Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 43-44

Shidara Ougen was being flustered.
Rather than that, he was confused.

It’s not because his Talent User high school lost to the lowest class high school, and it’s not because the Level 4 ace that he acquired was useless. One of the reasons is because several people of some kind of organization entered…this Garden which supposed to not let any outsiders in.

However, what surprised him the most is that the man who he picked up after he lost his place from the imperial army’s research facility a few years ago and continued to show brilliant results after that, Shidara’s most trusted subordinate, the head of the Talent Development Laboratory, 「Kiryuu Yousuke」 disappeared suddenly, and at the same time, he took away all the accumulated important research results which Shidara invested enormously.

What on earth happened?
Kiryuu-kun, why did he disappear suddenly?
Why the research results we completed together disappeared entirely?

Just like that, Shidara Ougen finally realized it.
That he was fooled.
I was completely used by him.
From the start, he approached me in order to use me.

When thinking so, the hatred from his heart wells up, and he immediately drinks the water on the table.

He drank up the water all at once, and after regaining his composure……
Then, he realized that a familiar large man wearing a suit standing in front of him.

「……I told you to stop, didn’t I……」

Upon hearing the voice filled with anger and killing intent, Shidara Ougen’s body curled up in tension, and a large amount of sweats came out from all over his body.

This large man in front of him was……the incarnation of nightmare who destroyed his important lab.
And the perpetrator who beat him up into this body which requires a cane to walk.

No matter how much he investigate, he knows nothing of this man other than his name and title.
Teihen High School Principal, Kurono Kagenobu.
For Shidara, he is the symbol of fear and despair.

Since then, he has been afraid of him, and made this place where no monster can enter by improving the security. And resurrected the project which no one knows lead by the ideal person called Kiryuu. It should be. He planned that.
No, the countermeasure was supposed to be perfect. Therefore, this man couldn’t enter this place until now.

「Y-You’re……impossible……no one should be able to enter this place」

Saying that, he recalled that there are already several intruders in this floor.

He was confused to the extent that he can’t recover.
In his head, and in this situation of the facility.
He felt that everything that he built with his life, is starting to fall apart. But it hasn’t end yet. He hasn’t lose yet. That’s right, be calm. They should still be here.

By the means of Kiryuu’s technique and Shidara’s money, the 3 「Level 4」 guards are here even though they created many failures.

This Garden has very excellent combatants. The combat ability capable of even crushing this third-rated high school principal easily. I possess such power. I doesn’t know how many Talents he has, but he can’t win against them. I have no need to be afraid. He thought of that.

Despite being confused, he felt something was strange.
Wait. Why…
Why is this man here? Why is he standing here calmly?
What are those guards doing…

Thinking that, when I look at the place where the guards were…
There are the figures of the three guards fainted with foams coming out of their mouths and their limbs were cruelly bent.


A strange sound leaked from his throat.
Just like that, he reaches out the cane. That’s right. Finally, the time to use this. Now is the time. While thinking that I wouldn’t never use it, I created it and installed it. The small-sized hydrogen bombs in this underground facility and the detonator. Now is the time to use it.

I never expect my demise will be like this. It’s too regrettable. It’s too frustrating.

But……people of the army have already enter here.
I thought of changing this country……there are a lot of evidences in this facility of overturning the country’s structure.
It’s a matter of time for them to reach there. No, they might have found it already.

Escaping is also hopeless.
There’s no way of defeating this man in front of me anymore.
The last ray of hope has been cut off.

Just like that, Shidara Ougen takes the cane, and places his thumb on the hidden switch.
If I press this, everything will be over. I will wipe out my life by myself.
What a gallant end when compared to being captured and tortured by the Talent Police.

I will end my own life with my own hand. That is my, Shidara Ougen’s way of living. I will die magnificently that no one can ever do it.
In that case, it may be my win.

Thinking that, I glared at the man in front of me……and pressed the switch on the cane while smiling stiffly.


However, the switch that was supposed to sink, received my thumb without resistance.
No, as if the thing that should be there, is not there. I feel that my finger touched the air.
Did I mess up due to the tension? Thinking that, I look at my hand…

The thing that should be there, is not there.
The cane, the important cane is not in my hand.
When I see properly, the man in front of me is holding the cane.
Just like that, the man throws the cane away.


Such voice came out again.
I can’t think of anything anymore. I’m losing strength from all of my body.
I can hear several footsteps from somewhere.
Several men and women wearing the special military suits, ran towards here.

And at the middle of the Garden……
They stopped at Shidara Ougen’s favorite place.
The woman with long black hair tied behind, walks slowly towards me.

