Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 65

65 Talent School Assault 2

At that time, I, Kurono Meria was at the infirmary.
I was watching over the unconscious Shinozaki-san together with 1-A’s teacher, Chihaysensei.

『『The invasion of a group of suspicious people confirmed   Non-combatant students as well as the guests, please head to the nuclear bomb shelter in the school quickly』』

Some time ago, the sound of explosion can be heard in the school. A group of intruders. Looks like my bad feeling was right. Did the information of the principal’s absence leak? No, now is not the time to think about that.

I had Kokonoe Deltsensei observe the situation of the school just in case if anything happens. I didn’t expect to use the surveillance network……
I take out a terminal from the pocket of my white robe, and contact Deltsensei.

「Deltsensei, do you know what is happening?」

「「Yes. I have collected the data! I’m analyzing it now~! According to the data from the current observation object (sensing point), 36 from the main gate, 25 from the east gate, and 31 from the west gate. They are probably coming from the hill too!」」

「I understand. That’s a lot…!」

I clicked my tongue in my heart by the large number. A large-scale attack. As expected, I can only think that the information of Otou-san’s absence has been leaked. What is their aim?

「「Currently, Morimoto-sensei is fighting at the main gate. Yukimichi-sensei and the rest are heading to the west gate, but it looks like they have already intruded into the school building!」」

「I understand. Please continue the observation. Chihaysensei…can you go to the east gate?」
「Yes! I’ll go right away! Merisensei, please take care of Shinozaki-san!」

Chihaysensei exits the infirmary and head towards the east gate.

Currently, Shinozaki-san who was brought in after fainting in yesterday’s class, was sleeping on the bed, and Chihaysensei and I looked after her in turns. Motomiysensei said that 「The treatment has finished」, but……she doesn’t look like she’s going to wake up at all. I can’t leave her like this.
Although other teachers requested for reinforcement, there’s a need to protect here. But I……

It was at that time.


Just when I thought the infirmary’s window broke, several men entered from there immediately.

「She’s here. It’s the 『Target』. If we bring her back…!」

While I put myself on guard, the number of men increased, and Shinozaki-san and I were surrounded in a blink of an eye……When I realized it, I was cornered into a situation where I can’t do anything.

『『Please calm down and evacuate.
No intruders can enter the shelter.
After evacuating, please stay calm and wait inside』』

The broadcast room next to the student council room.

In front of the broadcasting equipment, the student council president, Mizusawsenpai gives directions while collecting information with the portable terminal.
In the emergency manual, it is decided that a teacher or someone from the student council will do this, but currently, the teachers are pressed with the interception and evacuation. Therefore, Mizusawsenpai who reached here first, carries out the role.

「I’m sorry, but the other student council members are leading the evacuation. Kirishimsan, I want you to protect this broadcast room, but please run if it gets dangerous, okay?」

At present, this is the control room. If I don’t protect this place, the situation in the school will be in chaos, and it will lead to more deaths. As a military personnel’s daughter, I intend to understand the importance.

「「That broadcast is from here! It’s troublesome if they can contact their people. Crush it first!」」

Naturally, the enemies know the meaning of it and attacks.
The sound of a shout can be heard from the hallway, and also the sound of the bulletproof door being knocked.

「Mizusawsenpai, I am going out」
「Please don’t force yourself. Please run if it gets dangerous」
「Yes, I will be fine. 『Ouka』…」

I make the small blades appear in front of me–

「『Thousand Edge』」


With that, I destroy the bulletproof door, blowing away the enemies behind the door. Just like that, I walked out of the broadcast room, and there are several robust men waiting outside.

「You guys! What are you doing!! Crush this brat!!」

When the evil-looking man shouted at them, fireballs, rock bullets and countless slashes were launched all at once from their hands. However…


All of those were minced by the storm of tens of thousands of small blades created by me, and erased instantly…

「『Billion Edge』」


Just like that, I launch the created blades towards them, striking them hardly. They are blown away to the corner of the hallway, and they lose their consciousness after crashing into the wall. Their clothes were shredded into pieces, and they don’t seem to be capable of moving.

I ascertain their state, and call out to Mizusawsenpai.

「Mizusawsenpai, for now, the intruders have been repelled」
「Thank you. Please continue if they come again」

Mizusawsenpai said that with a smile while exchanging messages by using the terminal. Then, she returned to confirm the monitor in the broadcast room and give directions in accordance to the emergency manual.

