Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 120

120 War in the Forest 21  Running Thunder God 6

Author Note: This chapter is very long.

「……It’s like I really revived……my wounds are healed」

I can feel power overflowing in my body. I don’t feel pain at all. Rather than that, I’m in a perfect condition as if the wounds were a joke.

「Shiro……did you do this?」

Instead of answering, Shiro nestled close to my leg silently. His figure shines in white, and he somehow looks like a magical creature.

「Even so……this is terrible」

When I look around once my head was cleared up, all I can see was just burnt field. I didn’t realize it just now because my consciousness was hazy, but……it really is terrible. No, in this kind of destruction scale……is everyone safe?

『Don’t worry-nojya. Mai is healing them-nojya』

Shiro speaks to me in my mind as if he read my mind. Healing, that means they are wounded……because of me. No, let’s take it as a good thing since everyone is safe.

I need to face the enemies in front right now.

「……They……what happened……?」

The two men in front of me try to stand up. I don’t know what happened, but they were lying down on the ground up until now. Judging from their appearance, they sustained quite some damage.
But they are strong. I can’t let my guard down even if they are wounded.
When I put myself on guard with that in mind,

「Ah, stop. You’re trying to do dangerous things again, right?」

Just when I hear someone’s low voice, a flash and a thunderous sound.
The two of them were struck by a large lightning, and fell to the ground once again.


I’m baffled with the sudden situation. Just now, didn’t a lightning strike from the side……?
When I look at the source, it was a large man who has a beard. I have a recollection of that face.

「Huh, are you perhaps Todoroki-senpai?」
「……Nn? Serizawkun? What are you doing here?」
「No, that’s my line」
「Haha, me? Something like a duty. Because there was a dispatch request from the school」
「……Dispatch request from the school?」

I don’t understand, but in other words, Senpai probably came to save us.

「I’m getting paid for this, you know? Well, I don’t need it, though!」

What an enviable position to say something like no need the salary……if so, give it to me. No. Wait a minute. Why is this guy here? Wasn’t this guy sealed at the back hill because of his dangerous ability that generates electricity infinitely?

「Senpai, you shouldn’t be able to get down the hill, right? How did you come here?」
「Mizusawa did all the work for that. Though it requires various things like money and preparations」
「Mizusawsenpai did?」

I can’t grasp the situation, but does that mean Mizusawsenpai transported him to here? I’m curious of how she did it, but……

「I caused trouble for her so I wanted to reward here greatly, but she won’t accept it at all. Serizawkun, why won’t she accept it?」

Well, certainly, I’m also curious of that. But I don’t think this is the place to talk about such carefree topic.

「Senpai……we will talk about this later, okay? This place is still dangerous」
「Ah, come to think of it……I heard that there are 『enemies』 in this area, but where are they? I can’t seem to find them」

Todoroki-senpai looks around in curiosity.

「Where……Senpai, wasn’t it you who made them fall flat on the ground……???」
「Ah, as expected, these guys are the 『enemies』? Then, there’s no problem if I defeat them from now, right?」
「……Eh……? From now……?」

Saying that, Senpai turns towards the two. I feel like the sparks around Senpai is getting stronger.

…………No. No no……
……I think you defeated them enough already, though. What is this guy trying to do to the people who are fainted with smokes coming out from their mouth? Looks like the lightning just now, doesn’t count as an attack for him.

「No, Senpai……as expected, that’s a little……too much……?」
「……Nn? I can’t? I see, okay」

Just like that, Todoroki-senpai listened to my opinion. The discharge became slightly weaker.
And he doesn’t seem to see them as a threat. I can understand why Mizusawsenpai call him 『lack of common sense』, but there’s no other reassuring ally than him in this situation.
The two try to stand up again, but I don’t feel uneasy at all.

「Fufu, looks like you are lively now」
「……Are you really healed? That’s amazing. Are you sure you’re okay after that? ……Seriously? Incredible!!」

I need to thank the pervert who appeared from nowhere. And also to the idiot who’s touching my body as if seeing an unusual thing for the time being.

