Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 112

112 War in the Forest 13  Kurono Meria

Kurono Meria. She is really a special existence.
She probably knows about it herself.

No……judging from her speech and conduct, I think she is not that conscious of it. To be that inattentive on strange things, is what I like about her……I think that part of her is cute.

I always had an interest on what kind of person she is.

She was picked up by Kurono Kagenobu after surviving as a combatant in the fierce battle in Antarctica when she was 12. Then, she was almost executed by the military due to her ability being regarded as dangerous even after migrating to Japan……But still, she survived, and in just 2 years, she learned an almost perfect Japanese.
6 years later, she acquired her PhD when she was 20 and at the same time, she acquired the qualifications to be a 『Talent Appraiser』. During the time……I heard that she was an acting principal in Teihen High School while holding the post of contacting the 【Site Administrators】 since she was 14 years old. With that only, I can understand that she is an outrageous person.

When I heard about her for the first time from my father, Kirishima Masamune, I was surprised that such person exists. And I immediately thought of wanting to meet her.

No, to be honest……I think I was a little jealous of her. I believe that I worked hard to be called 『superior』 by the society. I believed that I had to put efforts to counterbalance it. But she was out of norm in everything. It is even ridiculous to compare her with me. I thought of that every time I know about her.

In fact, she is one of the very few important people in this country……At present, you could say that she is the most important person in this country.

Being the daughter of the world’s strongest Talent User, 【Site】 Administrator, Kurono Kagenobu. Substantially, his assistant. And also, having the role of contacting the 9 【Site Administrators】 that rule this world.

In addition, she is one of the few people who knows the existence of 『Kurono Yuki』 who was the direct cause of the end of the Talent Great War. Also, the guardian of that other self (Shinozaki Yuria). She is also the manager of the special organization 『Teihen High School』 that was established in order to prevent Talent Users from joining the Dark Side, and she is also the discoverer and guardian of 『Principle』 and 『Serizawa Atsushi』.

Above all……she is substantially the successor of the knowledge regarding the research field of 『Haba Ryuuichi』 which is being restricted from reading. At just 24 years old, she is already being acknowledged as the world’s greatest Talent researcher.

If I want to talk about her importance, it will be endless. People say that I am superior, but……when putting myself with her, I will only get overshadowed.

Therefore, I wanted to try to talk to her. The reason why I accepted this task is halfly because of the request of my father who dotes Kaname too much, and……the other half is because I am completely curious of her. Preparing alcohol and get along with her forcibly. I think that was a bold approach from me.

At the night of the first training, I was looking forward to talk with her. I had high hopes that her mind would be like a perfect superwoman if I talk with her as she has such a lovely face.

But I was wrong.
The woman I met, tormented herself with thoughts……with her shoulders shaking as if she was going to break soon.

What I saw was just a weak person. Therefore, I poked her cheek instinctively. Because her side face looks very lovely……and frail.

And she was also not good with alcohol. After drinking, she immediately mumbled, and fell asleep. The sleeping her was really defenseless, and I thought of playing with her many times……

The person who I acknowledged my lost before meeting. The person was disappointedly normal. To the extent that I think I am an idiot to prepare my mind for it.

But after all, that was her. The 『Kurono Meria』 who I carried into the tent, was just a girl with squishy cheeks who fell asleep after drinking alcohol. The person who I felt jealousy and admiration, was like that after all.

But still……as expected, she is the most important person of this era.

If people knows about her, everyone would feel the threat. Her ability. Her knowledge. The environment she is placed in. All of those are close to the world’s core. In everyone’s eyes, if she feels like it, she can have an extraordinary authority. People who try to use that. People who shun her. People who fear her. I don’t know how many there are.

……Even I was one of them.

「Major Kirishima……can you send Kurasaki-kun to here?」

A while after the attack started, she suddenly said that to me. At that time, the weak woman I met at that place, was not there. In exchange to that, her eyes were burning in some kind of determination.

Ah……this. I thought so.

The reason why I wanted to meet her. I somehow understand it now. I am sure that I wanted to see this kind of her.

She reached something that I can’t see. She has such eyes.
……That’s right. She should be like this. The woman I imagined, is not a weak person. She is not a woman who will stay quiet when being attacked.

After all, she is really special. I who have never experienced lost before, was scared and jealous of her……She is also the person I admired. That is her, Kurono Meria. There is no way that it would end like this.

Thinking of that, a smile naturally appeared from my face.
And I accepted her plan while knowing the risk of it.

……That’s why, this will not be the end.

Right now, her head was cut, and fell to the ground. This situation is according to her plan. Because of irregular things happening……I was very worried, but it turned out well. Kurasaki-kun did his job. This was just as planned.

But……if there is a miscalculation in this situation, then, it is him. Serizawkun.

He doesn’t know. That this is just a make-believe. A groundwork connecting to the next counterattack after making them believing that they achieved their objective. This was what she planned.

But he is grieving and moaning to the view in front of him right now. He is having a heartache from the bottom of his heart. It is natural. If a person doesn’t know about the truth, everyone would become like that.

–That is a 『puppet』. A lookalike shadow puppet made by Kurasaki-kun. Merisensei herself is in his 『shadow』 unwounded right now.

He reproduce the blood splash properly when the puppet’s head was cut. If one were to see something like that, everyone would think that it is real. As long as it doesn’t speak, no one can distinguish the substitute with the real one. A very delicately made puppet that you won’t even feel something is weird unless seeing it closely and carefully.

Kurasaki-kun’s strange effort was worth it as they didn’t notice it. I don’t know why, but the suited man who confronted me, was very impatient. That might be a gain to the plan.

And right now, they are starting to retreat in a hurry. At this point in time, their objective is confirmed. Just as we assumed, their aim was 『the murder of Kurono Meria』. Achieving the 『objective』, they are probably planning to retreat from here. There are still some uncertain factors, but we identified one of their objectives. Thanks to that, it became easier to predict.

And……up until now is just as planned. After this is important. We need them to go back safely. That is the aim of this plan.

They get caught in our trap successfully, and we let them run away. Up until now, it is surprisingly smooth. Kurasaki-kun was way capable than what I thought. That is a pleasant miscalculation.

……But…… ……What is this uneasiness?

Even though a great threat left, the atmosphere at this place is too unrest. The air around is hot due to the flame……and yet, my spine is freezing. I was trained to not feel much fear, but my body is stiff due to the nervousness. The source of the feeling is clearly coming from 『him』.

The boy who is screaming, trying to stand up desperately, and trying to chase after them. Serizawkun.

–Why am I feeling fear from him?

I don’t know. But the feeling gets bigger gradually, and the nervousness rules over my body to the extent that I feel sick. What is this feeling? I have never feel this kind of feeling before. Why must I feel like this towards my little sister’s lover? I think that way, but my sense that was sharpened in the battlefield, perceived a threat at this place.

……There is something there. The most dangerous thing right here is over there. It is telling my heart, lungs and limbs.

Right now……my body won’t stop shivering.
My whole body is crying desperately.

–The thing over there is something that I have never met or imagined before. An extremely dreadful thing.

And I understood that it was starting to be born over there.

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