Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 111

111 War in the Forest 12  Objective accomplished

That 『Principle』 boy……Serizawa Atsushi.

……When did he come here? I was fighting that woman while being alert to the surroundings, but I didn’t see his figure approaching at all.
Rindou was blown to here at an outrageous speed, and just when he stopped himself after passing me, the boy was there before I knew it.

……That boy is variously strange.
First, at the point where he can blow Rindou away like that, is already strange. ……What is happening? Wasn’t his 『Principle』 Talent supposed to be still developing? No, rather than that, something that can’t be explained is happening.

One of Rindou’s abilities, 【One who creates wall (Wall Creator)】, the ability that suits that stubborn guy, is capable of creating a tough 『wall of concept』 that won’t let anything through. If he deploys the 『wall』 even once, he can even protect himself from a storm of nuclear strikes. It was such a broken ability.

……But what was that just now? Although I only see it from a distance, he certainly activated his 『wall』. It’s impossible to break through his wall. It should be a special Talent that uses such 『concept』. Therefore, it’s powerful……there shouldn’t be a person who can break through his defense once he defends.

But that boy destroyed the 『wall』 and on top of that, he blew that large build to this place.

There’s clearly something interfering and breaking the concept of Talent. Can a 『Principle』 do such thing? I don’t know such information……even in the memories of 『Haba Ryuuichi』 inside me.

……As expected, that is special. Shouldn’t we be more cautious since the beginning? While at this last hour, I think of such thing.
But fortunately, it looks like it was right to beat him up to the extent that he won’t die just now. I didn’t expect that boy to come back at this timing, so I felt a chill at first, but……that Serizawa boy who appeared suddenly, spat out blood while falling to the ground, and stopped moving. On this occasion, I don’t care of what’s happening. At any rate, his movement stopped.

Thanks to that, my job……became fairly easy.


The woman holding a katana in front of me……Kirishima Satsuki. When that boy spat blood and fell to the ground, this woman was distracted. Just a moment, she blinked. But I desired that only moment. ……Now. I distort the space, and fly.


She realized the intention of my movement, but she was a little late to react. I pass through the woman’s back, and rush to Kurono Meria. A slash was launched towards my back immediately. A lethal slash assaults me. But……


The woman’s slash was blocked by the 『invisible wall』 that appeared in the air, and disappeared.
……That’s right. It’s strange if anything doesn’t become like this. 【Wall Creator】, this was the Talent given to Rindou.

「Partner……I leave the woman to you」


The woman tried to chase after me, but she stopped because the 『invisible wall』 blocked her way.

「……You are going nowhere. I will be your opponent」

A position change with Rindou. He is exceptionally better against her. Leaving that woman to Rindou, I jump greatly to the 『target』.
In front of me, there are two boys, the boy who manipulates fire and the boy who escorted Kurono Meria. My next opponents are these boys.

「……Here he comes, Kurasaki……! He’s strong. Don’t let your guard down……!!」
「……Fuhi……that’s scary……to the extent I would wet myself……」

The boy who uses fire and regenerates his body quickly, and another one……the boy who escorted Kurono Meria to here. I forgotten about his name, but his ability should be manipulating 『shadow』. I didn’t check the documents properly as I thought that he wouldn’t be a threat, but……these guys are quite good for their age.

……I’m done easing up on brats.

The fire boy jets out flame from his back like a rocket, and flies towards me at an outrageous speed. Several times faster than Kirishima Satsuki’s charge. This boy is also a monster.
When I look at him, the moment he accelerates, he charges towards me while spitting blood. That acceleration. That’s understandable. It’s not strange to have his organs crushed. A suicidal charge with the reason of his body can regenerate. ……How foolish. Even if you have such idea, who would use it in practice? And to continue using it endlessly is either he’s crazy or he has some kind of resolution.

No, the boy is not crazy. Right now, he stops burning the surroundings as if caring about his comrade. That’s an obvious concern. Most likely a smart decision. As I thought, he’s not crazy, but he’s fighting like this after thinking calmly. Will a boy of that age go so far? ……As expected, that boy is dangerous.

But in this situation……that calm decision is welcome.

「……If like that, you’re not scary at all……」

The reason why this boy was a trouble a while ago, is because of the vortex of flame that burns down the surroundings. It’s not like I can’t dodge the flame itself with my 【One who distorts space】, but I have no choice but to run if he changed the environment vastly. That was really dangerous.
I thought of it, but this boy right now, is just an immortal zombie. He’s fast, but it’s not as polished as Kirishima Satsuki. That’s why……


I 『can cut』 easily.
I activated my Talent, and distorted the boy’s body into half. The divided body falls to the ground, and the boy groans.

「Sorry, but please stay there」

The boy’s body regenerates immediately, but I can do it within that time. Next is the boy who manipulates shadow. A black curtain spread from the ground and covered my sight.

「……The ability to manipulate shadow……A subspecies of space manipulation-type, huh……? What an unusual ability」

At the same time, I saw countless thorns heading towards me from the darkness below him. But the boy’s movement is slow. Can’t be compared to the other boy. I slip through the boy’s black curtain in an instant, and I try to hunt his head by distorting the space, but the next moment, the boy dodges my attack by bending backwards.

「……Fuhi……that was dangerous……!!」

Looks like he has a good intuition. And the boy sank into his own shadow the next moment. Then, countless arms stretch from the remaining shadow, and try to drag me into the 『shadow』. ……This boy is also troublesome. Versatile. He can deal with any kind of situation skillfully. I can’t read his next move.
But fortunately……he’s not that experienced.

「……Hey, that would be pointless」

The boy’s role is probably Kurono Meria’s escort. But that role will not be accomplished if he conceals himself. He’s a kid after all……no, he might be escaping in order to protect himself. In that case, he’s correct.

I dodge the boy who manipulates shadow, and move forward.
What’s left is…………Kurono Meria. Her alone.
Now that the escort is gone, she just stand there defenselessly.

–I approach her immediately with my Talent, and cut her head. Without resisting, blood splashes from Kurono Meria’s neck while the head rolls down to the ground.


Immediately following, a boy screamed. The fallen boy, Serizawa Atsushi. ……He woke up already…… How can he move with that bloody body? ……That is really dangerous. I thought so from the bottom of my heart. It’s dangerous if we don’t get away from here quick.

「You really saved the trouble to find you…………Kurono Meria」

The first objective is accomplished. With this, the other 『Board』 members will have no right to complain at us. We need to get away from here quick.

「Let’s go back quick……Stonehead」
「Ah, well done. The plan is a success」

Rindou finishes his role, and approaches me. I can see the woman and boys struggling for something from the other side of the 『invisible wall』.

……Now, it’s time to get out of here. Speaking of the difficulty, it’s very low. But it’s not a situation where we can be carefree. There’s the thing about that boy, Serizawa Atsushi too, but……there’s another thing bothering me.

That brat……Takegami Shinya who concealed the important information from us and Randou Hitomi. I don’t know what they are planning, but we need to get away from here as fast as possible. Otherwise, we would be in danger. My intuition is urging me strongly.

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