「Thanks. You saved me just now…………or rather, stop touching me!!? And don’t hit me too!? It hurts, you know!!?」

When I shake off the beansprout bastard’s hands that started to hit my back and stomach, he said this with his usual grinning face.

「Looks like you’re really okay. With this, you owe me one. Treat me something once we go back. It’s no free, okay!!」

In this situation, this guy……doesn’t waver at all. Saying 「once we go back」 in this kind of time, it’s just like raising a death flag. But well, it’s true that he saved me, so I will at least promise him that.

「Ah. I will treat you an ice cream with all my feelings」
「……You’re going to buy one box」

…… ……That cheap part of you. In some meaning, I’m respect you.

「Then, we should go too. Because we are just a drag here」
「Ah……that’s after one blow, after I finish my business」

Just like that, Midou carries Shiro and disappears together with Ueki.


At that point, I felt a strange feeling by the beansprout bastard’s words.
What does he mean? Business? One blow?

……Ah, right. I see.

He……that guy will not let this end just like that.
Based on my experience, that guy will do it at the best timing pinpointedly.
That guy will definitely set it up here. I can picture his chuckling face.

That guy surely……will do that.
The thing that he did it to me yesterday.

Ah……when thinking that, I’m starting to feel angry……
……I thanked them too quick just now.
It’s true that I owe him, but……I still have pay the other one back……!!!

「Say, Serizawkun. They look to stand up again, but……what should I do?」
「Todoroki-senpai……Can you leave them to me? I want to do it personally」
「Ah, okay. They’re all yours」

「……Tch……revenge, huh? Boy, if you have a hand in such thing at that age, you won’t be a decent adult」
「I don’t want to hear that from you」

I answered the suited man who stood up, but it’s not like that. It’s not.
I had such feelings just now, but after all……that was just a 『puppet』 created by Kurasaki-kun. Merisensei is safe. There’s no reason for me to get angry.
I lost my cool just now because of that, but……no, I’m calm right now. Well fine.

「……But well, it’s certain……that I’m getting angry……I guess」

But not to the men in front of me.
Rather, I’m feeling pity for these guys when thinking about the disaster that’s going to happen from now.
Rather than that, I’m currently angry because of 「those guys」.

I recalled the inhuman treatment against me done by them yesterday, and it’s making me angry.
……Even if it’s a combat training, there are things that can and cannot be done……!!!

When thinking that, I naturally clenched my fists.

「……What’s wrong, Boy?」

They continue the conversation while being cautious.
They are thinking that I’m going to do something again.

「……Nothing. You don’t need to know……」

But I will not do anything anymore.
It’s not something I should do.
I just need to make them be cautious of me like this.

–The one who’s doing something is not me.

「Then, here I come……Be prepared!!」

And I point my hands meaningfully to them.

In fact, there’s no meaning at all. It’s just an act.
But they prepared themselves with their legs opened wide upon seeing my exaggerated move.

…………Oh yes. Good. That’s good.
That’s the posture I’m waiting for.

–Now. Everything is prepared.

And I muttered softly.

「……Now. Do it……Ueki……!!」

Immediately after that, giant beansprouts grow at their feet suddenly, and strike the crotches of the two.


Just like that, the skinhead man raised a voice like a fur seal in heat, and was launched up to the sky. Unfortunately, the suited man seemed to dodged the crotch attack, but still, he was launched to the sky after taking the hit on his abdomen.

「……They sure flew up high……『Ignition』!!」

After preparing mentally, I chase after them immediately and catch up with them in an instant. My condition is perfect. I can withstand the burden of acceleration right now.
And in front of me, there are two fainted men dancing in the air right now.

「Now then」

Now that my condition is perfect, I recall the things up until now.
And for now, I understand what I should prioritize right now.

In other words, that’s to「let them run away」.

……Just now, Satsuki-sensei clearly said 「You don’t have to chase after them」 to me. It’s better to think that the fake Merisensei beheading is devised by them.
To 『let them do it』 and let them escape.
When thinking of the situation calmly, I can understand that it’s the plan they reached.