The woman, from the bundle of papers in her hand……
took out a research document with the word 「Secret」 written on it, and said this.

「Shidara Ougen. I am arresting you without warrant on suspicion of country treason. Take him away」

Just like that, the master of this facility, Shidara Ougen is restricted with handcuffs by the military people, and injected drugs into his neck.

His consciousness fell into the darkness.

Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 44 44 Weekly Talent 

In the morning, before going to school, I head to the convenience store, and read the latest 『Weekly Talent』 which has our Talent School War article.

The front cover of today’s edition is 『The Darkness of Takasei General Hospital!? Shidara Ougen’s country-overturning plan!!』, but for now, I search for the page that has our article.

After that, that guy………that fucking beansprout bastard told the reporter who came to interview me that 「He has become a star」 and talked about the hardships of growing beansprouts for 30 minutes, but what he said is not written in the article at all.

If the reporter put it in, it would become a rejected article……Serves you right!
By the way, although I was not there during the interview,

『Serizawa who defeated Level 4 Hikawkun, defeated by a huge beansprout!』

spread two pages, and the match progression is written in details…………………but isn’t this title weird???
Is there a need to put beansprout in??
Like this, it makes Hikawkun looks weaker than that beansprout bastard.

While feeling of a light killing intent to the idiot who stole everything in the end, I turn the page.
Since I’m reading while standing already.
I try reading the featured article.
Because it’s not entirely unrelated to me.
The details of our opponent school’s owner, 「Shidara Ougen」 is written there.

Shidara Ougen performed illegal human experiments using Talent Users in the underground of 「Takasei General Hospital」 which is under Shidara Group. In addition, against the army which came to investigate, he tried to eliminate them with his close aides of Talent Users.
Furthermore, from the confiscated documents, a grand 「country-overturning plan」 has been confirmed, and currently, he is locked up in the isolated cell of the army facility as the mastermind.

In the postwar period, ever since the rule of the new Emperor started, it’s treated as the 「greatest treason in the postwar period」.

In this kind of human experiments, it looks like it has been rumored that there’s something like missing person since long ago, but when the army investigate based on 「reliable leak information」, they really found many evidences. This sounds like it can be a material for the occult world.

As a result, his private assets 「Shidara Group」 will be destroyed completely. The enormous amount of fortune he established in his lifetime will be confiscated by the country, and unnecessary things will be placed in the civilian auction.

Our opponent, Takasei Academy get dragged into it……or rather, the management received a large shock.
In addition, there are evidences that show that the school’s management side also took part in the human experiment. Various lawsuit talks flared up all at once.

On top of that, an uproar of abolishing the school rose up. Looks like it’s going to be rough.
Just recently, our school was in a fuss of getting abolished, but you never know what will happen in the world……

Come to think of it, there’s an article about it.

『Muscle Killer, the masked man who attacked the big-shot corrupted Diet member』

According to Merisensei, this time’s unreasonable 「Teihen High School Abolition」 uproar was directed by the big-shot politician, Inou Naoyoshi.

His office was attacked by the 『mysterious masked Talent User』 aka Muscle Killer, and photocopied the stolen documents, and sent it to the army and media.
With that, it’s proven that he is deeply related to Shidara Ougen, and he was arrested by the army’s Talent Police.

He made use of his position as the Director of the Military and Science Department and the Chairman of the Talent School Alliance, to obtain information of valuable students, and tricked them into human experiments by taking the name of part-time job.
He has other black businesses and the evidences were revealed to the public, and it became a big problem.

By the way, the mysterious masked Talent User is on the run. Even though he has a very conspicuous appearance, the Talent Police looks like can’t catch him. The article even wrote 「Not Talent Police, but more like Useless Police」. The reporters of 『Weekly Talent』 sure are brave……

According to the testimony of an eye-witness, the masked Talent User, Muscle Killer’s outfit is

「Muscular with a black tights under a tank top with a red mantle. In addition, he’s wearing a red ski mask, and according to security guards deployed there, they were knocked down while he laughs loudly 「Hahaha!」. On top of being defeated in a blink of an eye, he recommended muscle training to them and left」. By the way, it seems that there was no death. ……That is not a killer, right?

…………I feel like I have seen a person who has such speech and conduct.

If I remember correctly, it’s our school’s…………no.
It’s just my imagination. Let’s forget it.

Rather than that, today……I have a super important matter.

I must say out that thing today for sure.
While thinking of that a lot in my head, I left the convenience store at a quick pace in order to go to school.

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