Kuzu Inou (Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono) No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made / Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 70

70 The End of the Assault

A line of light extended to the skies.

The crumbling rock giant.
Near it, there are 3 students.

Chihaysensei head towards Morimoto-sensei, stops the movement of the muscle Variant, and the Variant collapses to the ground.

Just like that, all the Variants at the schoolyard stopped moving……
In the sky, small dirt dances down. The large rock figure was no longer there, and the rubbles were all disposed as if it vanished.

When I look up at the sky, I found a figure of a boy.
Just when I thought the boy was descending slowly to the ground, he collapsed and fell on the spot.


I ran towards the boy.

After laying down Serizawkun on the bed beside Shinozaki-san in the infirmary, I confirmed the state of the school.

「Deltsensei, can you tell me the state of the school?」

「「Hai~! The intruders are annihilated! That includes the number of being put to sleep by Yukimichi-sensei and the number of having their memories erased by Motomiysensei~! And also, as for our loss, we have 23 people with minor injuries and 5 people with severe wounds, but there’s no death~!」」

「Understood. Once the teachers reconfirmed the cleaning up, please contact the broadcast room and ask them to confirm the safety of the students」


Just like that, I hang up the call with Deltsensei, and sat next to the bed Serizawkun is on.

Serizawkun who collapsed at the schoolyard, is still unconscious and his pulse is normal, but from what I can see, he is exhausted.
That is of course. If he do such absurd thing……originally, that kind of thing, for this boy……he shouldn’t be able to do such thing as he was like a normal boy just the other day. But still, he did it. He accomplished it.


Even when you are not here, we managed it somehow.
Everyone……Serizawkun. The teachers, all of the teachers protected here.
Even though I couldn’t do anything……

Especially Serizawkun.
Without him, let alone this school, the whole town would have vanished long ago.
That moment when everyone were conscious of their death, he brushed aside it all by himself.
He managed to the things that Otou-san usually does.

I stroke the sleeping Serizawkun’s head.

「「……He’s fast. Very fast」」

When I look at his face, I recall Otou-san’s words.
Just a few months ago, he lived without knowing about his power.

An outrageous power is sleeping inside this innocent boy.
The power is trying to wrench open him rapidly.
I wonder how far he will go.

「Hey, Meria……this assault……what is this?」

The principal has returned.
He entered the infirmary.
I can see anger and impatience in his usual expressionless face.

「Otou-san……? You came」

「Sorry, I was too late. Who did this? I’ll crush the guy right now. Tell me, Meria」

The tone of silent anger.
Even though it is not aimed at me, I still feel scared. A real feeling of anger.

「No, Otou-san, for now, it is okay. Serizawkun……the students did their best, so the biggest threat was defeated. Therefore……」


「Therefore, please stand watch whether or not there are any invaders from the outside. Because we are currently confirming the students safety……catching the mastermind is after this」


Just like that, the moment Otou-san tries to exit the room, a student woke up from the bed.

「Shinozaki-san? You woke up?」

However, Shinozaki-san’s eyes are blank.
The eyes as if seeing and also not seeing something.
This is bad. Does this mean there is a mental disorder?

Assuming the worst-case, I try to ask Shinozaki-san to confirm, but she turn towards me……to be precise, she look at the principal behind me.

Then, Shinozaki-san’s eyes opened wide as if she found something, and light returned to her eyes.
Ah, thank god. Maybe, she regained consciousness.

When I felt relief, Shinozaki-san stares at the principal while

「……Onii-chan? ……Why are you in this kind of place……」

Saying that clearly.
I was bewildered by that, and when I look at Otou-san, he showed a surprised expression. And he said a more surprising thing.

「You……are you Yuki?」

He mentioned the name of his younger sister, Kurono Yuki……who’s currently confined in Antarctica.
Another 『Principle』 in this world. Although it is not made public, she was appointed as the highest priority subjugation target by the world’s top Talent Users. The 「World Destruction-class Threat」.
The one and only in the world. The greatest threat……「Level 6」, Kurono Yuki.

「Onii-chan……you grew old」

No way.
What on earth……
There is no way something like this can……!!!
She should be……sleeping right now.
Otou-san should have sealed her existence by stopping her time.

Then, why is she here?
No, impossible.
She is Shinozaki-san. It is valid to think that before she faint, she touched something.

Shinozaki-san jumps off the bed and runs towards the principal.

「I wanted to meet you……I really wanted to meet you, Onii-chan」

Just like that, she embraces Otou-san, and she starts to cry.
Otou-san shows a slight confusion, and looks at me.
I shake my head silently.
This kind of thing should not be happening.
At least, in my knowledge, this can’t be explained.

We couldn’t do anything but staring at the sobbing girl in a daze.

At that time, the school announcement resounded.

『『The annihilation of the invaders has been confirmed
Students, please return to your classroom quickly, and follow your class teacher’s instructions』』

Beansprout side
「Fuwa~a!! I slept well!!!!」

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