I don’t know much about such difficult plan.
That’s why, let’s stop thinking and follow what they decided.
That’s why, I won’t think of beating them up or crushing them anymore.

Isn’t it fine if I pay them back even for a little?
I almost died many times thanks to them. Everyone who came to train here, was on the verge of dying.

……When thinking so, I start to feel angry seriously, but I cool myself down. If they come back again, it won’t be a joke anymore.

Therefore, even if my heart is a devil, my expression is a smile. I make the best smile I can. I must not beat them seriously with anger. That’s why, just a little……with just a lit~tle pay back, I swing my arm slightly, light~ly as if trying to stroke them.

「Fly away, YOU BASTARDS!!! 『Heat Up』!!!」

I heat up the air with all my heart, and punch them with the shock.
The next moment, a dazzling flash along with explosion and shock wave.
The two flew to the other side of the sky like a rocket.

「Oh~, now that’s incredible」

Yeah. I thought of restraining, but it was impossible!
As expected, it’s impossible to forgive those fiends with a Buddha’s heart. Let alone, letting them go back home gently. That’s definitely impossible!!!
Even if I know that the Merisensei is fake, seeing Merisensei beheaded is really a trauma. That’s surely not something that can be shown to teenagers. Such thing is inexcusable.
That’s why, I filled it with strength unconsciously! But I didn’t have the intention to kill them! I can say that I don’t even have a little of it, but even if they sustain a serious wound from the fall, it’s completely none of my business (Tehepero).

While deceiving using Satsuki-sensei’s 『not reflecting at all』, I look down at the ground from the sky. There are still a lot of Variants on the burnt field.

「……I need to clear them too」

I can see the others are fighting from afar. The Variants gathered as if zombies around the place we stayed. At that rate, it’s bad.
I quickly descend to the ground, and Todoroki-senpai is also being surrounded by Variants.

「Todoroki-senpai! We need to defeat them quick, but……」
「I see, okay」

Before I finish speaking, a large lightning was fired from Todoroki-senpai, and burned all the surrounding Variants. ……No, you reacted too fast.


Although they were completely burned, they are still groaning. They still haven’t die.
Looks like Senpai doesn’t know the way to defeat them, so I need to tell him.

「Um, Todoroki-senpai……if you don’t burn and crush their head completely」

Again, before I finish speaking, a lightning surged.
The Variant which is regenerating at a distance, got struck at its head by a lightning, and fell to the ground.
Before I know it, Todoroki-senpai was already standing beside the Variant.

「He~y!! Is this okay, Serizawku~n!?」

Senpai waves his hand towards me from quite a distance.
Or rather……I can’t even see your movement until there, though……
Just when I thought of that, he’s already beside me.


「Was that okay? It doesn’t look like it will regenerate anymore」
「Ah, yes. That’s certainly fine, but……Todoroki-senpai? You just moved at an incredible speed, but…………don’t tell me you can move as fast as light or something……? Haha. It’s not like that, right?」

Well, no matter how it is, there’s no way such thing is possible……

「Haha!! As expected, that’s impossible! Mizusawa said that even if I run at full speed, it’s a little slower than that」

……A little slower? What do you mean by a little??? Isn’t that strange? You mean you can surpass the speed of sound easily if you’re serious? Will a sonic boom occur……? ……Well, fine. Let’s not think of this person anymore. I can somehow understand why Mizusawsenpai is treating him like that.

「……Then, I will crush them in order from there. Senpai take the opposite side」
「Ah, okay. I’m off」

Just like that, I see off Todoroki-senpai who runs while resounding the thunderous sound, and I take aim at the Variant’s head in front of me, burning them one by one with 『Heat Ray』.
And when the surrounding is cleared, I head to the next one. In such repetition, I start to catch a hold of the trick gradually.

