Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 17

After completing such deep lessons in some way, it’s finally the lunch break.

I quickly cut my way through the idiot and pervert’s inquisition, and walk towards a girl student.

「Hyawa?? Hawaa!?」

Well, I expected such reaction from her, but you don’t have to be that surprised…

「I thought that I need to thank you. You really saved me yesterday. Thanks. Without you…I really don’t know what could happen to Kagursan and me」
「Um? Err!? Hyahyahyahyai!」


「Um…if it’s hard to speak, then I don’t mind even if you use telepathy」

However, even if I waited for a while, I still can hear that 「voice」. When I was thinking about it in curiosity…
She took out something from her bag.
A paper, inkstone, and brush.

Ah, communicating in writing…but a writing brush?

I stare at her while feeling puzzled…
She started to write a letter(?) by moving the brush elegantly. She’s strangely used to it.

While feeling like I can hear such sound effect, she finished writing the letter, and gave it to me.
Super skillful writing of letters were written there.


Serizawa Atsushi-dono

Dear Sir  early spring-sourou
In respect of you, I express pleasure on your great efforts-sourou.

On the other day, I overused my ability-sourou.
Today, my telepathy is in a bad shape. Therefore, I cannot use it properly-sourou.

I will pray that you will be healthy no matter what the season is-sourou.

Shinozaki Yuria


What era are you in!!!!
I mean, were the top and bottom contents necessary???

I want to retort more about it, but well, in short, it seems to be “you did your best yesterday”.

Following her, I wrote 「Thanks! You really saved us!」 on the paper and gave it to her. Then, she nods with a smile.

Hmm, as long as she doesn’t speak, she’s quite normal. No? Maybe not?
Well, she’s a good girl for sure.

After all, she’s a small animal-type with huge breasts. That is very important.


And after school–

It was at the time when everyone was starting to go back after finishing today’s class.


When I turned to the direction of the voice, Kirishima Kaname-san, the best beautiful girl in the class was there.

「Are you free…after school?」
「Ah…? Nothing in particular」

Nn? I feel that her cheeks are somewhat reddish. Is it a cold?

「I have shown you an embarrassing sight the other day, but…today, I prepared a lot because I wanted to show you something different」

Embarrassing sight?
Ah, that…That was an accident…

I recall My Memory from my mind, 「The revealing under the fully-bloomed sakura」. I remember the image of that time clearly as if it just happened.

Show me…!?
S-Show what? Prepared what!???

「Um……can you see me again?」

…Again…Show me, you say!?
D-Don’t tell me, she is that kind of…!?

「You can’t?」

Embarrassingly, she looks downwards while asking me by glancing at me.
……Fumu, as a man, I must not make a woman feel embarrass.

「W-With pleasure!!!!!!!!」

I don’t what you want, but I’m a man.
I’ll accept you humbly.


In front of the warehouse behind the gym.
I’m now standing with Kirishimsan.
A few days ago, the sakura was fully bloomed, but now, it has already danced down. Even with just a small wind, a blizzard of sakura will well up.

「Come to think of it, you were absent yesterday, but were you sick?」

While keeping my heart calm, I start the conversation with a light jab. As a gentleman, I must be a gentleman with good sense in any kind of situation. Of course inside my heart is full throttle as I’m impatiently waiting for the revealing.

「No, it is not…Yesterday, I was absent without reasons. Because I wanted to try on the things you taught me…」
「Things that I taught?」

Now, what did I say?

「You don’t remember? You, at that time, said 『Even if the power is low, you hit the opponent many times while seeing through the opponent. Then, I’m sure that one day, you can scrape a rock』 … You taught me that」

She mentioned something familiar.
Ah, the thing from that Master.
I told her because I thought that those words seemed good for her.

「And you see. I tried it」

She looks very happy…as if a small girl informing her mother about her first ever perfect scored test–

「Then! I did it! Many things!」

She said that with a charming smile that can even charm God.

「That’s why, I want you…Serizawkun to see it first. I practiced a lot」

With she saying that, I just nod.


She says that, and

「『Thousand Edge』」

A transparent robe-like veil is created from her hands, and started to dance around the area.

That’s a very strange sight.
The sakura petal-like veil dances in midair, looks very magical…and I thought that it was like a beautiful living thing that I have not seen before.

And by the wind created by the veil, the sakura petals on the ground, flies–


It then became a beautiful vortex of silver and pink sakura surrounding her at the center–
As if she created a small galaxy there.
Those silver and pink petals floats around while rising up to the spring skies, and dances down slowly.

I was dumbfounded for a while as I forgotten how to speak upon seeing the sight. It was a very beautiful and indescribable sight.

And she approaches me…

「Um…how was it…?」

She asked so while looking downwards.
I can’t think of any sensible words, so

「Ah, somehow, it was really beautiful」

I said such stupid-sounding words, but those were my impression in my heart.
After I said that, she shows a dazzling smile like a goddess–

「Thank you, Serizawkun」

And she kissed me softly.

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