Kasou Ryouiki No Elysion

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This is a story about two siblings that were separated from each other. Tenryu Taiga prefers sport, and his younger sister Tenryu Fuyuki has no rival in computer and information technologies. They lived in different conditions, but in 8 years, destiny tied them in one house. Both needed financial resources. Fuyuki plays a game where people win cash for attacking harmful cyber bugs, such as the Aries system. The game attracts new members every day. Taiga didn’t have a choice, so he joined it as a soldier who suffers from unknown feelings. At some time, Fuyuki’s best mate Saionji Rui also enrols and receives his first game trick – See you, my prince! Could two siblings provoke a cyber catastrophe? Watch the story to know what happens after.

Kasou Ryouiki No Elysion

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