Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu

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Kishouin Reika is a 5 years old girl who feels something extraordinary. Soon she realizes she had another life and was a fresher of a Suiran college. Reika owned some memories but still couldn´t recognize her position from the past. Her name was also depicted in another tale – You are my Dolce. There was a successful story Shoujo in her previous life. The story transferred to a tremendous drama. The beginning was quite ordinal for a teen. A girl with a humble origin was lucky to enter a distinguished Suiran high school where only kids of rich people studied. She certainly differed from her peers with her apparel and lifestyle. Once she fell in love from the first sign with the most desired guy whose nickname was “The Emperor”. She started enduring bullying from the first day of being a student. An intriguer who instigated mockery was Kishouin Reika that had fun while teasing the poor girl.

Reika was a spoiled wealthy child though her age implied at least some mind. She was arrogant and harmful. Kishouin felt no mercy or respect to people in a lower financial condition. Moreover, she hated the commoner as she dreamed about Reika’s fiance. The Emperor didn’t aspire to marry Kishouin, so he preferred to date the kind girl and cancel the unwanted wedding. The Emperor revealed Reika’s father’s suspicious business activity and possessed his assets.

Seems that boomerang occurred if Kishouin suddenly grasped how bad she was. She was shocked and swore to become the most generous girl. She doesn’t even care about property and luxury anymore. She only wants to please people whom she hurt. Join the story to see how Reika tries to make amends.

Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu

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