『『Please calm down ad evacuate.
No intruders can enter the shelter.
After evacuating, please stay calm and wait inside』』

The emergency announcement resounds in the school.

「The shelter is over here! Please stay calm and follow the directions of the leading members!」

The leading members are stationed at important positions, and the students and guests run in the hallway in accordance with their evacuation lead.
In that, there’s a person who walk against the evacuees.

「Good grief. Please think of me who will be doing the cleaning up. Time is something that must be used efficiently…」

Brushing his ruffled hair and muttering such monologue while walking towards the outside. The man is Motomiya Satoru. Teihen High School’s social studies’ teacher.

Footsteps can be heard from the hallway, and several men can be seen approaching. Not Teihen High School teachers or students. The intruders who caused this uproar.
Upon seeing them, Motomiya Satoru waves his hand greatly towards them as if he thought of something.

「O~i! Here, here~! They’re here~! Quick!! Plea~se come here!!」

And he started to call the intruders with a loud voice.
Realizing the call, the men who came running, have a suspicious look. Because when they approached him thinking that he’s a comrade, it was an unknown guy.

「Who are you? A teacher here?」
「Right. You guys underwent a surgery recently, right?」
「……Why do you know that!?」
「My my, there’s a lot of crude fake goods~. Do you know? That Inferior goods can cool off. You see, I’m like an agent~」
「Ah!? What are you saying?」
「Well, anyway, it’s efficient to let me be this close to you. Let’s do it quickly in one go. 『Erase』」

The men convulsed for an instant, and after a few seconds, they became flustered after gaining their consciousness.

「What……!? You, what did you do!?」
「……Nothing, in particular……Nothing……」
「No……my Talent can’t be used!?」
「Why!? The surgery was a success……」

「You see, fake goods are different than originals. If the data is loss, then it can never be recovered. That’s why, with this, you’re now spotless like an ordinary person. I’m glad for you~!」

「You bastard!!!!」

The raging men try to punch the frail Motomiya Satoru all at once. However…


The men’s legs twisted due to the running speed, and they tumbled down as if rolling over.

「Because there’s no time, I erased your memories of the motor area of the cerebral cortex. Please wait there obediently, okay~? I’ll come back and erase all your memories later」

「One, two, three…」, Motomiya Satoru counts the number of men, takes out a portable terminal, and typed the number in a notepad application……

「And also, I think you guys don’t understand what happened just now……but if you continued like that, you will be overwritten and you won’t be able to retain a human figure, you know? Don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be charging you the fee properly, okay?」

After saying that, he walked in the hallway quickly.

The men who crowded into the infirmary, stood still looking at Kurono Meria for a while after surrounding her.

「Hehe, won’t resist? Blond Girl?」
「There’s no way she can resist. For a non-combatant to be in the infirmary」
「But still……you’re a good woman. Hey, we can do what we want, right?」

Kurono Meria looked downwards with vacant eyes.
Shaking shoulders and fingers.

「Haha…Scared? Don’t worry. We won’t do anything bad…」
「Right. You have a good use」
「Isn’t it perfect! You must be glad that this room has a bed, Blood Girl!!」

Vulgar laughter from the rotten men resounds in the infirmary.
Her lips trembles, and her face is pale.
Her whole body started to tremble as if she’s afraid of something.

「Haha! No need to be scared! We’ll be gentle!!!」
「Though it’s a little intense to take on everyone in here」
「Gehyahyahya!!」「Who, Who wants to go first!?」

「Hey, that brat over there is quite……」
「Ah, we’re told to not touch her, but if we don’t say it, no one will know about it」

The rotten men repeats the rotten conversation. When the topic moves to the sleeping Shinozaki Yuria, Kurono Meria muttered this.

「……I never wanted to use this thing again……Otou-san, sorry」


When she said that, the people surrounding her, were crushed to the ground and dark red liquids oozed out. Then, silence enveloped the infirmary.

「Ah……I……why did I……again……」

She stared at the lump of blood around her…crumbled down to the side of Shinozaki Yuria’s bed, and covered her face.

「……No more……this kind of……no……Otou-san……」

No one heard what she muttered, and it was swallowed by the tumult in the school.

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