Kaze No Stigma

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Kazuma Kannagi experienced a sad period of his life – 4 years ago when his cousin Ayano Kannagi beat him in a battle to become the heir of Enraiha and receive the family relic sword. Kazuma couldn’t succeed in fire arts. He disappointed his relatives and was forced to leave and wander around the country. Now Kazuma comes back as a wind arts expert named Yagami. He doesn’t react well to Fu-Jutsushi who might be guilty of murders at Kazuma’s house. Chapters 1-6 signify the story’s core. Chapter 7-12 are short versions, known as Kaze no Stigma Ignition, that was written for diversity. The end of Chapter 4 is the only part of the novel that hasn’t been translated.

Kaze No Stigma

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