Koushite Kare wa Okujou o Moyasu Koto Ni Shita

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I am Miura Kana, and I wanted to commit suicide when my boyfriend broke up with me. I lifted to the school’s roof and noticed a weird girl. She called herself a scarecrow. It sounded ironic and sad simultaneously. Then she declared other nicknames – tinman and lion.

Lion looked at me and asked. “Why do people usually forget to vengeance before passing away?”

Her words made me think. Since that time, I became Dorothy who was ready to beat the Wicked Wizard of the West and make everybody’s dream come true.

One meeting under a cloudless sky that seemed to be the only shrine changed my destiny. It showed me those aspects of life I’ve never guessed about.

Koushite Kare wa Okujou o Moyasu Koto Ni Shita

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