「『Heat Ray』」

Calmly without throwing the pace off.
But I need to do it as fast as possible.
While thinking that, 2 at a time. Then 3. I’m getting used to handling 『Heat Ray』 while moving. Although I thought it was 「very easy」 just now……it’s completely difficult right now.
But it’s not impossible. Take aim at each Variant while moving, sharpen my nerve to the maximum, and fire.
I can feel my nerve and concentration being shaved off, but I’m used to it. I made my body, my nerve to be used to it forcibly.

……In order to make sure that 「they」won’t be able to do whatever they want any further, I myself need to get stronger.
I mustn’t lose my consciousness and bring danger to the people around me again.
I need to learn how to use this power as much as I can.

But still, that 『voice』……it sounds like children, but who are they?
Come to think of it, the gorilla can hear it too, so let’s ask him next time.
While thinking that, I get used to the movement gradually, and increased the pace of defeating the 『Variants』.


Several thousands of 『Variants』 surrounded the place where the trainees gathered. The Variants continue the advance while closing down to the ones who can fight who are mostly injured. Kirishima Satsuki, Akai Tsubasa, and Hikawa Takeru remained on the front barely while the remaining ones protect the non-combatants and the wounded.
However, the clay wall protecting the trainees has already crumbled, and that place can no longer be a base.
The strength of a single Variant is not strong. But they are being outnumbered. Against the advancement speed, the speed of defeating them won’t make it in time. Facing the several thousands of Variants, it is a matter of time when the frontline will go down……It can be seen clearly in everyone’s eyes.

「……As expected, there is not enough ammo」

Just like that, Yumino Miharu reloads the rifle with the final bullet, and shoots.
With this, there’s nothing I can do anymore.
Thinking that, Yumino turns away from the Variants, and faces the sky with her eyes closed.


The owners of the groaning are approaching. Resounding from all directions, Yumino trembles by the eerie voice that becomes louder gradually.
I will die here. That time is closing down. If you ask whether I am scared or not, I am. If you ask whether I am sad or not, that is also true. But as expected, I feel anger to my own powerlessness.

「……If only I have more power……」

I might be able to protect the students who are weaker that myself.
It was when Yumino muttered such thing.

An intense thunder along with a lightning can be seen running towards them. When she turns around in surprise, the Variants which stood on the way of the lightning, crumbled away.

「What……was that……?」

A slight delay–the opposite side.
–A figure of a person passed at a high speed while shooting thin lights, and a gust of wind blew the area. Just like that, along with the gust, the Variants’ heads burst one by one, and the remaining bodies were also blown away.

–It was only an instant the lightning passed.
–The wind only blew for a few seconds in time.

During the time, almost all of the several thousands of Variants covering the sight, were eradicated. For Yumino……and even for the people there, it was an unbelievable scene.

「…………That was…………?」

「Yumino-san, that’s Serizawkun」

Yumino continues her words without being surprised of Midou Suguru who appeared behind her suddenly.

「……I know. I saw him properly. But……is that really Serizawkun?」
「Fufu, can’t believe what you see? ……So am I. I wonder……how much stronger will he get」

Saying that, Midou Suguru brushes his silky hair that became slightly shorter.

「Yeah……it might be strange to believe that that is a human」

While saying that, Yumino’s expression is enveloped by a relieved smile.

The surrounding Variants were purged, and the surroundings can be seen better. Hence, Yumino can see the scene properly. Lightning runs countless time from a distance, resounding loudly. Each time of that, Variants disappear. An existence shooting lights while moving at a high speed, chased after the lightning, and exterminates the remaining Variants.

「But that guy is an idiot. He will always make a mistake at the crucial time」
「Fufu……When that time comes, we might need to go and safe him again」
「Ah……but it won’t be free. Next time, it will be 3 bowls of extra large serving ramen」
「……Ueki-kun……be moderate」

When the three are having such conversation, a sound of something fell can be heard.


When they turned around……Kurono Meria held the white fox who lost consciousness, in her arms while desperately calling it.

Author Note:

This marks the end of the long 『War in the Forest』.

Moving on to the next arc.

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