it?」
「Hmm, is that so…..」
「To think that there are people who want to picked up Lusha! Apparently, he’s also an useless Healer who raised his evasion stats.」

In any world. There is people who want to always get involved like this.
When I was thinking about what to do, Lusha, who was trembling with anger next to me, shouting her voice.

「Hiroki-san is not useless! He’s a great Healer!!」
「H-hey, Lushsan」
「Huh? What did you say?!」

She is too rash.

Because Lusha was shouted at him, I felt a bad feeling. And indeed, the feeling was right. The man raised his fist toward Lusha.
I quickly intercepted him and Harlsan, who was watching from behind the counter shouted his voice, but the man’s actions were faster.

「Stop!! fighting in the guild is――」

*Miss !*


The voice of Harlsan and the crazy adventurers in the guild was overlapping.
And they’re immediately dumbfounded, as if not believing. They had thought that I would be beaten when i come to intercept. Harlsan and the man who hit me should’ve know that I am an evasion Healer, shouldn’t they?.

「You’re kidding me!!」

*Miss miss !!*

He tried to hit me with all his strength, but my body avoided it smoothly. This feels so great, my body avoids it by itself. I always thought that this was really like in a game.
The man’s face turned red, but no matter how hard he tries, his fist won’t hit me. Whenever it is.

――Just realized, my evasion isn’t max yet.

「I don’t want to make any more noise, so can you stop it?」
「Yes, that’s right !! If you make any more noise, I will consider to evaluate your adventurer’s qualifications」
「Shit !! Oi Lusha, I’ll remember this!」

Finally, the man curses and leaves the adventurer’s guild.

「Huh … Finally」
「T-thank you, Hiroki-san」
「N-no. I’m glad Lushsan wasn’t beaten.」

That’s not something i can imagine to take a hit from such a big man. I’m glad I could avoid it, but I was also surprised that he didn’t even hesitate to hit Lusha.

After the storm has passed, applause broke out inside the guild.


The adventurers who were watching, surrounded us, saying, “Wow” “I think it was amazing!” Apparently, they are amazed that I can avoided the attack.

「Elf jo-chan, are you okay? I was a little worried because I saw you always being forced to carry the big luggage all the time.」
「Yeah, But, I’m glad that you was able to move to a good party」
「Un, Thank you everyone!」

Apparently, most adventurers already knew that Lusha always been forced to carry a big luggage with her. They was worried, but they can only to be quiet, because they don’t want to interfere with that party.
Surely, even though the man is big he’s also quite fast, if you get hit by him even a little, it’s no doubt that you would get hurt.

When I thought about it, I think it was good that I can help Lusha.

After chatting for a while with the adventurers in the guild. Lusha and I went back to the inn.


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